Medium Well
Medium Well
Sara Weinreb
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So interesting!
A really great podcast. Sara introduces us to so many people and approaches for exploring our lives and finding the path we want to be on. Since most of us don’t have the time and $$ to go meet the people and try all these things ourselves, this is a great way to learn.
So unique and honest!
I’ve been hooked on medium well ever since I discovered it. Sara is an thoughtful, honest, and funny host and an insightful interviewer. I love the variety of topics including sustainability, wellness, herbalism, and especially entrepreneurship. Sara brings into the conversation lots of facets of these topics that you just don’t hear elsewhere.
julia elise mpls
a must listen!
sara is a wonderful interviewer and curates a compelling and diverse range of guests. her perspective as an enthusiast for all things wellness with a healthy dose of skepticism cultivates thought provoking conversations that make you feel like you are on the journey with her.
Informative and so Relatable
This has become one of my go to podcasts! Every episode has so much great information ranging from personal health to sustainability and Sara is a wonderful host who isn’t focused on selling us products or the newest trends, she wants to educate the community for a healthier you and planet! Highly recommend this podcast!!!
One of my favorite podcasts!
I love this podcast and find it so timely with where I am in my spiritual journey! I feel like Sara brings a buffet of modalities for us to learn about and asks the questions I’m always thinking. I love tuning in week to week!
Love this podcast!
I’ve been following Sara for a bit on Instagram but just recently discovered the podcast - so glad I did! I’m in the “wellness” world and find all of the topics she covers to be super interesting and relevant. I love that Sara is unapologetically herself, which is often so hard to find in this space and her guests always tend to mirror her in that respect. She’s also a great interviewer, kind, intelligent, and super knowledgeable about a range of topics. Really enjoy following her journey of attempting to figure out this planet just like we all are. Definitely one of my favorites to listen to and highly recommend!
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Inspiring podcast!
Sara’s podcasts are just wonderful. They always have something unique and exciting to think about and explore as well as ways to directly apply what I’ve learned to my own life!
Simply Amazing!
I have always been one of Sara's biggest fans, since she was a little girl. She is one of a kind, genuine, real and it is incredible to follow her journey! She has taught me so much and cannot wait to listen to more podcasts and see what's next in her life.
Simply Amazing...
Love this podcast!
I cannot get enough of Sara, have always been a fan :)
Amazing podcast
I love the podcast! The idea behind it is great and so relatable. And you have such interesting guests. I am recently interested in the wellness industry, so its amazing to learn about all these different areas in wellness that I know nothing about. You are making my dive into wellness much easier, thank you! I can’t wait to keep listening and learning. :)
Inspirational, Honest, Genuine, Knowledgable...all the things!!
I LOVE THIS PODCAST!! It's like hanging out with your favorite, intelligent friend and her super cool friends while they chat about all things wellness; from entrepreneurship to tarot cards to herbalism, it's great for beginners starting to dive into the wellness world, as well as super useful for OGs who have reishi and rose quartz practically embedded in their DNA. I learn something new with every episode!! Can't wait to keep tuning in and following along with Sara on her health journey!
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Loving this podcast!
I love how open and honest Sara is with her guests— the “what am I doing with my life?” kind of stuff that other podcasts only brush the surface of. Plus it’s a mix of wellness + entrepreneurship + sustainability + creativity + life journey pains that’s right up my alley.
5 stars
Love Sara’s openness about her journey -many of us can relate! Great first episode , can’t wait for the next one!
Wonderful Journey to Follow
Sara’s journey is great to follow. I am really enjoying hearing about the experiences and can’t wait to listen more!
Honest, relatable and refreshing!
Everyone can relate to Sara and her journey. So refreshing!
ORW, founder
So awesome to hear someone go through a career search, as so many people do! Love the advice and love witnessing the journey!
Refreshing and important
Sara’s podcast is refreshingly honest and provides important tools — whatever transition looks like for you, this is a great resource!
A very needed message
Sara is fabulous and her podcast speaks to that space that is so rarely spoken to - the open vulnerability of transition. These conversations are so important and I’m so glad Sara is putting these messages out there. Highly recommend!
Carla, MD
Awesome Podcast!
Finally someone talking about the stuff no one talks about! So glad to have discovered Sara and Medium Well!
Tallie K
Exactly the podcast you’re looking for
Like her instagram stories and adventures, Sara’s podcast is creative and open and honest about her journey with wellness. Highly recommend
I absolutely love Sara and the message she is putting out there. She is real and authentic and VULNERABLE - how amazing is that? I'm so excited to keep listening - I love what I've heard so far. The world could use more Saras :)