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Mark is Brilliant
Mark is a brilliant author!!!! I have almost all of his including (2) hard cover copies of his most recent “American Marxism”!!!! I had never listened to his radio or watched his TV show till Rush passed away! Mark would get it six for content, but a four for his voice and delivery. PS I’m sure I’m not the only one who misses Rush!!!!!
A Patriots Patriot.
If Trump was half as smart and measured as Mark Levin he would have won in a land slide and Lady Macbeth and her criminal cabal would be at Gitmo.
Great podcast by a constitutional conservative
Your book AGAIN!
OMG!! STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR BOOK, MARK‼️I would love to hear your entire podcast show, BUT as soon as you start talking about your book (which is always after the 2nd LONG hillsdale commercial), I immediately STOP the podcast show. IMMEDIATELY! Do you ever go back to see when listeners stop listening? I guarantee you, it's right at the beginning of your book plug. Also, we lnow you're vaccinated, so pls stop sounding like a broken record EVERY night when you tell us multiple times in each show. Do you ever publish negative feedback or needs improvement critiquing? Seems like you only publish positive glaring reviews, but what about the other feedback?? Are those not important, too, Mark?
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A Cut Above The Backbenchers
Mark mixes the right amount of serious issues, deep thinking and humor.
Brazilian Buttfest
Love this show!
Mr liven how do we the middle class and poor do anything to stop this. I’m totally against open boarders . I live not more than 6 hrs from del-rio. I have 14 children 5 children 3of my own and 2 step children but they are all mine. I worrie about them. When I try to talk to them they think that it’s just an old women’s ranting. I fell like you I already turned off Facebook and I think your right . Trying to say anything to people on tweeter is senseless. I’m 73 years old and in very poor health. I’m in bed more than out. The only way I can get new ms is through tweeter. I mostly stay on fox. As a matter a fact I only watch Fox News. I’m at a lost as to what I could do to make a difference. I’ve already seen that tweeter is not the way. I’m asking you what I can do that would make a difference? I can’t read because I have a problem with my eyes. So I listin to books. The only thing is I can’t afford buying your books. I’ve listened to the sample which don’t cost . I just found your podcast what ever that is , I’m so illerant when it comes to all this new Tex. Before I started listing to you on fox which I never miss, I liked listing to well shoot. Can’t think of his name. But he was on fox , he was a very. Smart man , he was in a swimming accident in college and was paralyzed from his neck down. What I’m saying is their is a very few people I will listen to. . I respect you so much. Thank you for your wise words.
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Awesome podcast!
Mark Levin’s knowledge and understanding of our constitution combined with his passion makes him a great patriot! Because of all the fake news out there, I started listening to podcasts. My two favorite podcasts are Mark Levin and Dan Bon Gino. Knowledge is power and Mark Levine puts a spotlight on the truth.
Thank you Mark
Thank you Mark for bringing the heated truth to our airways. Glad you recognized the signs of your heart. Having four stents my self, I’m well aware to not disregard what my body is telling me. Keep spreading truth Sir!
My deepest appreciation!
Happy birthday and Thank you Mr. Levin for all you do to open the eyes of Americans to what the Left is doing to our country!
A red blooded American!
Mark Levin
The best podcast hands down!!! Yes you need to go to a 4 hour show! Keep keeping on!!!
Great Patriot
Mark, I love listening to your podcast! You’re a great teacher and I always learn something new from you! I love the idea that you brought up about a four hour podcast! Even more to love! Keep up the great work!
Add the extra hour!!
I heard Mark say he was contemplating adding an additional hour, exclusive to the podcast. Definitely do that!!
I've been listening the Great One for years, and love it.
I've learned so much over the years from Mark Levin. He is truly a national treasure. I've learned alot since tuning in. His podcast is one of the few that i listen to religiously.
God Bless the USA!
Thank you Mark for your passion & patriotism!! Love listening to your opinions! God Bless you Mark!! Julie from Midcoast Maine!! Keep up the great work!!
Morning Schmo Music not playing??
This is the best podcast ever! I’ve been listening to you for YEARS but for whatever reason on this platform the music effects never come through, like the morning schmo joe deliverance music and the breaking news music. Please bring them back we love to hear them!
One of the best!!
He says what others are too afraid to say! I wish there were more people like him!
George S. Patton
Thank you for your podcast regarding George S. Patton. A true American hero and not the political correct generals we have today. I saw that movie with my father, who was a Purple Heart veteran, when Patton was first released. A most memorable and moving experience. Another movie I would recommend watching to reflect upon the quality of leadership exemplified by our World War Two leaders is the Gallant Hours. This is a movie about Admiral Halsey portrayed by James Cagney, perhaps our greatest actor.
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Alan Bullock
Living Freedom Fighting Legend
Brilliant brilliant man.
Patton to justify war? Spill your own guts first.
Whipping up American patriotism to go fight imperialist wars while he and his family make stupid money and will never see combat. This is the patrician class calling for the honor of Rome. Sell your books and your commercials. Stop calling for war.
podcast lover25
September 1
Caller Kamal had me in tears. It was the sweetest , most touching call. To hear how his family giggles at you and how well his kids are doing. It just touched my heart.
tired guy screams at me to buy his book
he looks like he has never had a second of sleep in his life
BLM is the Militia arm of the Democratic Party
He is strong enough to fight big tech and speak the truth
Kick butt man!
I enjoy your shows from the bottom of my heart. Without people like you, I would give up hope on humanity. God bless!
I am an immigrant of this Country for 20 years, since May.2001. I saw the great people of America risen after that painful, tragic event of 9/11, stronger and even prouder. I felt then, this is America and this is where I gonna keep raising my kids and grandkids. I love the culture, the language, and everything that unite and integrate the amazing people of this fabulous Country. I Have always hate politics, politicians no matter the party, but I have learned how to manurer around what is useful and what isn’t worth it by listening to your show on Blaze and you podcast, which I listen to everyday. I got you book, my husband have just finished and now I am reading and after I am done I will pass it to my 3 young adult kids. I want to say this respectfully as I can, I wouldn’t be mentally ok if wasn’t for you and all that you do and say in your shows and I Love You(respectfully) and I admire you, and I pray that God will bless you and your family always, the same way as I always ask God to protect and bless President Trump and his family. Thank you Mr.Levin.
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Marcia Pruzinsky
Love, love, love!!
I can’t always listen to the live show in the evenings, so the podcast is great to listen throughout my day.
If mark was president
If I had my way he would be the guy in charge—Incorruptible; straight shooting, get to the crux with deep wisdom and some humor and sarcasm then talk about his dogs and make me miss my dad. Sincerely, Big Fan
the great one
mark is a great educator in a very entertaining way
Ham dog17
He’s Baaaack!
I so miss his yelling. So glad I found this podcast in this horrible political time. Keep it up Mark!!
Buy My Book!
Other than hawking his new book he just repeats the same position. He is a creature of the swamp, he just disagrees with the other swamp creatures at times. Never actually taking a stand as McCarthy did, just saying enough to make money.
Best Around
Great content, informative and provocative. Levin is ay unapologetic patriot.
Old Patriot
Great podcast
I think the listeners would benefit their children by checking out Qubits Toy Just heard about it Made in USA by USAF Veteran!
Quality > Quantity
Anti American
Mark Levin is a corrupt liar who has only looked to break down democracy through his disgusting rants. He should be removed from all media.
The Great One
The Solution
So the BIG SOLUTION you have been building your audience up to for the last several months is “buy another book” What a great plan!
Excellent Wonderful
Excellent Wonderful
My opinion
Love the podcast and the show totally recommend
Ewan Petty
Big Fan
Huge fan of Mark Levine read almost all his books love his podcast never miss a show.
Fun to listen to, even when he gets angry…
…as a matter of fact, Mark Levin is even MORE FUN ESPECIALLY when he’s angry! The Great One [Mark Levin] is exceedingly passionate about this great country and the pillars that make it great! He takes offense to the people who try to dismantle our Republic and works to make us aware when they do these things that ignore the United States Constitution! Hit play and enjoy.
Mark’s work is crucial to debunk the Liberal propaganda. He tells it straight and truly wants to preserve the values this country was founded on. Freedom and Liberty!
Like nails on a chalkboard
In all my years I’ve never seen anyone shill a book so shamelessly to enrich themselves. Ever. If it is so important to read why not make it perfectly clear that every nickel will go to suffering veterans, or any other cause you say is so important to you. Just another money hungry charlatan with a voice that makes my hands shake. Awful.
Levin podcast
Listen and learn and vote
I always take time out of my day to listen to Mark, keep speaking the truth my friend!
Mark Levin is, simply put, a modern-day patriot - Founding Fathers Level. For me no day is complete without Mark Levin in it. He and his broadcasts are a national treasure.
Levin truly is the Great One
Mark, you are a true American Patriot! God bless you and keep spreading the truth about the Evil left !!!
Mark your wisdom amazes me ! What a g o o d BOOK !
Great Denali!
Mark forgot that this is not first time Stephen A made “ questionable “ comments about other races. comments about police force being racist, white privilege,white supremacy,systemic racism in America et cetera. Those were Stephen A comments in last couple of years, seems that Mark forgot about those,and badly wants to be friends again with Stephen A
Always truthful, enjoyable, and useful
I love when I stop by Mr.Levin’s podcast to catch a glimpse of reality in the sea of dribble as is the media in the world.
My opinion
Mark is brilliant and I love to hear his input on all kinds of topics. I don’t get to listen live so I listen to the podcast. Which works out great for me. I can skip past when he goes on and on about his latest book release. I love the books but I can’t listen to 10 minutes of him pushing it every single day. Keep up the good work Mark. You’re a true patriot!
Have listened since the show was a Sunday night filler. The show is becoming tiresome, tedious and stale. Mark (I’m not hawking my books) Levin just discussing them for 20-30 minutes every show and whenever the opportunity arises. Come on we gotta get those numbers up. But I’m not hawking the book. What is this Amway? For the record I’ve purchased and read 4 of your books. To be fair though there is variety of topics which are mentioned at least on a weekly basis. Sometimes all in the same show. Being the youngest person in the history of ever to be on a school board. Serving in the Reagan administration. Brag, brag, brag! What are you John McCane? Thank goodness he’s not into martial arts and sparing then it would be a daily mention of what a ninja tough guy he is. Anyway, I used to listen to every minute of every show. Recently I find myself thinking “get off my radio ya big dope” and hitting fast forward and more often just skipping it all together. Come on Levin, you can do better then this. Or at least you used to.
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