Mental Illness Happy Hour
Mental Illness Happy Hour
Paul Gilmartin
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I absolutely love this podcast! It can make me cry and then laugh and then cry again in a matter of minutes. It’s so good and so interesting. Paul is awesome and I look forward to hearing his wisdom and his struggles with his own issues. Thank you for this podcast, Paul!
Paul is the best!
LOVE this podcast. Fantastic guests and I always look forward to hearing Paul!
Entertainment and Education all in one
Somehow this show is able to blend raw, painful, emotional stories with humorous and relatable moments. Easily my new favorite show.
Jameela Jamil
I love you Paul but Jameela Jamil is absolutely insufferable.
Good stuff!
This is my favorite podcast! I am a mental health professional, and I find every episode powerful, entertaining, informative, and meaningful. Just like I have never been to a bad meeting, I have never heard a bad podcast of the mental illness happy hour!
This podcast is my absolute favorite. I always look forward to hearing Paul and various guests talk about mental health/illness because they are out to de-stigmatize talking about what’s going on inside your head. Open. Honest. Raw. Vulnerable. I could go on and on. Love this would HIGHLY recommend. 😘💕
Just started listening and truly enjoying your show!
Having son that is bipolar your show has enlightened me more so on the daily struggles he faces each day. Having said this I’m very proud of him for him handling this since 18 now 52. To say the least he’s had his ups and downs but through it all he thoroughly educated himself along with his good doctors he lives stable life. Like you he’s live on the radio one day a week out of West Chester, Pa also has Podcast ‘Life Unedited’ if you wish you or your staff can reach out at the radio station WCHE and they’ll contact him for I believe he’ll make great guest on your show. Thank you for all you do by having such guest to listen to for not only for them that are living with this but also for parents, family and friends can come to have better understanding!
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Grateful for this podcast
I discovered this pod about 5 years ago when I was in a really dark place. Literally searched “depression” on the podcast app and MIHH came up. I’ve been listening ever since. You’ve been there for me through a lot, Paul! Thank you.
Not for everyone BUT FOR SURE, FOR ME!
Depending on what you’re looking for or the type of podcasts you’re used to listening to, this may take a few episodes. It may grab you immediately or take a few listens to get comfy. Once you get into this, you will (hopefully) realize how wonderful and helpful this podcast truly is. These podcasts have helped me through so many weekends and long nights. I absolutely love Paul and this show!
Best of episode #29 is a must hear episode.
Inviting, Honest, Insightful
I stumbled upon this podcast a few wks ago and find it to be a beautiful and funny coping resource... because so intertwined with healing and finding livable meaning is knowing that other people have similar frightening and depressive experiences too, and taking away the shame and secrecy from it all. Paul, your questions for guests are so great and really get to the core of what is happening in as much as it can be translated into language. Guests really dig deep because you seem to make them feel safe. Thank you! And I love hearing about your own life struggles. Tender stuff-
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Wonderful. I contribute on Patreon
I work in mental health and find this podcast so helpful that I support them with a monthly contribution on Patreon. I find Paul Gilmartin to be a thoughtful host who is very therapeutic in responding to listeners' questions, and who is an excellent interviewer.
I've been listening to you off and on for years. You've always been there when I needed you most. Much love and respect ❣
Dogs R Life 🐶
Thank you. Listened to your pod for the Lyme case. I write to congratulate you on for your honesty. I relate. Thank you! Being of the w.... group you give me hope. Thanks
When I heard you support the trans community I thought well god damnit now I have to write a review because this man is beautiful. Thank you. Hearing your voice and these stories feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket.
Thank you Paul, and all the guests for being so open and honest. It really helps! Thank you for helping my perspective shift and teaching me to being kinder to myself.
Simply the Best
l listen to them all because, while I do not share the same life experiences as the guests, hearing everyone’s stories make me a more compassionate, relatable, less judgy human.
Thank you!
I have listened to your podcast for over four years and look forward to it every week. You help more people than you know and you are not alone!
The last episode “ things we love” just moved me through my depression today. Made me feel something I haven’t felt recently. Simplicity.
Really appreciate this podcast
But it is just too long. Maybe a bit of editing?
Kenny’s episode
The episode with Kenny was so powerful, just beautiful. I would love to hear more from this incredible person.
I love this podcast and the occasional jokes and humor that catches you by surprise is great!
One of the best episodes in years
This is an amazing episode of an amazing podcast. This podcast has literally saved my life by helping me face my alcoholism and depression.
Billy bongo boy
Misery loves company
This podcast has gotten me through many dark times. Thank you Paul, for all you do in support of mental health & addiction
So Refreshing (Jan. 5) Said It All
I was going to write a review, but detoured myself to read a few. The one entitled “so refreshing” was so refreshing to me that I’d be being stale in comparison, for we’re in unison. So go read what she wrote that’s totally spot on for someone new to the show, and what is only now being more fully appreciated by me who’s been a long long time listener. — Albert Cipriani
Albert Cipriani
No longer a fan
I used to love this show and am soooo disappointed to come back and hear the left wing politics and dogma incorporated into nearly every episode now. Such a bummer. :(
Half a decade of greatness
I’ve been listening to this show since my darkest times. Paul, you’re hilarious and I hope I can be as cool as you when I get super old.
Mental health is well addressed by a variety of patients and practitioners. Wendy Adamson is especially good!
Heartfelt, authentic, funny, relatable
Currently working my way through every single episode but have been listening to episodes out of order for years. This podcast is excellent with an empathetic host who is aware of his own privilege and background and owns it all for the listeners. We need more of what Paul does in this world. Thank you Paul!
So Refreshing
I am new to this podcast, and I started with the episode of Tiffany Haddish and I’m listening to the most recent episode with a Native Woman. I just wanted to say not only is the content great and heartfelt, but it’s so refreshing that the host is a cis white male who you can tell earnestly does his best not to do any emotional violence to his guests that are marginalized people. It is also obvious that he takes it upon himself to educate himself and not look to those people to educate him, but balances that with an an understanding that he cannot really fully comprehend their experiences. He strikes that balance while having a gentle and respectful curiosity about experiences that are not his own. Thank you for a safe and respectful podcast. I also enjoy all your jokes and personal confessions about mental health. Thank you!!
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White people
FYI I am white and grew up in public housing, I was hungry didn’t have toys etc. There are white people you grew up in poverty not just other cultures.
life saver
I came across this podcast 2 years ago when i was going on very long runs to battle a severe bought of depression (still go on long runs, but now more for fun!). Paul is the perfect host for this podcast: he's empathetic and funny, and has a calming voice. He's always genuinely interested in his guests and a lot of those guests are pretty fascinating. I love that he also shares some of his struggles but will also joke about some too. It's hard when you're alone often and also think that you don't have anyone to discuss the issues with or that others don't understand. I think I've already reviewed this podcast (according to apple itunes i did in 2018 :-) ) but i don't care. It deserves all the praise it receives. P.S. thank you to opening up the back catalog of the older episodes. I discovered this late one evening on a walk home from the bar.
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Love it.
Been listening for years.
This Podcast Can Save Lives
My recovery has taught me that you're only as sick as your best kept secret. Paul creates a safe place to voice all of those scary things going on in our heads. Thank you, Paul. I cannot even begin to say how much your podcast has helped me in my own recovery jourey. Thank you for helping me not feel alone. You are a true gift to so many. I hope you remember that when your own thoughts beome unkind. Much love to you.
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This podcast saved my life
No joke
Earbuds fused to my ears
The only podcast guaranteed to lift me
I could (and might!) write many pages about how much I love this podcast, the host and creator Paul, and Gracie and every other guest. There is absolutely nothing else that I can count on to consistently soothe me when I’m wading through the dark and murky waters of my own mental health issues. When I’m feeling well, I listen and learn about mental health issues that effect the rest of the population. I listen when I’m well, I listen when I’m unwell, I listen when I’m hit with a crying spell, I listen when I’m feeling positive about the world. I listen and feel less alone, more connected, more worthy, more vulnerable, and more authentic. I cannot say enough good things about this pod. (And Paul, if you’re reading this, words cannot express my thanks for all that you do. Please take time to let my praise and positivity wash over you. You’ve saved me from so much unnecessary darkness and brought me into the light of understanding and self care/self love without EVER feeling like I’ve failed or I’m left out when I slide back into the darkness.)
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Thank you, Paul Gilmartin
One of the finest humans, and gift to mankind, Paul Gilmartin somehow makes depression, anxiety and self-loathing hilarious and relatable. I cannot love this podcast any harder! It’s about the only thing I can tolerate in my earbuds when my world feels dark and grim. Paul’s easy self deprecating wit, and clever humor make me laugh and smile often. I also feel less lonely knowing this exists. Thank you and Keep up the great work!
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The best of the best of the best
I love this podcast - Paul and his guests (and survey takers) are consistently amazing, and it’s so refreshing to hear honest, vulnerable, compassionate & hilarious talk about such important and seldom discussed issues. I always look forward to new episodes & gobble them up immediately! Thank you to everyone involved in making this!!!! ❤️
cat lover 75
It is dark, but very honest. But it seems every guest has to agree with Paul. Paul's program discusses things that a lot of people think but can't express. I have to listen to other podcasts that are more positive to balance out the negativity. I look forward to his next podcast. I like Guy a psychologist who offers great advice to help you improve your life.
Yoda 259
Totally relate!!
I’ve been listening to Paul for a several months now and almost all podcasts I feel liked they were meant for me. So many issues and experiences that I relate to. Yes!! I feel that. I’ve been through that! I thought that! Maybe I’m not so alone or off as I’ve thought all these years. Thank you Paul!
Anger & Sad
I found this podcast around 6 months ago and I have already voraciously listened to dozens of episodes while I commute in my car. Not only is the podcast incredibly helpful for issues regarding mental health, but the host, Paul, is incredibly funny. I have found myself laughing out loud while listening.
This show is a life saver.
In my darkest times, this show carried me through, reminding me that I’m not alone and the struggle is actually pretty routine in the human experience. I love how this show normalizes discussion of mental health issues, flaws, guilt, shame, all of it. And that it does so with wildly dark humor. On nights when my cortisol is high and my brain demands playing back every stupid thing I’ve ever said, every embarrassing moment, and every poor decision, this show saves me from myself. This show is a cure for my anxiety. Thank you!
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Literal Lifesaver and a friend
This podcast is part of my support team. I could talk about how it encouraged me to get sober, find a non-binary support group, set boundaries with family members, but somehow the most important thing is still the entertainment value this podcast brings me.
Noticing a deficit of logic, who does this serve?
Sometimes Paul loses his faculty for logical reason to an astounding degree. In episode 38, he was talking about a person being severely abused, with a lot of conviction and emotion, and then apropos to nothing, said “or maybe [that individual] was being abusive”? Not in the sense of a complex situation, but rather in that he was completely changing all his apparent truthiness mid-sentence. For no apparent reason. It made no sense and it made me think that Paul is not a reliable narrator. If the truth is that unclear or malleable, or Paul is that much of a spineless wuss (that he will literally flip his position mid-sentence), what is the point of anything, including listening to this podcast?
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Thank you- you make a difference!
Thank you, Paul, for making this podcast. You or a guest say at least one relatable thing each episode, or teaches me a valuable lesson. And you tackle difficult issues that most people do not talk about. Thank you for creating and holding this space- it helps to hear experts or other people who have experienced the myriad of things you discuss. It helps me (and others, to be sure) to feel heard and understood and also less alone in this world or in my thoughts.
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I love this podcast so much! I'm in college now and it't great to have a place to listen to others' stories and know that you aren't alone.
Mariah Parker
I love this show!
This podcast is awesome. Even as someone who doesn’t really struggle with my mental health, I still find it intriguing, relatable, and comforting. I’m working through all the available episodes so I put it on while cooking, driving, or just relaxing! Highly recommend.
flora ✨
Life Changing Podcast
No matter what kind of issues you have (anxiety, depression, abuse, addiction, etc.) this show can help! Give it a listen.
Frank and Lou
Thank you, Paul. Just, thank you.
OMG People Like Me!!!
Thank you for getting people to talk. Hearing that people thought process the same ways I do about/through mental illness and have similar life experiences is so cathartic. I feel so alone even though I have resources. I’m a primary caregiver/single working mom for my two children under 5 with a teenage (ex) step daughter. I have Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety with panic attacks, I fear I may have some sort of schizoaffectove disorder because I hallucinate visually and audibly (though I’ve been told I’m probably just tired and stressed). I was in a bad marriage to a man with alcoholism and misdiagnosed mental disorders, and have had really poor romantic experiences with men for most of my adult life. When I open up about this or my nihilistic viewpoints to others they get so uncomfortable and so I wind up feeling this all alone. I’m also obese and comfort eat. I write, and try to make art when I can but it’s so limited being a mom. Just thank you so much for this. And digging in to your guests. Not just keeping it surface. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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