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Best financial podcast
But it's gotten a little monotonous as of late, especial having less variety of guests. Jason is too predictable and only had a small bucket of favorite sticks which he talks about over and over and over again. Think McCormick's. Think his ear on cash bucket....
Bruce JM
Don’t expect impartial news
I’ve been listening to MF for a few years. If you have a stake in the stocks they talk about, it can be informative, but they keep it very narrow in terms of the diversity of stock discussions. For example, the recent IPO of Robinhood barely got a mention as a side note in an earlier episode. As an investor, I was curious about MF’s take on RH (RH has disrupted the investing market for a lot of young investors), but nothing has been reported or discussed. Most likely because they are funded/sponsored by other platforms.
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Guys! The typing noise in the background is terribly distracting. Do the podcast or finish your book report. Don’t try an do both at the same time please. Sheesh and thank you!
I miss Bill Barker
I've been listening to Marketfoolery for quite a few years now, and I've enjoyed the show quite a bit. It's nice and short and catches up on the news each day. However, what has always been a 4 star show I'm decreasing to 3 because there has been one guest who hasn't been on the show in 2 months. I miss Bill Barker. I don't know if the show would be what it is today if it hadn't been for Barker. We have the apropos of nothing episodes because of Bill. The phrase "Dozens of listeners" debuted on a Bill Barker show. The witty banter between Barker andHill was always a delight and some of the best moments of this show were some of the tangents they went on. That has been missing for the last 2 months. I think the quality of the show has deminished a little bit as well because of that.
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Congrats Chris and my favorite guests: Bill Barker, Jason Moser and Abby Malin! All the other guests are great as well! Chris there are two must listen daily podcasts in my world! Clark Howard’s and of course Market Foolery! Having said that do you not think after 2000 podcasts that you might have more than dozens of listener’s? Hopefully that is the case and we can extinguish that oft played line! Regardless this podcast will continue to be a staple in my life , CONGRATS!
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This show is really nearly perfect....
But jeez N. Bakers voice and tone is so boring to listen to compared to more lively hosts
Must listen
Listen to this daily after work.
I love, love Chris Hill and co.. Listen to Market Foolery and Motley Fool religiously. I appreciate the views the guys have, their are always thoughtful and sensible. Have bought quite a few based on their views. I also respect the guys, I believe they are decent and trustworthy
bay state 23
Happy Listener
I’ve been a listener for about a year now. A lot of my friends have been getting into stocks lately and I always recommend the podcast. Keep on keeping on.
Must have podcast
I never miss a show. Brief stock update to listen to daily. Just to keep up with what’s going on. Love it.
Chris & Bill
You guys rock!!!!
Freaky Frogster
I didn’t actually listen to the podcast I just wanted to ask if anyone got some of that good GameStop stick 🤣🤣🤣
Loved the MKC review. With IFF’s acquisition of DuPont’s flavors business would you prefer MKC or IFF
Paul Hill Up Here
Fantastic Resource!
Addicting. Each episode is loaded with information relevant to today’s market. I regularly listen to at least 2 Motley Fool podcasts daily. Interesting to see that another reviewer pointed out something I realized today. Unfortunately Jim Gillies, appearing as an occasional guest, comes across as overly skeptical (it really is a downer), otherwise the podcasts host and guest are very enthusiastic, engaging, and highly informative! Thank you for these podcasts. RM
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San Diego 57
Very very good
This is a really good and really consistently good podcast on the markets. My ONLY negative, which is preference more than “negative”, would be that Jim Gillies always seems to be a bit of a “downer” compared to the other regular contributors; otherwise, I really enjoy the generally optimistic and lighter tone of this show.
Great part of my daily routine
Came for investing news. Stayed for the humor, banter, and of course the annual holiday music.
Help Maria
Please hire Maria Gallagher a voice coach. Or stop making her so nervous she needs to audibly and loudly hard swallow saliva every 2 minutes. It’s hyper distracting and makes her episodes unlistenable.
Best Motley Fool Podcast?
As of now, I’d rank this as the best Motley Fool podcast, closely followed by Money and then Industry Focus. Short and sweet, fun and interesting.
The Fool Makes Market News Fun
Love listening to Market Foolery. Always a fresh perspective.
Delta Fool
Great service to investors
This is the place to get the market news you need to stay up to date. No hype or craziness- just great analysis.
Rough production, pedestrian guests
The production is so bad. I just listened to an episode where a phone alarm was going off in the background for half the episode. Guests are rambling and at worst, difficult to listen to
Don't be a fool...
Best financial Podcast host - Chris Hill, best commentators - including Bill Barker!!
Poi untreated
good commentators and not too heavy on data.
Not trying to be flippen-t
Save some producing and just title every episode with Emily Flippen “Sing Songy Condescension”.
More Emily. Less Bill Barker. Catch you and Cramer everyday, but pass on episodes with Bill B.
Great show without Bill Barker
I love love the podcast except when Bill Barker is on. His attitude is really distracting and turns me of and you don’t get much depth from him in terms of the stocks. He seems always more eager to go on tangents...sighs! Great podcast overall, has greatly helped shape my investing
Female Voices!
Love when Emily cohosts! She provides a fresh, young, insightful perspective without arrogance or ego. Very relatable for younger listeners. More please!
Great Show
It is a great stand alone show that fits very well into the Fool Live streaming universe.
Informative and insightful
Covers a wide variety of companies and industries. Provides insightful commentary in a relatively short amount of time each day.
SR says
Chris Hill is the wedding DJ who keeps the party going 🙌
Great Place to Get a Deeper Discussion of Market Activity
I am very happy with this podcast. I have listened to a few different business news podcasts and I think the hosts of Market Foolery provide very interesting discussions on current market news that dig a little deeper than the other podcasts out there. That inspired by the Motley Fool investing philosophy makes the podcast a daily staple for me. Fool on!
Used to go good
This podcast used to be very informative on the business world and provided metrics and valuable analysis but now it’s just 2 middle aged dudes rambling. I’ve tried subscribing to some of the services and for the most part I’ve only seen cookie cutter information that doesn’t really teach you anything. The industry focus one and David Gardeners podcast are still robust with great nuggets of knowledge you can actually apply in the business world. It’s sad but after 5 years I am unsubscribing and switching to other podcasts with better value.
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Spac ?
Please shed some lights on spacs. Is it still good time to invest in Nio, shll, Nikola or the upsides have been priced in? Also what are the spacs to watch ? Thanks
Stop saying uhhhh every other word
Entertaining, rational host.
Overall worth my time. Some guests are not impressive and not knowledgeable enough to comment on things they are reviewing. Makes me wonder if they promote companies they made deals with. For example Dan Kline’s comments on Tesla- FYI - delivered meant sold. He comments on expectations on Tesla and McDonald’s but excuses for possible shortfalls of McDonald’s is the pandemic but no excuse for Tesla. I understand he is a Tesla bear but be fair. And yes Tesla should be worth more than McDonald’s or Coca Cola. Tesla is the future, Coca Cola and McDonald’s sell poisons.
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Just heard worst take on tesla today ever
You think they are lying with cars sold saying it’s way too many who is buying during a pandemic. Then in next sentence talk about musk 500k deliveries this yr he said BEFORE the pandemic but then hold him strictly to it! Which is it? Second you miss the whole business. You talk about tesla as if it is amazon but ignore AWS and the fact it dominates this huge new field that is growing and will grow massively. So many points about tesla missed that I fear if you are this poor on a major stock you totally do a dis service to your listeners. In sept tesla having battery day where they lead every other car manufacturer by 7+ yrs in tech and development inwhich they will state how they can now make their batteries last longer at a cheaper price which will brin car prices down again. Oh and this fool mentions price of car starting out at 40k for a “base” model....well their base model performs like a 200k Ferrari genius. Second you are ignoring the fact they have knee solar shingles that look way nicer then panels and producing now out of buffalo factory. You are ignore fact now you will be able to use battery hooked up to grid in your car or use when power goes out for house. You will be able to sell energy back to grid during peak prices. You ignore they are best in autonomous driving and if they get that to market will dominant in autonomous taxis taking over uber an Lyft whole business making massive profits. You ignore their battery tech that can now store way more energy to go with solar which they will sell to commercial businesses. You ignore the fact they have currently no completion and if have a profit this quarter they will be included in S&P 500 which will automatically trigger 37 billion + of institutional buying which that demand will drive up price. This stock in 3-5 years will easily be 2,500. Easily beating market even at current highs yet you poo poo it. You aren’t are worse.
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Made a lot of money, thanks
I new nothing about investing world 5 years ago, and listening to Motley Fool and Market Foolery has made me a very foolish investor (patient, educated.) During the March market crash, I didn’t even blink an eye, bc as a fool investor I saw that as an opportunity and bought even more shares of the companies they have been recommending. Overall, I am very grateful. Thank you and please keep up the great work!
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I work as an auditor and this podcast has really helped me take a step back and think about a company on a big picture level. One of the best produced podcasts I’ve listed too as well.
It’s great
Valuable info well delivered
Great stock but stock info. Analysis, sector info, future outlook.
Fantastic content
Love the content. Thanks for keeping us updated Monday thru Thursday
JT Tobias
Love it
Love listening to the analysts talk about the financial of specific companies, how they view them and why. I listen to a lot of investing podcast and love hearing different perspectives. J-Mo is easily a favorite amongst analysts. Tells it how it is and doesn’t over complicate his thoughts.
Hill is my hero
Chris Hill and the band brings a bright spot to my investing life. There is no way I am missing a Barker / Hill ‘Much a do about nothing’ episode. I have been a fool since 1998, but really started to enjoy myself with the podcasts. Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow are all how I reference their work. I would not be calm during downturns without them speaking to me in the background.
All in one!
LOVE listening to y’all! Always very relevant to today’s topics and literally saves me hours of reading articles about what’s going on todays markets. Thank y’all very much so so helpful!
Thank you for 3/12/20 show
Chris Hill once again with a wonderful, timely message for long term investors. Long Live the Bulls!
JP Philly
Chris Hill and Bill Barker
Lovvvvve you guys, super funny combo, please Bill Barker come often!!
Chris Hill is the best
I enjoy all of the Motley Fool podcast but especially find Chris Hill's soothing voice and interesting cadre of guests to finish off my day. I started off using podcasts to get to sleep at night, but Chris's insights and interests now keep me awake( I've found another podcast for insomnia!). Seriously, as one of their dozen or so listeners, so they claim, I am entirely satisfied with the podcast and I think I understand some of the jokes. This is a podcast that I would pay to listen to.
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Highlight of my day!
Educational and informative in a light and easy to listen to delivery. Always look forward to listening to each new episode on my way home from work to catch up on the day’s happenings. Keep it up!
thecoin collector
Excellent Long Term Investing Digest
Been a listener for six years now. I’ve relied on Chris Hill, Jason Moser and company for quality business analysis and keeping up with the public markets. Way less gimmicky than Robinhood Snacks, and way pleasant to listen to. Subscribe and add to your daily rotation!
Great financial news podcast for stock pickers
Great Monday thru Thursday podcast reviewing the day’s market events. Full of earnings reviews and corporate news that affect investors. Done in a friendly light l-hearted group discussion format.
JM Mellott
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