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Awesome Show
Awesome show, really interesting stuff
Euphonious Funk
You fellas had me once I saw that the title of your podcast was The Micheaux Mission. Thank you for adding another thing I look forward to doing on Wednesdays along with new comic book release day. Keep up the good work. The word euphonious is apropos for the great auditory experience you give your fans every week. This is Euphonious Funk signing off...
Euphonious Funk
House Party
I stumbled upon this podcast looking for a deep dive for shows that did deep dives into House Party. I’m glad I did since it led me to this podcast. I typically don’t enjoy pre-topic chatter but I enjoy the conversations between these two podcasters prior to diving into the movie choice. There were tons of fun facts I didn’t know about my favorite duo, kid n play too! As a new listener, I have to say that any podcast that takes the time to do a well thought review of House Party is already a winner in my mind. Thanks for the quarantine material!
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Fantastic podcast
Love your banter before shows, for the record Nice and Smooth is at a differently level then Kid n Play, seriously how is that up for debate? I am teaching a black directors in American film studies and your review of Daughters of the Dust is going to be referenced in the class. Great work! I would be curious to your opinions on another foundational black female directed film and that is Kathleen Collin’s-Losing Ground. Thanks for the show.
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On Tyler Perry
You guys give Tyler a lot of grief. You characterized Tyler as disliking women, but I feel he exhibits self-loathing instead. Every wealthy man in his films are evil and abusive individuals - Except 1, Tyler when playing Mr. Deeds (completely unbelievable). If we are to believe Tyler, the only good men are the working poor, whom black women should just be happy with. But who is Tyler? A multi-millionaire who represents the (wealthy) protagonists in his movies - even using his own home in, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”. Keep up the thoughtful analysis. Ahzia Taylor
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Movies All the Way Down
This is an excellent movie discusison podcast. I especially appreciate that their opinions on films will sometimes surprise you. Example: I did not expect them to love Django Unchained, and yet my expectations were shattered by their honest and passionate examination of the film's themes and its relationship to the black community. This is really good stuff, folks, and you should be listening.
LOVE what you guys are undertaking
Big fan of the host rapport, sometimes left field observations, and commitment to the premise of the show. I always leave an episode with much insight and tons of surprises. Thanks for all your work on something that is not covered in much of cinema discussion, let alone in the pod world.
A podcast for all types of movie goers.
I have been listening to your podcast for a few months now and let me say how much joy I have found in it. I appreciate the level of respect to give to good movies and bad movies not playing favorites. I would suggest all new comers to list to the Acrimony episode to fill the passion you have for movies and to get a deep belly laugh. You reference Daughter’s of the Dust so much I am Currently watching it now. You reminded me why I love certain movies, validated why I thought certain moves were bad and I could put my finger on why, and made me hold strong to the movies I love and you didn’t (Under the cherry moon) even if for nostalgia sake. Keep up the excellent work.
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Ta Has Spoken
Super fun!
I love the dynamic between the hosts, and the fun way they break down films.
Can I go to the movies with these guys?
Mama Wellik
By far my favorite movie review podcast. Intelligent, original and honest. Love the FB group too. Because of this podcast, I have gone back and watched classic Black movies that I've heard of but were before my time. Keep on keepin' on!!
El Blaco McFly
I love that you are lovers of black cinema, I am as well. I’m also in the industry. But you both really need to step it up with mispronouncing or just incorrectly saying names and titles! It makes you sound incompetent and lazy. I could barely get through the episode where you called Hollywood Shuffle “Harlem Shuffle” and NEVER CORRECTED IT! Robert Townsend would look at you sideways if you said that to his face! But when you just tripped and fumbled over Ahmaud Arbery’s name is disgraceful! The young man is DEAD! Will never hug his family again and you bumbled out “Abrey Ahmaud” and “Audrey”! His family deserves more care. Have some respect or don’t speak on things unless you know how to say their names.
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A Top Notch Podcast!
I love this podcast. It always makes me laugh outloud. In this time of Da Rona, I'm limited to what podcasts I give time to because no commute, but this is played immidiaately, no matter what. I love the banter, the deep dives, how personalable they are even in the Facebook group... I love the Micheaux Mission and the community it's created. It's absolutely a highlight now, and was when things were "normal." Thank you!!
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My New Favorite Podcast!
Just discovered this podcast and have already binged the first 3 episodes. Len and Vincent have the best banter and I love their passion for film. Can’t wait to go through their whole catalog and learn about the hidden gems of Black Cinema!
Herculean Task
I'm very new to this podcast. I may be a bit OCD because I'm starting from the very beginning. I appreciate the discussions regarding what is a Black film and the variety of movies I've seen thus far. I don't always agree with you guys assessment (especially about Straight Outta Compton but I know I'm VERY biased being that I was born and raised there) I am learning so much about Black films and feel that the exposure is enriching not only my cinematic education but my African American education as well
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Movie Time!
I have been listening to the Michaeux Mission for some time now. I love it. You talk about movies that I haven’t seen, movies that I grew up with, movies I haven’t heard of. You do it with history, warmth, care, heart, and laughter. You do it in a way that my 9 year old son can listen with me. Then he makes me seek out these films, so we can see what you loved or didn’t love about it. Both the grits and Last Dragon conversations have lead to a lot of asides for us - thank you for those.
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Guy In Indy
My new obsession
I just found out about this podcast, upon getting notice of the 200th episode party at the World Cafe Live in Phila. Once I started listening, it was hard to stop. I'm a proud film geek; but, listening to these brothers wax elequently on their noble quest to view and review all Black cinema is a joy to behold!
Brenda B. Mac
I love this podcast
I am a student of Black history and Historic Black films. I love this podcast. The reviews and banter is great. Maybe the guys can get Donald Bogle on their podcast one day.
Brother Blaque
Enlightening, Analytical and Informative podcast
I just discovered Micheaux Mission! I have listened to about 1/2 dozen of the podcasts by Vince and Lin. My impression so far ?-Outstanding... I first chose their special re-play of Driving Miss Daisy/DMD and from there I was hooked. When I was in college my roommate was standin for Ms. Esther Rolle for a film that was shot in Durham, NC. For her character in DMD, Idella, you got her name wrong, but I enjoyed your banter and analysis of Idella and the aura of characters like her. If I could have chimed in, I would have added to the analysis, that not only was Idella salty and “speaking her mind” she made me think of the Hillman U sketch about the proverbial black female domestic worker in the kitchen with all the doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, etc. coming out from under her huge skirt.
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Great discussions!
Black Culture through film: A fun Ride!
I originally found this podcast looking for some commentary on my favorite movie, love jones. Once I found this podcast, I really fell for the easy and relatable conversation in black film and culture from our perspective. Also I enjoy the fun banter between the two hosts who obviously been good friends for years. Their rapport makes this podcast a fun and easy ride. Kudos brothers!
I Love This Podcast
These guys’ mission to spotlight, critique and celebrate black film across all genres is commendable and I’m glad I can accompany them on the journey. Sometimes I'm Team Len, sometimes I'm Team Vince, but I'm always informed and entertained. They have a great rapport and soon after you start listening, you feel like you’re eavesdropping on a conversation between two of your old friends.
Regarding the beginning of episode 179. Unlike that bum team down in Texas, I found your cowboy talk very entertaining; especially seeing as there were many black cowboy stories in our country’s history that is glossed over in our education and entertainment fields. It needs to be rectified and soon and no Van Peebles Posse does not count. Oh and Vince. Due to your self imposed lack of sport knowledge I will inform you that The bum team in Texas is the nfl cowboys. America’s team my as... And yes you still don’t care. Keep up the mission fellows and I’ll keep listening and spreading the word.
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The Best Show in Podcastdom
Yes, I made that word up! However, what I’m not making up is my thoughts on Micheaux Mission. I discovered the show a few months back and couldn’t have been happier that there were so many episodes to review. Now that I’ve caught up, I’m almost upset that I have to wait a full 7 days before the next one drops. However, each episode is well-worth the wait. Wrapping your head around a mission to review EVERY African-American movie ever made is a HUGE deal! I am constantly entertained by Vince and Len but, more importantly, I am learning about black cinema. I encourage others to tune in, laugh at the banter, and get schooled!
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Don the Kemetic Ronin
What i needed
As a denzelot I needed a new podcast, this pod hit the spot
Binge Worthy
My new favorite podcast
A Worthy Listen
What do Lena Horne’s character in 1943’s Stormy Weather and Optimus Prime have in common? I didn’t know either before joining the Micheaux Mission. Every episode has a blend of laughs, poignant critiques, and insightful musings on those black films we know and love and those we love to hate. A worthy listen for all ears.
Listening for years and love this podcast
Started listening several years ago and wanted to write a review in support of the podcasts as it is a worthy addition to any film fan or regular viewer of movies especially movies with black or brown emphasis or themes.
My Favorite Podcast!
Great hosts, great conversation! I look forward to every new episode. I love hearing reviews of some of my favorite films while also being introduced to tons of new films. Whether or not the films are any good- *cough* Rappin' *cough* -Len and Vince are always a delight to listen to.
These guys know their stuff. This is one of my favorite film critique podcasts. It is laugh out loud funny every time. I espiecially dig the horror film and Star Trek breakdowns. Keep up the good work Missionaries.
What can I say? This is a unique podcast that I look forward to every week, regardless of whether or not I’ve seen the movie. Recommended.
Ray Cummings
Entertaining and Necessary
This podcast has everything you could ask for from a podcast: two knowledgeable and funny people who have great chemistry and are clearly friends having a good time, delivering insightful and thoughtful conversation about undervalued subject matter. The mission is laudable and necessary, and this podcast is required listening for anyone interested in cinema, Black culture, American culture, geek culture, and so much more. Just try it -- you won't be disappointed!
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Big Neans
The Five Heartbeats
First time listener, can’t wait to dive in some more of these podcast. Only problem, you guys called Hollywood Shuffle “Harlem” Shuffle the entire time. 😫
Mission Accepted
Len and Vince bring intellect and humor to an aspect of movie culture that needs talking about. This is definitely one of those journeys over destination podcasts that more people need to listen to.
George Carmona 3rd
A Whole Lotta Fun
These two men have wonderful chemistry. Their guests are lovely and move against popular media stereotype. The broadcast is refreshing, funny and sometimes informative. Their scope of work is a large undertaking that has been long in coming. Kudos. The show has an original looseness that allows the audience to enjoy people who enjoy one another for about a half hour before they arrive at the intended subject. The Micheaux Mission is the perfect antidote for the yucky selective memory of AFI.
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Love it!!
So I just found this podcast and I must say, it’s very entertaining! I’m starting from the beginning and I have no thoughts of fast forwarding through any episodes. Great podcast! (Plus, you guys reviewed my all-time favorite movie, “Love Jones” 👍🏾👍🏾)
Vive la Mission!
The Micheaux Mission is not just a "black movie podcast." It is even more than a celebration of black cinema. When Vince and Len spend time breaking down the cinematic texture of a film, they bring to light those who truly were artists of their time like Melvin Van Peebles. When a letter from the Missionaries creates wells of laughter, they come not at the expense of another, but from a place of joy recalling a film we've long since forgotten. And when I hit "stop" on my podcast player and feel more informed after seeing such actors as Nichelle Nichols, Sidney Poitier, Thandie Newton and John Boyega, I realize this is not just a podcast. The Micheaux Mission truly represents an attempt to solidify, once and for all, the Black Diaspora's full effect on Hollywood cinema in all of its' forms. This show is scholastic, goofy, timely and above all else, necessary if you understand identity in America today. Vive la Mission!
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aka Excelsior Tribble
Excellent show
Hi guys, Great show about Jackie Robinson movie. Keep up the great work. Please bring on more guests like Tatiana King-Jones from other POC nerd/geek shows. BlaqueRonin
Time well spent
Thoughtful, witty, and insightful, the Men on The Mission bring films to life, whether or not you have seen the selection they have chosen to review. The format — two hosts riffing off each other with a subject film at the hub — is perfectly suited for a podcast, and Len Webb and Vincent Williams are a great match to take us on an often irreverent tour through flora and fauna of the botanical garden of black cinema. They’re honest and candid but not unfair, even to the worst of the films, and they celebrate the good in all. Bravo to the MM!
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Dark Thackeray
Love this show
My first listen was when they talked about the original Imitation of Life movie. One of my favorites and one that usually doesn't get mentioned next to the 1950's version. Never thought I'd find other movie buffs who also love geeking out to Star Trek. Keep the episodes coming!
DBC Coach
Len and Vince bring to your ears a podcast that is an utter joy to listen to! At times brutal and reverential; joyous and jaded, these two give pop culture gems a fair, funny shake. Whether with well curated guests or running as a duo, every episode is fantastic. High recommend.
Love this concept and show!
As a black cinephile, this show is perfect and also having someone give the films of our community the same articulation and reviews that are afforded of others, it’s a great podcast to share with every friend you have. Great show! -Ibn Royal
royal IB
This Mission is Meaningful
I look forward to listening to the Micheaux Mission every week. Len and Vince are two culturally-aware, intelligent gentlemen who offer thought-provoking takes on Black films. And a LOT of humor. The conversations between these two film connoiseurs are always enlightening; for me, each episode has served up an "I didn't know that!" moment about a film or an actor's resume. I just love being on this Mission with them; it's such an important journey they're taking us on. So, I'm grateful to them for being there each week and serving up so much information and opinion. And good times. Keep doing what you do, the way that you do it, Gentlemen!
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Chari D.
Smart is Sexy
I'm caught up while getting caught up on Micheaux Mission reviews. The hosts tease apart films smartly, with wit, and humor. You don't have to agree. Hell, they don't even agree. They analyze the entertainment value, the aesthetic value, the social/political implications and they never fail to check the technique. If you love Black movies or are curious about Black movies, Micheaux Mission is for you. Cherie DeBrest
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My New Favorite
I just discovered this podcast and have listened to at least ten episodes in the last few days. The conversation is insightful and entertaining plus funny as hell. Even the guests have been great.
The Micheaux Mission
This is great podcast, I highly recommend it to everyone
Bourgie Square Societe
Micheaux Missionary
Len and Vince's weekly commentary on African American cinema is high-quality critique with a dash of sincerity, plenty of honesty and a lot of fun.
Two thumbs up
If you're looking for a film related podcast to review black films, this is for you. Both host are intelligent and know their films. No need to wait for other podcast to review the three or four black films that gain a national release every year. The Micheaux Mission is all you need. Thank you fellas, much needed!
Scribe's Life
A good, funny, and insightful movie review show. The shows with the Missicks are classic.
Great Podcast
This is a great podcast, if you enjoy black movies this is the podcast for you. The two host are very good, they are very smart, they also have some really cool guest. They breakdown a movie like no one else does. Their views are interesting and informative. I have seen a few really good movies I had never heard of because of this podcast. Do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast.
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