Mark And Sarah Talk About Songs
Mark And Sarah Talk About Songs
Mark Blankenship & Sarah D Bunting
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This makes working from home easier
COVID, quarantine, and working from home at a new job has made it hard to make friends and be social so Mark and Sarah are my friends now and they keep the crushing isolation at bay. ❤️
Smart and hilarious!
Mark and Sarah rock! They introduce me to artists I‘be never heard of or had forgotten about while also discussing many familiar favorites. Full of humor and heart (and swears ❤️), MASTAS is always at the top of my playlist.
Awesome podcast
They cursed 😉
They cursed 😃
Wonderfully fun podcast. Always a pleasure to listen to Mark and Sarah.
The other Liz Lemon
I love the banter and ways of listening to some songs ( still bitter about Sarah’s feelings on Radio Song from REM) but they have brought insights and songs I’d never heard of and even did one of my recommendations. And they curse
Daria girl
Not good at all
They cursed
Great Pod
Just found this podcast yesterday! I particularly loved the episode about Marvin Gaye, really well researched and a fantastic point of view on the song!
Smart & Insightful
It’s refreshing to listen to two articulate people share their opinions and reminisce about songs from various genres. Very fun and creative. Mark and Sarah should be music critics for the New Yorker already.
Love the Madonna episodes
Love this podcast so much. Especially the Madonna episodes!!!!
Fun podcast!
Sometimes you just want to disconnect from the world and geek out over music...thank you!!
Uh, no!
Not for me anymore.
Fake Orgasm
I like to listen about songs
Fan of this whole crew since the TWOP days. Love this show especially the ranking eps, and howled out loud at the Bond theme show. Songs!
Alien Dog Productions
Really disappointing Pat Benatar episode where they just trashed her music basically and give some lame ratings scale for songs. They completely miss the point that in a male dominated rock and roll music industry of the 80s Benatar was equal if not better than her male counterparts and dared to produce epic arena rock songs like Hell is for Children
why was I so late to this podcast!
Love everything Sarah D Bunting does, so why was I so late to this podcast, Mark and Sarah are perfect partners and the only fault with this podcast is that it isn't longer.... I love their conversations and I always agree with Mark. I too WOO WOO on The Midnight Train to Georgia, etc ... I am now binging
Marigny Girl
Love it!
The episode about Ace of Base was my absolute favorite so far. I want to hear Mark’s full song about eggs.
Just what it sounds like!
Two smart wordsmiths talking about what they appreciate (or despise) about that week’s selection. They clearly know their music but also enjoy sharing the personal effect music has had on their lives. And this child of the 80s can’t get enough!
Lucy Gee
Only For Yuh
How have I lived without this podcast? I recently stumbled across this after hearing Mark guest on another podcast. Now that I’ve listened to a handful of episodes, I’ve decided it’s pretty much the best podcast ever. I love the subject matter, I love the format, and most of all- I love hearing Sarah read a song to absolute filth. I’m happy to have found this and I can’t wait to keep listening.
A wonderful podcast!
I've been reading/listening to Sarah D. Bunting for a long time, first at TWoP and then, and when they branched into podcasts, I followed her there. I could listen to Sarah read the phone book (since she'd probably have some snarky comments to add along the way), and Mark's joy in sharing music he loves is infectious. Highly, highly recommend to all, from the casual music listener to music nerds.
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Love it
This is like the only channel that has songs. I like(old & new). You guys rule. I love to play this on long trips! I have one that is 10 hours in a bus there and back! I cant wait to jam out to the play list!!!
is me again
One of the best music podcasts
This is one of my most eagerly anticipated podcasts each week. They’re both so funny and smart, and I love them so much I signed up for Patreon to support the show. If you are a music nerd, you will love it.
Such a fun podcast
Sarah and Mark have such brilliant conversations about songs. Sometimes it's just on how Ace of Base is cheesy fantasticness, sometimes it's about how the mainstream tries to deal with sexuality (Their discussion of Hey Ya? SO SMART!) Love these two, love the "I could hang out with these guys" vibe. Awesome.
So Good!
I came to this podcast after hearing it promoted on Again With This Beverly Hills 90210. I love music, particularly the wide rage between 1963 and 2000. Just finished listening to the Madonna GHV2 episode, and it’s one of my favorite episodes of so many great episodes. Keep it up!
Where else do you get discussions of Jesus Christ Superstar, November Rain and Ignition (Remix) all in one place? Love, love, love the banter, the mix of music, the interesting-but-not-too-serious insights, the short but sweet length. Always makes me laugh or at least snort.
Love this show
This show reminds me of talking about music with my best friend: a true delight.
Tonya Harding Junior
Dropping Priceless 💎🎙💎 Gems
These two are sooo deadpan humorous & direct in their musical critiques. They don’t always agree, but their syncopated personalities & tasty fun facts about music/artists make it a whipped auditory joy.
Love MASTAS weekly hot takes on songs current and not so much. I love how their differing life experiences and ages help color their opinions of the music. Honest, heartfelt, and incredibly funny. A must listen!
Music Lovers Will Love This!!!
I love listening to this podcast. Mark and Sarah really express what it is to be a music lover. A lot of their song choices are so much fun, and send me on a lot of nostalgia trips. Also, when I wrote to make song suggestions, Mark responded very quickly and ended up being a great conversationalist! I Highly reccomend these guys.
Makes me so happy!
I love listening to this often witty, sometimes goofy, and always smart analysis of songs. I always learn a lot about the context and history of music/songs and I'm entertained in the process.
So fun
I love this podcast because it's either songs I know, or ones I am better off for learning about!
Great podcast!
I just found this podcast and it has become one of my favorites!! Love all the analysis, in the way I think about music, personal experience with songs etc. Keep the episodes coming and I will keep listening.
Funny and smart
This podcast is just delightful. Even if I don't really like or know the song or artist, it's always interesting and cool. I especially loved hearing Mark and Sarah rank all the songs on "Little Earthquakes." It's helped me listen more critically to all types of music in general. Keep it up!
I'm always laughing out loud.
I'm kind of in the twilight of my bravo clubhouse phase...i watch Housewives and fold laundry but it's just gotten mean and uncomfortable- so I have just turned the Tv off and put MASTAS .and I feel like you guys are turning a weird sad void into a beautiful wonderful laughy laugh fest. Thanks! Love you! Mean it!
Incredible hulkie
The best
I really enjoy the smart and funny song reviews/meditations by the charming, funny and smart Sarah Bunting (and her able co-host Mark Blankenship). Highly recommended!
Love this podcast!
The commentary is both thoughtful and funny. Great to hear their song choices.
Awesome, but....
Great discussions, super eclectic mix of songs. I've been a fan of the gang since TWOP, so I'll basically consume their product with anticipation. Humor is on point. The downside. Vocal volume goes up and down, with Mark's sometimes pleasant "laugh" hitting my ear at full blast. Sarah's dry wit would be so much better without the "likes". I almost had to stop listening to the Indigo Girls episode when it was one "like" after another. At one point is was four likes before two thoughts came out. I guess I'm showing my age when it comes to that particular type of speech pattern. Overall, great work and a unique format. Definitey worth a listen if you can get past the speech placeholders.
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Reliably Awesome
MASTAS has everything I love in a podcast - witty banter, passion for the topic, and clearly planned out with consideration and care. From Sarah and TWoP (and now Previously TV etc.), I learned that deep dives into pop culture areas that might seem trivial or superficial can be fascinating and worthwhile. And Mark is just plain charming. MASTAS is a highlight of my week.
Sooooo Great
Love MASTAS!!!! Really great to hear smart people talk about great music (and some not that great). Funny, smart, and insightful everything I look for in a podcast! Please keep it up!
It's Just Like Having Friends
Listen to their controversial Episode 36. I'm shook.
The Divita Group
Great podcast!
Love the discussion, the laughs and the 90s nostalgia!
Smart and Fun
Love MASTAS! Mark and Sarah have a great rapport and this podcast makes my commute fly by. Occasionally there are episodes that introduce me to new music I do t know, but my favorite episodes are those that reintroduce me to music I forgot I once loved.
If you like any kind of music, this is for you
I love this podcast. I think they do a wonderful job of covering multiple genres of music. And even if you don't love the particular song of discussion, their analysis and descriptions of people's relationship to the song is so interesting. And, as a 20something, this is sometimes a (recent) history lesson in the impact a song/artist had on culture.
Makes me care about songs!
So, I'm old, and well past the blissful teenage /college years when music was the only thing that understood me...but listening to these two brings me back, and helps me remember that these songs were/are awesome, and why, and have helped me appreciate this music in ways I never considered...and the episodes about folk songs and Christmas songs grew my grinchy little heart more than a few sizes. Love it, love listening, love you guys!
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so fun
love listening to you Sarah on the 90210 podcast, you and Mark have great chemistry on this show. so funny thank you!!!
Favorite podcast episode of 2016
The "Immaculate Collection" ranking episode was a late entry, but won my prize for best podcast episode of the year. It's a fantastic standalone, and encapsulates everything that's great about the podcast. The mix of music theory, pop culture history, and personal storytelling is perfect. If there were a Canon of Podcast, this Valued Guest would vote "Yes."
I love MASTAS. I thought I'd only listen to episodes about songs I already knew/loved/hated, but the discussions are so insightful and hilarious that I listen to them all. Thank you!
Smart and Sassy
I enjoy this podcast so very much. I'm always learning a little something new and laughing along the way.
Funny but informative
What you'd expect from the people behind and their other podcasts (Again with This and Extra Hot Great). Super funny, but also smart and thoughtful discussion of some of pop culture's best, worst, and most iconic songs.
I want to be friends with Mark and Sarah.
Pop Culture Happy Hour sent me to this podcast, and I am so happy they did! Mark and Sarah are hilarious, insightful, and entertaining. They articulate so well what I’m sure many of us are thinking about songs. Listen to the Christmas Song Episode immediately, “Your feet don’t hit the floor until you smell banana bread.” I’m hooked.
King Kono
Fun in depth look at the songs you probably know
Great podcast. Not kid friendly with the occasional f-bombs which is a bit of a disappointment but otherwise fun, informative, and makes me think about songs I've always taken for granted.
Love this podcast
I figured with a pedigree like Extra Hot Great, how could this be bad.... and I was right. ❤️ this!
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