Medicine Stories
Medicine Stories
Amber Magnolia Hill
Remembering what it is to be human upon the earth // Story is medicine, magic is real, healing is open-ended and endless // Exploring the mythic journeys we undertake when coming to know ourselves through interviews with herbalists, story keepers, ancestral listeners, consciousness explorers, earth dreamers, and other wise folk.
73. Ending Pregnancy At Home: Holistic Abortion Options
From time immemorial, women and wise folk have carried the knowledge of how to manage fertility. From menstruation to contraception to birth to miscarriage to abortion, these processes and this knowing has always belonged to the people. Ending pregnancy outside the modern medical paradigm and the cold, impersonal clinic is not only possible, but there are numerous safe and effective options. Let us eliminate the need for back alley abortions, reframe pro-choice as pro-choices, and step back into our power by educating ourselves and one another on what’s possible. IN THE INTERVIEW: Some historical context (women have always ended pregnancies, but laws and attitudes around it have changed) Choosing home care for pregnancy release rather than clinical care Preventing pregnancy with herbs (and the one thing most people do wrong when using Queen Anne’s Lace for contraception) The four ways to release pregnancy at home I see a lot of people championing herbal abortion on social media, but it’s clear that they are not educated about the issues and difficulties with this method (it does not look like your dreamy earth mama one-with-nature self empowerment fantasy) What a beautiful, supported pregnancy release at home can look like Sometimes spirit babies come through to teach us things The four essential herbal actions needed (find this chart at Mifepristone and/or misoprostol (medical abortion) Supportive food and herbs for the process Aftercare: honoring that you are postpartum after releasing a pregnancy and focusing on rebuilding and healing Supporting the liver, nervous system, and immune system A woman going through this is never alone LINKS (if listening on an app that doesn’t support embedded links, find these at Medicine Stories Patreon bonuses (resources, herbal chart, audio recording of my personal story) My website  Take our fun Which Healing Herb is Your Spirit Medicine? Quiz Medicine Stories Facebook group Mythic Medicine on Instagram Music by Mariee Sioux (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes)
Nov 13
1 hr 25 min
72. Life's Sacred Matrix: How To Be a Truly Hydrated Water Keeper - Isabel Friend
“Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium.” -Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel prize winner We return to the endlessly fascinating and enormously important subject of water, exploring the fractal edges of H20 and beyond. From its ability to generate free energy to how to structure your own drinking water into a liquid crystalline state to the interplay between water, climate change, and economics- this conversation covers some of the most fascinating and crucial topics regarding the substance that generates all life and that holds our collective future. IN THE INTERVIEW: “The true foundation of all culture is the knowledge and understanding of water.” -Viktor Schauberger Rustum Roy said that “Structured water is the world’s most malleable computer,” referring to how crystalline phase water can store and transmit information The relationship between spirit and science  Viktor Schauberger’s work with water and how he has inspired Isabel’s work and study — particularly considering implosive vs. explosive principles of energy generation The quantum states of water and the many ways that water defies the laws of physics How water amplifies frequencies and emotions Indigenous wisdom, reverence, and ritual with water What water should we be drinking? The difference between irrigation and hydration, and how to optimize your body for hydration How to bring some structure to your water  How your facia acts as a hydraulic system in your body, and the importance of movement for your body’s hydration Water wars, climate change, the future of humanity, and what we can do about it LINKS (if listening on an app that doesn’t support embedded links, find these at Medicine Stories Episode #71 with Dr. Carly Nuday Isabel’s free webinar masterclass: The Living Liquid Crystal Isabel’s ecourse: Navigating the Waters Medicine Stories Patreon (podcast bonuses!) - Get 20% off Isabel’s Navigating the Waters ecourse Isabel Friend’s YouTube channel Find Isabel on Instagram: @jenisabelfriend Water Resources Guide Check out all of Isabel’s incredible resources at Kiss the Ground  Medicine Stories Episode #60 with Charles Eisenstein Water Codes by Dr. Carly Nuday The Fourth Phase of Water by Dr. Gerald Pollack Zach Bush on Proper Hydration on Take Control of Your Health with Dr. Joseph Mercola Dr. Marcel Vogel Go to to find out if your aquaphor is affected by fracking Go to to find a water spring near you Isabel mentions the NTFactor supplement that helps rebuild your cell membranes Check Isabel’s Instagram highlight here (a couple slide in) for her friend’s water dispenser that constantly vortexes the water Strolling Under the Skin Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins Waterkeeper Alliance Blue Planet Project Blue Future by Maude Barlow Blue Gold documentary Tapped documentary Last Call at the Oasis documentary Water is Life Find your representatives at and speak with them directly about what your district is doing with water privatization Caring for Our Watersheds International Rivers Earth Law Center The Rights of Nature The World Water Law My website  Take our fun Which Healing Herb is Your Spirit Medicine? Quiz Medicine Stories Facebook group Mythic Medicine on Instagram Music by Mariee Sioux (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes)
Oct 15
1 hr 30 min
71. Liquid Crystal: Water, Memory, Consciousness, and Health - Dr. Carly Nuday
We’ve all heard that we’re about 70% water by weight, but we are almost 100% water by molecular count. Water is the most abundant *and* the most mysterious substance on the planet. It is the source and the mediator of all of life and consciousness, and the single most important metric in the health of individuals and the earth as a whole. The difference between structured (liquid crystalline) water and bulk water is imperative to understand at this moment in planetary history. Let’s dive in!  “Ultimately, a theory that could adequately explain the existence of structured water would also explain the connection between mind and matter.” Dr. Marcel Vogel, IBM scientist and crystallographer IN THE INTERVIEW: There are dozens of anomalous properties of water that science has yet to explain Water in its natural state is a liquid crystal- meaning that its molecules are arranged in a geometric structure This form of water is also called structured water (or the 4th phase of water, EZ water, gel water, hexagonal water, etc.), as opposed to the bulk or chaotic/unstructured water that most of us now consume Why bulk water does not support and sustain life (from the plants we eat to the cells inside our body) How structured water can receive, store, and transmit information The double helix structure of DNA- how all life expresses itself- evolved in relationship to water In fact, everything that happens in the body happens in, through, and because of water Aging is a function of dehydration Water is highly responsive to consciousness The water inside our bodies is a highly malleable computer The kind of water that Carly drinks “Hydro hippies” and the public misperception of the science around water and consciousness How the study of crystallography has made our modern technological reality possible Water contains all of the crystallographic patterns possible in nature When I’m in water I am reminded that I am consciousness nested in matrices of consciousness What being next to or immersed in natural bodies of water does for us The less structured the water in our body, the less cohesive our thoughts and beliefs will be Considering polarization, misinformation, and the craziness we all feel in the world through the lens of water What our ancestors knew about water Dark fluid and the origin of creation Seeing through marketing hype- the water purification, remineralization, and structuring system Carly uses (and which ones to avoid) Don’t be overwhelmed- water is so responsive that doing any small thing to make yours more structured has an effect The truth about bottled water LINKS (if listening on an app that doesn’t support embedded links, find these at Carly's book Water Codes The Tensui water system True Spring water products & solutions Medicine Stories Patreon (podcast bonuses!) My website  Take our fun Which Healing Herb is Your Spirit Medicine? Quiz Medicine Stories Facebook group Mythic Medicine on Instagram Music by Mariee Sioux (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes)
Sep 29
1 hr 19 min
70. I Forgive You: A Story of Loss and Transformative Healing - Amy Mea Woodruff
“If I could give my life for hers, I would” -Cheree’s murderer, expressing remorse at his sentencing. I first interviewed Mea on Episode 6, when she told us the story of being very pregnant when she received the news of her best friend's murder at the hands of a stranger in 2010, and how she immediately chose to not hold on to hate while she was carrying new life. During that interview she mentioned that she'd looked for Cheree's murderer in the prison system but had been unable to find him. Well (thanks to synchronicity and this podcast!) they've now been in touch for the last year. This is Mea's story of cultivating a relationship with the man who turned her world upside down and what she has learned from him about what led him to that fateful day. We talk about how addictions completely rewire a person's neurology and hollow them out from the inside, turning them into a ghost of their true selves. We talk about the people close to us who have died as a result of someone else's actions and grappling with all the feelings that arise. We talk about the numerous complexities and injustices of the American prison system. And then, because we’re all multidimensional beings, we randomly segue at the end to talking about castor oil packs, fasting/cleansing, and overall digestive and reproductive health. This podcast is being released on the ten year anniversary of Cheree's passing. Heartfelt love and deep honor to Cheree for blessing those around her with her presence for 35 years on earth. You are felt, loved, remembered, and missed. LINKS (if listening on an app that doesn’t support embedded links, find these at Medicine Stories Patreon (find Mea's prison resources and my bonus talk on fasting here) Mea’s previous interview: Naming Your Lineage and Deeply Releasing Fear My video How To Do an Herbal Castor Oil Pack: Alisa Vitti’s Flo Living website & resources My website  Take our fun Which Healing Herb is Your Spirit Medicine? Quiz Medicine Stories Facebook group Mythic Medicine on Instagram Music by Mariee Sioux (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes)  
Jul 24
1 hr 28 min
69. Healing the Bones: Holistic Dental Health, Lineage, and Being Soft with Yourself - Rupam Henry
The health of the mouth reflects and predicts the health of the rest of the body (and our emotional, spiritual, and ancestral wellbeing too). Everything is connected, and few things make that clearer than a big picture look at the state of your oral ecology.  IN THE INTERVIEW: 13 generations of plant medicine people Remembering the time when pharmacists were herbalists The dream that set Rupam on her path Modern dentistry is surface oriented and doesn’t focus on root causes of dental health problems  The mouth is directly connected to the rest of the body and the tissues there are a reflection of immune system function Cavities can be caused by stress, adrenal fatigue, and being in fight-or-flight The importance of Ph balance in the mouth and elsewhere What to do right now if your oral health is messed up Teeth are alive- there is oxygen, blood, and lymphatic fluid flowing through The tooth is not a closed structure- it contains tiny tubules that open to the environment that are pressurized to push outward, but when our immune system is low that outward pressure weakens and acidity and bacteria can enter and minerals decrease, and this can lead to all manner of ailments deep within the body Where in your body this imbalance hits depends on your individual constitution and the functioning of your physical, emotional, and spiritual energy centers  Be really really soft with yourself: gentleness, care, and slowness in the healing process A body in constant stress depletes minerals from bones faster than they can be replenished (this is why financial stress plays a huge role in oral health) Don’t take what’s happening with you right now personally- we are all connected to everything and feeling it all How tending bone health heals your ancestry back and forward Viral overload: the link between oral and gut microbiome and health Preventing cavities Coffee and oral health The harmful ingredients in the biggest toothpaste and mouthwash brands, and the ingredient in many natural brands that you don’t want in your mouth  The dangers of root canals and what to do if you have one Each tooth is connected to an organ system and the pathway between them flows both ways Never forget: the body is super intelligent and amazing at healing itself Bridges, implants, partials, dentures Fluoride: industry and truth How to find the best dentist for you What kind of fillings to get What to do if you have mercury fillings in your teeth Rupam’s homeopathic support protocol for your next dentist visit- Arnica 30c when going in, Nux Vomica 30c when going out Optimal nutrition for dental health and healing cavities (and how illness forced Rupam to turn away from her dietary path after decades of preaching it) When there is a hidden viral or retroviral infection in the body Five foods to help you release heavy metals: spirulina, barley grass juice powder, dulse, wild blueberry, cilantro Home dental health protocol Why it’s not great to brush with baking soda A simple way to whiten teeth- by literally removing stains, not covering up- at home with one safe ingredient (and how hydrogen peroxide, the ingredient in at home teeth whitening strips, effects teeth) Floss brands, water picking, oil pulling Trust yourself, not outside authority, in what your body is needing LINKS (if listening on an app that doesn’t support embedded links, find these at Rupam’s website Medicine Stories Patreon (podcast bonuses!) Organic_Olivia on Instagram My website  Take my fun Which Healing Herb is Your Spirit Medicine? Quiz Medicine Stories Facebook group Mythic Medicine on Instagram Music by Mariee Sioux (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes)
Jul 10
2 hr 13 min
68. Cultivating Resilience with Home Herbalism - Kami McBride
Relearning ancestral skills is the best antidote to the fear and chaos of these times. Let’s recreate a culture of simple home healing and feed the river of resilience so that all may drink from it. Check out Kami's wonderful online course Handcrafted Healing Herbal Oils: IN THE INTRO: Cultivating self and community sufficiency IN THE INTERVIEW: How herbs help us ground into embodiment The screen needs to not be the only decompression space Decreasing susceptibility to our toxic culture Herbalism is human intelligence weaving together with the intelligence of plants in order to heal The cultural energy is mired in fear and chaos and information overload- In Ayurveda, what we are experiencing right now is classic Vata derangement The tight interplay between the nervous and immune systems Restoring our covenant with the earth that gives to us so generously- elderberry is out of stock everywhere, but the earth is always making more! (no need to hoard) The deeply restorative medicine of St. John’s Wort oil- the one herbal remedy neither one of us would ever want to be without How seemingly innocuous over-the-counter medications up our inflammatory markers and lower our immunity What happens when you bring a bottle of herbal oil to a gathering LINKS (if listening on an app that doesn’t support embedded links, find these at Kami’s online course Handcrafted Healing Herbal Oils: Our NEW Herbal Homestead YouTube channel: Medicine Stories Patreon (podcast bonuses!) My website  Take my fun Which Healing Herb is Your Spirit Medicine? Quiz Medicine Stories Facebook group Mythic Medicine on Instagram Music by Mariee Sioux (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes)
Jun 15
1 hr 21 min
67. Harvesting Light: The Alchemy of Sun & Human - Nadine Artemis
In a brilliant act of human photosynthesis, our cells evolved over millennia to receive and transform information from the source of all life on earth, the sun. Yet our species has moved further and further away from the consistent solar interaction that our ancestors thrived on. As industry seeks to instill fear for profit, and as millions of us slap highly toxic sunscreen onto our (and our childrens!) bodies each summer, we are missing out on a profoundly rich source of health and vitality. Let’s talk about all the ways in which the sun supports wellness, and how we can most wisely interact with our local star. IN THE INTRO: Lessons of the tulip IN THE INTERVIEW: Radical beauty- how an early feminist consciousness got Nadine interested in the medicalization of women’s bodies and the need to reframe beauty as radiant health The effect of sunlight on the human body is like charging a battery When our Vitamin D receptors are amply supplied, our chance of developing many diseases is dramatically lessened The sun directly affects both the topical and internal microbiome, as well as our cell signaling systems What we have to do to to make up for the lack of sunlight we get is often more harmful than just getting the sun exposure our bodies evolved to need Heliotherapy: our forebears knew how to utilize the sun for healing When and how we came to fear the sun  Science shows that people who get lots of sun exposure, and people who live closest to the equator, have LESS chance of developing melanoma (plus, the form of light that *is* implicated in this insidious form of cancer) A meta review of studies showed no correlation between melanoma and sun exposure, meanwhile over 2,500 studies have linked lack of natural, sunlight derived Vitamin D3 to increased cancer risk Our DNA is able to heal a sunburn much more easily than it can heal the effects of chemical-laden sunscreen baking into our skin all day (which is not to say that we shouldn’t try to avoid sunburns- we should) Sunscreen separates UVA from UVB rays, which bypasses the body’s natural sunburn warning system, exposes us to the dangerous form of solar radiation, and filters out Vitamin D Our bodies can store up Vitamin D to keep us supplied (and less likely to catch viral infections) throughout the winter How to acclimate our sun exposure slowly in the springtime so that our bodies are ready for unabashed sun worship come summer Laying out in the sun literally creates muscle tone (all while laying still!) What we offer to the sun, in terms of what we put into and on our bodies, matters when it comes to getting the most nourishment- and the least harm- from our time in it What to eat to maximize our nutrient intake from the sun and create an internal SPF effect Peptides: new science around how to get a base tan before sun exposure How zinc works as a sunblock Food is just sunlight slowed down into matter Shadow food: pesticides affect plant’s abilities to photosynthesize appropriately (eat organic), pastured animals eat sunlight that we then ingest (eat pastured animals), eating plants and animals that grow in the same light environment we live in is helpful (eat local) Making sure Vitamin D gets in to our bones What we can tell by comparing ancient Egyptian skulls to those of their contemporaries The best cure for many skin conditions is sunlight We can get up to 2/3rds of the energy that fuels our mitochondria from sunlight (!) Vision and the sun: eye health, myopia, and why to limit your time with sunglasses on  Nadine and I both have our phones on night shift (red light) 24/7 The connection between the oral microbiome and the gut microbiome: the mouth is a portal into the rest of our body (more on this in the next podcast episode) The importance of Vitamin D in preventing viral infections LINKS (if listening on an app that doesn’t support links, find these at Nadine’s website Living Libations  Nadine’s book Renegade Beauty Medicine Stories Patreon (podcast bonuses!) Wise Traditions episode 177 Eating Light Organic_Olivia on Instagram (peep her Highlights) My website  Take my fun Which Healing Herb is Your Spirit Medicine? Quiz Medicine Stories Facebook group Mythic Medicine on Instagram Music by Mariee Sioux (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes)  
Apr 28
1 hr 21 min
66. The Coronation: Fertile Soil for a New Story - Charles Eisenstein
This time of covid and quarantine is a rite of passage for humanity, and phenomenally rapid change is possible. What we believe and what we project into the world matters deeply- especially in times of chaos, when a new story is being written. Let us act wisely in the wake of this culture-shifting pandemic. IN THE INTERVIEW: Everything happening as a result of coronavirus is an intensification of trends already in place Acknowledging that we don’t know what’s going on, and likely never will, to the extent we’d like to believe we do Making sense of the competing narratives around COVID19 Is reality bifurcating? What is the relationship between belief and reality? Conspiracy theories don’t leave enough room for ordinary human folly, and the world is not that controllable However, the tilt of civilization has been skewing ever closer to totalitarian control, and this is heightening that War mentality and going deeper than the constant search for a new enemy to fight Asking, instead, what conditions were in place to create this? The possibility that this shifts the current medical paradigm Do we choose further disconnection, or do we reclaim human togetherness? Propagating a new story- what we radiate out in this potent moment is a suggestion to others about what’s possible for humans  We won’t survive life, so what can this collective lesson in dying teach us? The more we are governed by security, the more anemic our lives become Our actions matter- recovering the primordial knowing of our own power and the connection between self and cosmos Real health comes from community- it is an illusion that we can thrive in isolation Shifting the prepping paradigm from personal hoarding to preparing to help others When humans disrupt the matrix of interbeing, proliferation of novel viruses, disease-bearing ticks, etc, is inevitable Generosity of community is the only reliable insurance policy AFTERWORD: Ecological interbeing, nature connection as antidote, and a pandemic of possibility LINKS (if listening on an app that doesn’t support links, find these at Read Charles' full essay at The Coronation Stephen Buhner’s post on ecological interbeing Katie LaMonte’s post on nature connection as antidote Dr. Zach Bush on A Pandemic of Possibility Medicine Stories Patreon (podcast bonuses!) My website  Take my fun Which Healing Herb is Your Spirit Medicine? Quiz Medicine Stories Facebook group Mythic Medicine on Instagram Music by Mariee Sioux (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes)  
Apr 14
1 hr 13 min
65. Wild Remedies: Tending Relationships with the Land Around Us
It is our ancestral inheritance to know and work with the plants growing around us. Tending to, nurturing, and gleaning nourishment and medicine from the land is a way of life that is available to us all, and is the most direct path to healing people and ecosystems alike. Let us remember. IN THE INTRO: Self and community sufficiency, wild foods, & plant friends IN THE INTERVIEW: The moment you realize that you can interact with the plants around you (and how odd it is that that’s surprising to modern humans) How plants helped Rosalee overcome a terminal and “incurable” autoimmune disease How her doctor reacted when she showed back up after curing herself The many ways to be an herbalist The best way to take herbal medicine isn’t as a tea or tincture, it’s to bring plants into your life Living deeply with the seasons (no matter where you live) Conscious stewardship of the land as an act of community healing Reciprocity and the many ways mindful, informed wildcrafting can support plants and ecosystems Violets! and incorporating story medicine into our medicine making Chickweed! delicious, nutritious pesto, vinegar, and more Foraging makes it so easy to get a much needed diversity of phytonutrients into our bodies Expanding our lens to the wider ecological relationships the plants we are working with are a part of Other ways to bring plants into your life when foraging isn’t possible or of interest What if everyone wildcrafted? We cannot buy ourselves into wellness, but we can nature ourselves there IN THE OUTRO: A genius way to freeze pesto (it’s not the ice cube tray method) LINKS (if listening on an app that doesn’t support links, find these at Order Wild Remedies now and get the amazing bonuses! Medicine Stories Patreon  My website  Take my fun Which Healing Herb is Your Spirit Medicine? Quiz Medicine Stories Facebook group Mythic Medicine on Instagram Music by Mariee Sioux (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes) Charles Eisenstein’s essay The Coronation, on the transformative potential of coronavirus (Charles was my guest on Episode 60, The Boundaries of the Unthinkable are Wavering) My pesto freezing Highlight on Instagram
Apr 7
1 hr 30 min
64. When We Slow Down, Earth Heals - Ayana Young
As Slowness Medicine is being experienced by the collective consciousness on an unprecedented scale, we can more clearly than ever see that the frenetic pace of the human species under endless growth capitalism is the root cause of global ecosystem disruption (one consequence of which is the emergence and lightning fast spread of novel viral pathogens). From newly clear canal water in Venice to dolphins swimming closer than usual to Italy’s coast to record breaking breathable air in China, let’s embrace this opportunity to pause consciously, learn deeply, and critically rethink our approach to the many threats that face our planet and all who share it. IN THE INTRO: Coronavirus, planetary interconnectivity, and what stillness reveals IN THE INTERVIEW: Pushing the belief button: self confidence on the life path That underlying feeling so many of us have had that there has to be something other than the consumerist capitalist culture we were born into Ayana’s awakening to a life of questioning, seeking, and activism The role of the erotic in meeting overwhelm and hopelessness in these times Burning ourselves out will not save the earth Time plugged in v time in nature and the lie that we’ll be more productive if we’re hooked into technology 24/7 When we slow down, the earth slows down (literally) How the For The Wild podcast came to be (Ayana had no idea what she was doing at the beginning) and how the vision has evolved “My devotion is unwavering, but I’m very flexible with how I understand things” The cultural moment that we’re in is a spiritual crisis Rebuilding consent, trust, and reciprocity Planting a million redwoods and building a living library of species Striving to be successful while also staying small and slow and moving through the world with integrity LINKS: Matriarch Collective For The Wild website The 1 Million Redwoods Project Medicine Stories Patreon (podcast bonuses!) Specific For The Wild episodes mentioned- Dr. Bayo Akomolafe on Slowing Down in Urgent Times, Bronte Velez on The Pleasurable Surrender of White Supremacy and on The Necessity of Beauty, Dr. Max Liboiron on Reorienting Within a World of Plastic, Dr. Kyle Whyte of The Colonial Genesis of Climate Change    Specific Medicine Stories episodes mentioned- Planetary Intelligence, Ancestral Resonance, & the Perception of the Heart w/ Stephen Harrod Buhner and The Boundaries of the Unthinkable are Wavering w/ Charles Eisenstein My Coronavirus Highlight on Instagram For The Wild on Instagram For The Wild Patreon My website  Take my fun Which Healing Herb is Your Spirit Medicine? Quiz Medicine Stories Facebook group Mythic Medicine on Instagram Music by Mariee Sioux (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes) The Overstory (novel) by Richard Powers The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake (article in the Atlantic) by David Brooks  
Mar 20
1 hr 41 min
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