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Mark Levin is, simply put, a modern-day patriot - Founding Fathers Level. For me no day is complete without Mark Levin in it. He and his broadcasts are a national treasure.
You're giving me a migraine‼️
Levin truly is the Great One
Mark, you are a true American Patriot! God bless you and keep spreading the truth about the Evil left !!!
Mark your wisdom amazes me ! What a g o o d BOOK !
Great Denali!
Mark forgot that this is not first time Stephen A made “ questionable “ comments about other races. comments about police force being racist, white privilege,white supremacy,systemic racism in America et cetera. Those were Stephen A comments in last couple of years, seems that Mark forgot about those,and badly wants to be friends again with Stephen A
Always truthful, enjoyable, and useful
I love when I stop by Mr.Levin’s podcast to catch a glimpse of reality in the sea of dribble as is the media in the world.
Like a College Professor
All he talks about is his book. A 3 hour book advertisement.
My opinion
Mark is brilliant and I love to hear his input on all kinds of topics. I don’t get to listen live so I listen to the podcast. Which works out great for me. I can skip past when he goes on and on about his latest book release. I love the books but I can’t listen to 10 minutes of him pushing it every single day. Keep up the good work Mark. You’re a true patriot!
Have listened since the show was a Sunday night filler. The show is becoming tiresome, tedious and stale. Mark (I’m not hawking my books) Levin just discussing them for 20-30 minutes every show and whenever the opportunity arises. Come on we gotta get those numbers up. But I’m not hawking the book. What is this Amway? For the record I’ve purchased and read 4 of your books. To be fair though there is variety of topics which are mentioned at least on a weekly basis. Sometimes all in the same show. Being the youngest person in the history of ever to be on a school board. Serving in the Reagan administration. Brag, brag, brag! What are you John McCane? Thank goodness he’s not into martial arts and sparing then it would be a daily mention of what a ninja tough guy he is. Anyway, I used to listen to every minute of every show. Recently I find myself thinking “get off my radio ya big dope” and hitting fast forward and more often just skipping it all together. Come on Levin, you can do better then this. Or at least you used to.
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Our Patriot of Today
Keep the rating. I’ll include the narrative when not sleep deprived. Delete all of this. Danl
Mark Levin is truly The Great One
Essential podcast/audio rewind for conservatives. Liberals need to hear it too. The left are full of liars and corruption. Levin digs deep and educates the audience on important topics that are crucial to our country's survival.
The most important show in America today
We know Marxism in America is rising. Mark is fighting back with his voice and his writing. I know we conservatives have a lot of commentators these days, but this is the one show that is must listen every day. Mark covers the news in a very intellectually honest way!
Love the show
Got it though. Buy the book. Honestly tired of hearing about the book.
Change The Channel
Mark's show has turned into an 3 hour infomercial for selling his books. EVERY segment is used to mention and correlate his latest book by using the top headlines. It's clearly obvious by reading the reviews that Mark Levin will not change. For crying out loud on his tv appearances he has a huge blown up poster of his book. One thing that really ticks me off is that he rarely speaks about the stolen election and what's going on right now in Arizona/Georgia. Why not? Probably because he can't use it to plug his books. Solution: change the channel. I like Bannon's War Room! There, you are updated on the fight to take back our stolen election. You don't get constant plugging of books. Biggest plus, you don't get to hear lip smacking on every syllable like Levin does.
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My teacher
Mark is a true teacher and my favorite ! Thank you Mark for standing up for our Great nation 🇺🇸Thank you you’re a True Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Special guest
Liked your special guest on the podcast. (Marty) I think he was saying buy the book! American Marxism!
The best
Not only is Mark the ‘great one’ he is “the best”
Total Reckt
Thumbs up for Ferguson
I started to casually listen to Marks podcast and it became a daily event. Mark has a way to breakdown the facts in this noisy world of lukewarm media.
offthe wagon
Friday show
Dear Mr. Levin, I ordered 6 books and 2 audio books for my daughters families and friends. I sent this podcast announcing that this is why they are getting ur book. Thank you, thank you for all you do. This entire show, and I’ve saved numerous shows, IS the best. Can’t wait to get ur book. Vanessa V
Can’t get enough
I cannot get enough of Mark. The man is brilliant. He’s on a different level. He speaks the truth, he speaks facts, he destroys liberal logic with facts, empirical data and all, without breaking a sweat. Also, he’s extremely funny, compassionate and most of all……a true patriot. Thank you Mark, Mr. Producer and Mr. Call Screener. Millions of Americans stand ready with you.
eries ipod
Mark is the best
He thinks he was born in the wrong era. I think he is in the right place at the right time. History will prove this true.
Want to see data in app
Pure Evil
I believe the democrats colluded with China to INTENTIONALLY release corona virus into the United States in order to help bring President Trump down and get lying Joe Biden into the White House. The timing is just too good !!!
Wallace Hunt Camp
Mark is just as informative…
…on this podcast as he is on Fox with the Mark Levin Show minus the great guests he hosts.
Propaganda spewing bigot
This bruh is the leader of the ill informed Qnuts. 🙄
Amy Justus
New Book & Promotion of It
I really do like the message of Mark, I listen daily, most of the time he states facts, and it’s clear he does his homework to know about what he talks about. My only reason for 4 stars is because his on air promotion of his new book is taking over his show, yes I pre-ordered a book, but I suggest to let the book speak for itself and stop promoting for 1/3 of your show.
Book American Marxist
I bought two and given to my law professor. Your my other law professor.
Cruz Crew Girl
Smartest guy on the radio
Best educator ever. The founders would love him as do true conservatives. Thank you for all you do.
Great podcast love it. A true Conservative, and not even close to the rhinos.
the D&D Gamer
Dunning-Kruger supremo
chances are, you have already realized that Levin is just another talk radio hack, playing to a vast crowd of clueless right-wing nutjobs, because otherwise he would be out of work. like Hannity, it is doubtful that Levin privately is as stupid and misinformed as he sounds, but of course, the answer would not affect how these men make their sausage. guys like these are a dime a dozen, so why choose this podcast? because Levin is so cranky, so myopic, and so utterly charmless in his approach that every show is a guaranteed train wreck, and thus great fun to listen to. Levin, a former Reagan Youth, naturally considers himself an authority on the Constitution. if you disagree with his shopworn, ultra-right misinterpretation of that sacred text, well, you are just a reprobate and a neo-Marxist. why such an antiquated and tired worldview, even by modern conservative standards? because his brain seems to have ossified during his time as a mid-level flunkie in the Reagan administration, which was also the last time his dusty talking points were at all in line with the American political zeitgeist. again, it must be stressed that we have no way of knowing the true beliefs of a man who contradicts himself several times per show, and bases his arguments solely on political party rather than on obvious facts or common sense. Levin is in his 60s, but you could be forgiven for assuming he is twenty years older. he coughs and wheezes into the microphone, runs out of breath while shouting articles from the Daily Caller, and fumbles endlessly throughout his unfocused, stream-of-consciousness ranting. Levin has already admitted to giving himself a heart attack and a minor brain hemorrhage during his one-man crusade to defend freedom and liberty. if he does not cool it with his perpetual angry-old-man schtick, he might find himself keeling over live on-air.
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Claude Stanley
I would love a Steve Bannon, Levin interview 😁
Excellent info on constitutional law + policies!
My father led me to your show, Mark, + I as a younger gen Entrepreneur, working in multiple industries, many years of which are healthcare, + seeing the pros/cons of progressing tech, etc yet also importance of conserving family, faith + integrity, I implore you to research more health topics before speaking on them. I’ve also been an interested + willing to learn listener of your show. Maybe I’m naturally curious. More likely, I believe learning is key! Appreciate your deep dives into the political agendas, actual meaning of many bills, congress, all the government things on which media intentionally misguides us. It’s important for more people, all ages, to hear the ways to uphold our constitution. THANK YOU! ~ ~ I live in California currently + have been outspoken in a conversational + common sense way... primarily keeping our health + economy foremost talking causally with people as I meet them, helping to educate people OR at least ask Qs of them to encourage their thinking. It is important for our leaders + voices to collectively empower citizens to live in alignment with their intuition/beliefs, acting with MORE respect towards others again + to promote learning more about financial health in business b/c university isn’t teaching these elements... This past year did “awake some” - I’m thankfully seeing where some are shifting into thinking + stand by their Faith, their people, their Rights + communities again! My only reason for giving 4 out of 5 star rating is your recent, repeated, one sided statements of the “j@b$” + “effectiveness”- marketed by gov but in reality not actually acting as vax for the recent virus. There are MANY reasons not to put unnecessary toxins + rna into our bodies!!! Whether or not you personally want to put these trials in your body, could you please research further (or are you open to the factual studies/many expert opinions) + VAERS data showing how risky it is to put a “trial j@b” in your body for a virus with 99.97% survival rate + over 25+ proven, approved (for many years) early treatments that were “coincidentally” denied last year BUT work? Your listeners listen to you. I believe many are critical thinkers like myself, but I implore you to stop promoting something that is more risky than the actual virus. Present BOTH sides or give them VALUABLE/TRUTHFUL resources like the many nonprofits, expert opinions or REAL studies. Please encourage your listeners to educate + decide for themselves. In health + happiness always, Lisa 🌺💛
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Lisa Healthy Planning
Mark Levin a true patriot n constitutional lawyer
You always deliver the truth. I have respect for what you are doing n respect for you. Waiting for your new book with anticipation. Watch you on Sundays n listen to your podcasts. You’re the best! 💪
Home Depot?
Mark blew it calling for a surge of support Home Depot. Home Depot is a bunch of commies. They’re starting to eat their own, and Mark didn’t research before the knee jerk call to support them.
Are you serious?
Lying hack whose audience is to dumb to realize he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
No rational person could possibly have watched this case or understood it in any way and think the police officer was guilty of anything. Floyd was dead before the cop had anything to do with him because of his own actions. You are a self hating piece of garbage Mark.
blue LM
The best
The best thing about Levin is how so many stupid people hate him.
Steve in Maine
Looking for a fact based conservative podcast
Listen for a few minutes and found broad sweeping negative statements. I’m not looking for an emotional presentation though propaganda. Just the facts, please sir, just the facts.
Found a few months ago
I started off with Bongino. I do like him very much. But his infernal giggling and childishness got on my nerves. Especially when the world is burning to the ground. Shapiro, well I like him too but he sounds like an angry little elf, but at least it’s not a giggle fest. Mark Is more my style. Smart man and makes sense. I even enjoy it when he starts screaming. He echoes all of our frustrations. Don’t get too fired up though Mark, we need you!
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True Honesty to preserve our freedom and rights!
I have to admit that I was blinded by the propaganda and narrative the Liberals were making. I listened to a number of podcasts and I found nothing but lies and nothing to back up the lies. I stumbled upon The Great One and I finally get the truth! He calls it like he sees it, blue or red, you are not safe when you violate our rights and put your private agendas ahead of the American citizens. Mark Levine will call you out with facts to back it up. And not with lies and narratives or edited media like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post or 60 minutes. Fake media does not belong in this country and you should stop watching it so that they start reporting on the truth!
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A Constitutionalist like no other
Mark is the best radio show host in America. Not just in news and politics, but everything. Is is so kind and respectful to his audience. He is not politically correct which I love. I like when liberals call in and he destroys them one by one. I’ve never seen Mark lose a debate. He knows the constitution 100%. He is a fantastic lawyer. He worked in the Reagan Administration which is awesome. I would love Mark to go on to news networks like CNN and MSNBC and own the liberals. Mark has a talent for the radio business like no other. Just a pleasure to listen to!
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Great content, needs less screaming
I love the topics and the coverage, but please scream less. It causes needless stress on already enraging topics
Theresa 42
Second only to Hannity in his vapid right wing version of virtue signaling. Never straying from the party line, this former lawyer fails to conserve anything. Frequently lets his assistants take over when he doesn’t feel like working.
The Great GoldenJoe
The Great One
I first heard Mark when he was a caller to Rush’s show. TG for our Seattle radio KTTH—a bastion of Constitutional conservatism in my blue State. I hear Mark on the radio, but happy for the podcasts for when I’ve missed something or want to hear it again.... Yes, Mark yells sometimes. “Get off my phone, you idiot.” That’s okay with me!
The Voice we need
Mark Levin is the best authority on the Constitution. He makes the loss of Rush less devastating. Mark is a genius, is compassionate and truly the ‘Great One’.
Marie's Guy
Required listening if your not afraid to learn
Thank you for all you do! Wish I had half your knowledge. Can’t believe what my education didn’t teach me. I’ve bought so many books that should have been required reading growing up. But that’s good, I needed to thin out my closet. Just wish books could hang on hangers.
I’m hooked
Thank you Mark for fighting for our constitutional rights! I’m a huge fan!
My brother was a marine he passed away in queens vets nursing home . Malnutrition and Pneumonia , see they didn’t have time to feed him . Not enough staff , I guess ! While your out shooting your mouth off about Stupid things why don’t you do something for Brother marines they tried to say he had covid But he was given the drug that idiot trump pushed and it killed him . Someday you will Go infront of Our Lord and tell him you did nothing . You and rush sicken me
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Thank you for all you do
The second best my first passed away rush
Mike Lee interview top notch!
Would love to hear from Senator Mike Lee regularly - outstanding.
BOA #8441
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