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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/8/18
1 hour 52 minutes Posted May 8, 2018 at 6:47 pm.
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Show notes
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, President Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran deal was a great decision with a statesman like speech to the American people. National security advisor John Bolton calls in to discuss this decision. This was a flawed deal, which provided cover for Iran. It hasn’t stopped Iran from supporting worldwide terrorism, nor has it stopped Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. Iran loves this deal because it stopped the economic pressure campaign on the regime that rules over the country. But effective immediately, all sanctions Barack Obama suspended are back in place. This would have never happened if Robert Mueller was successful in his mission; this is why he must be stopped. Later, Bloomberg’s Eli Lake calls in to explain that the Iran deal withdrawal increases the odds of a successful Iranian democratic uprising and for the people to fight for their freedom. Finally, Robert Mueller's investigators have questioned a Russian oligarch about $500,000 in payments to Michael Cohen after the election. But the southern district of NY is handling this. Why would Mueller have a case like this with an alleged payment and hand it to the southern district of NY? This doesn’t help Mueller’s investigation, if it did he woudln’t have let the case go.