Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast
Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast
Matt McCusker & Shane Gillis
Grab onto this fast moving train and witness two comedians rise to victory and splendor. This is easily the funniest podcast out there. The rest are pretty meh.
Ep 325- Defending our Democracy
Another week and another cast. The holidays will come and go just like the episodes. Eventually we'll be older. Frail even. Looking back on these times wondering where the hell these times even went. God damn, and also God bless.  Topix include: DUNKEMS, The Economist, our Democracy, Cartels, everything you could ever want to know about weather, ghost wives, human economies, and so much more.
Nov 24
1 hr 4 min
Ep 324- Drenched
Lock down...engage.  The only place left where we can live is online. We must go online and be great. It's the only hope. Topix include: Lockdowns, bratty mayors, money, JFK, cartels, and finally, (on the paytch) being drenched.
Nov 18
1 hr 12 min
Ep 323- 40 More Days
How cool is it that we basically have two presidents right now? It's like everyone wins. Also, can't freaking wait to be more united with all of my American brothers and sisters more than ever. And if anyone tries to get into our more-united-than-ever country we'll detain them, or let them chill. Whatever. These issues are totally up to us now. Right?  Either way, it's good to be back to normal. Excited to return to forcibly extracting resources from foreign nations under the guise of national security!
Nov 9
1 hr 8 min
Ep 321- Shrek 1
The weekend in Texas gets recapped, then we talk about an election night live show. We then talk about Mayweather sparring his gf, Chelsea Handler trying to wrangle 50 cent, Trad Cath, getting caught jerkin by ur parents, and a bunch more!!! Support the D.A.W.G.Z. @ Cop a tee @
Oct 27
1 hr 33 min
Ep 320- Horse Tail
Fresh off a long weekend of stand up and a live cast, the D.A.W.G.Z. rip a freebie for the masses. Topix include: The live cast, Getting your Horsetail petted, Hunter Biden, Trump on Stern, and the Phallic mother Support the D.A.W.G.Z @ Merch@
Oct 20
1 hr 14 min
Ep 319-CBDhab
The D.A.W.G.Z. convene on a mild-weathered Tuesday and shoot the breeze. We talkin bout all kinds of fun stuff. Also the Woodman shows up as well. support the dawgz@ merch @
Oct 14
1 hr 42 min
Ep 318- Nate is Paranoid
Comedian Nate Marshall joins the d.a.w.g.z. for a bit of a sit down. Tales of the Harrisburg/Lancaster comedy scene are told where Nate gets into a questionable fight. Other topix include: Covid, grounding, and general sword talk. LeZ Go!! Listen to the rest of the ep and Support the dawgz @ Buy hot tees @
Oct 6
1 hr 14 min
Ep 317- Barndog
Brendan Krick joins the D.A.W.G.Z. for a rather lengthy chat. We did this via zoom due to Matt coming into contact with a person who is Covid+ (got tested doesn't have it) and so we brought in the Coward Hour's own, Brendan Krick. Topics include: Black Israelites, Shane and Brendan's early party days, The Midway Airport Battle of WW2, and much much more.
Sep 29
1 hr 21 min
Ep 316- Johnny Hollywood
California dreamin' turns to Pennsylvania livin'. Join us as we celebrate the return of our pal Lou Mizz.
Sep 23
1 hr 10 min
Ep 115- Hype Beasts
Shane is in AZ, Cusk is in the bunker. The D.U.D.E.Z. chat about Shane's shows, Paul Rudd's Public service announcement, Cutiez, America slipping in the global fat rankings, and a bunch more.  Support the cast @ Cop Merch @
Sep 15
1 hr 37 min
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