MASH Matters
MASH Matters
Jeff Maxwell & Ryan Patrick
Jeff Maxwell (Private Igor from M*A*S*H) and Ryan Patrick host a lively discussion of all things M*A*S*H, Hollywood, acting, and other jocularity. We will also feature interviews with super fans and creative geniuses who helped to create the greatest television show of all time. Step into the VIP tent, grab a heaping bowl of creamed weenies, and join the fun … because now, more than ever, M*A*S*H Matters.
M*A*S*H goes to Downton Abbey with Lesley Nicol! - MASH Matters #050
Who says too many cooks is a bad thing? Jeff & Ryan welcome the lovely Lesley Nicol to a special episode of MASH Matters. Lesley originated the role of Mrs. Patmore on the critically-acclaimed PBS series Downton Abbey. We discuss her journey to Downton Abbey, a slightly ominous encounter with an Oscar-winning actor, animal activism, her one-woman show, and whether or not she’s a good cook in real life. She also reveals her favorite Mrs. Patmore line and teaches us how to make a proper cup of tea.
Nov 14
55 min
Hawkeye For President - MASH Matters #049
Mail Call! Jeff Maxwell (Private Igor from M*A*S*H) & Ryan Patrick tackle another round of listener questions and voicemails in this episode of MASH Matters. Topics include fan art, listeners’ favorite Winchester moments, camp slumber parties, the final day of filming, President Hawkeye Pierce’s cabinet, and watching M*A*S*H during a pandemic. Plus, we learn where extras come from and what they’re always yakking about. For show notes, episodes, recipes, bios, and more visit
Oct 31
40 min
Burt Metcalfe! - MASH Matters #48
Jeff & Ryan welcome Burt Metcalfe to MASH Matters! Burt took over the reins as Executive Producer of M*A*S*H when Gene Reynolds left the show in 1977. He shares stories from his long career in entertainment as an actor, producer, director, and Emmy-nominated writer. Topics include the passion of Gene Reynolds, the genius of Larry Gelbart, writing with Alan Alda, and what Burt considers to be the best decision he ever made. A portion of this interview was featured in MASH Matters Episode #033.
Oct 14
58 min
Winchester's Best - MASH Matters #047
You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! Jeff & Ryan open the MASH Matters mailbag for another round of listener questions and voicemails. Topics include Roy Goldman’s beer, shooting away from the camp, creating Igor Straminsky, M*A*S*H in syndication, how to watch the series in Canada, and Ryan’s favorite Winchester moments. Listeners also share more stories about M*A*S*H’s influence on their lives. For show notes, episodes, recipes, bios, and more visit
Sep 30
45 min
Alan Alda! - MASH Matters #046
Jeff & Ryan are thrilled to welcome ALAN ALDA to MASH Matters! The man known as Hawkeye Pierce discusses his life and career - from making his stage debut as a child to writing, directing, and starring in the greatest television show of all time. We discuss his critically-acclaimed podcast, acting with his father and brother, the final days of filming, and much more. He also shares his thoughts on one of the most polarizing M*A*S*H episodes ever. For show notes and more visit
Sep 14
1 hr 2 min
Remembering Roy with Brian Goldman - MASH Matters #045
Jeff & Ryan welcome Brian Goldman to MASH Matters to celebrate the life of Brian’s father, the great Roy Goldman. The guys swap stories about Roy acting on Hogan’s Heroes, playing Hitler for Mel Brooks, pumping iron with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and landing the role of a lifetime as Best Dad Ever. It’s a touching tribute to a very special man. Plus, Brian shares his childhood memories of playing on the M*A*S*H set! For show notes, episodes, recipes, bios, and more visit
Aug 31
37 min
M*A*S*H Saved My Life - MASH Matters #044
Jeff & Ryan tackle another round of listener questions and voicemails in this episode of MASH Matters. Topics include TV residuals, MASH-inspired pet names, 16-millimeter film, Red Lobster commercials, the old-time radio star that sounds like Jeff, and the MASH episode we would show someone who has never watched the show. Plus - get ready for a HUGE announcement! For show notes, episodes, recipes, bios, and more visit
Aug 14
44 min
Making M*A*S*H with Michael Hirsh - MASH Matters #043
In this episode of MASH Matters, Jeff & Ryan welcome writer/director/producer Michael Hirsh, the driving force behind two beloved documentaries: 1981’s Making M*A*S*H and 1991’s Memories of M*A*S*H. Michael shares some wonderful behind-the-scenes stories about writing with Larry Gelbart, battling the studio, working on AfterMASH, and much more. You’ll also hear about the mischievous side of David Ogden Stiers and the REAL reason that McLean Stevenson left the show.
Jul 31
47 min
Answering Antique Questions - MASH Matters #042
Jeff & Ryan dig through some old listener questions (the questions are old, not the listeners) on this episode of MASH Matters. Topics include latrine digging, M*A*S*H on BluRay, continuity errors, angry Radar, dream interviews, the series’ most emotional moments, cassette tapes, and the iconic theme song. Plus, we have our first sponsor! For show notes, episodes, bios, and more visit
Jul 14
48 min
BONUS EPISODE: Author Stephen Rebello!
Jeff & Ryan welcome best-selling author Stephen Rebello to a special bonus episode of MASH Matters! Stephen’s latest book, Dolls! Dolls! Dolls!: Deep Inside Valley of the Dolls, the Most Beloved Bad Book and Movie of All Time is a look at Hollywood in the 1960’s. Jeff Maxwell, who spent his early years in show business on the lot at 20th Century Fox, was interviewed by Mr. Rebello and many of his stories are featured in the book. If you a fan of movies, we think you’ll enjoy this conversation
Jul 6
35 min
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