Manly Pinterest Tips Podcast with Jeff Sieh
Manly Pinterest Tips Podcast with Jeff Sieh
Jeff Sieh
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Get the most out of your content!
With this podcast, I like to discover more and more tactics about how to promote already created content and grow your audience. There is so much more than just regularly pinning images on Pinterest!
Marina Barayeva
great podcast
Really love Jeff's unique and interesting perspective. Awesome podcast for anyone interested in digital marketing (especially, but not limited to pinterest)
Tom Morkes
Pin it like a Manly Man
This platform cannot be ignored and like so many I have been so completely lost.... That was until, Jeff came through my ear buds. Thank you Jeff for your tips, mentorship, and inspiration!!
Jose Florencio - ConqueringMH
Love this niche!
As a social media consultant, I am often asked exactly this - “Isn’t Pinterest just for women?” Jeff shares why the answer is an emphatic NO - he and guests provide best tips and practices for men looking to make the space work for them. Great show!
Demi @
Renewed my faith in Pinterest!
I have been a huge fan of Jeff’s for a while and have listened to many of his podcasts and watched his Google+ hangouts. He is the read deal and gives us all tons of information we need to make our businesses thrive on Pinterest!
Dawn Swick-Renshaw
Couldn’t come at a better time!
This is exactly the podcast I’ve been looking for. Seek no further male compatriots. If you secretly harbor the desire to tap into the power of Pinterest but were too, er, shy about asking how to do it, then this is the podcast for you!
Glenn Leibowitz
Great for men and women alike
I learned about this podcast when I heard Jeff interviewed on another show. Don't let the name fool you...Manly Pinterest Tips is great even for women! I admittedly am late to the Pinterest game, and Jeff's podcast is helping me catch up. Thank you!
Heather @
Masculine Pinterest Power - Love it
Jeff provides excellent tips and tools to grow your social media presence. Love the Manly Monday video podcasts also. I like that there is audience participation also to add to the depth of the content that is shared. The Wade Harman interview is great, listening to it now.
Mark - Wisdom From Dads Host
Love it!!
I love this show. The podcast is awesome and the content is a MUST for Pinterest lovers. Keep up the great work.
Love the brand and love the ideas brought to the table! Pinterest is under-untilized by the male populus! Keep em coming! :)
Love this Podcast!
This podcast is amazing, the intro is awesome. Thanks for this podcast. I have stayed away from Pinterest but this podcast might change my mind.
how cool
I love Pinterest for my business and you found a great way to teach from a new angle.
Take & Talk Pics
Who knew?
I had no idea I could be using Pinterest so much more for my business! Thanks for all the great info! This show is a must as is adding Pinterest to your marketing.
Chief Creative Warrior
Wow, Manley Pinterest Tips!
And Jeff Sieh was not even setting up a dating site on this predominantly female interest on Pinterest. Lots of solid info on how to effectively use it.
Thomas O'Grady, PhD
Where have I been...
Here I am trying to market my small online biz through Facebook and Twitter… this has opened my eyes like CRAZY!
Awesome Podcast!
Pinterest is tricky for a lot of people. Some people think it's a platform they can skip when marketing their brands, but this podcast proves Pinterest is a no brainer. Such a huge audience to connect with and so many awesome tips & tricks with it. Great work.
YES! I happen to find Pinterest Men to be very MANLY! LOL Thank you for breaking the mold and stereotype of Pinterest users! :)
and I’m a woman. The information is good for everyone.
Simply Phenomenal
Okay, I never would have thought the world needed this topic in a podcast- and yet I would be SO very wrong. This is an amazing podcast in every way - well produced, engaging, FANTASTIC topics. And yes, the topics - that’s what it’s all about, right? These tips may be manly, but this chick digs them. I work in social media, and have gotten tremendous insights and tips that I hadn’t thought of previously. Jeff does a fantastic job sharing truly useful advice and doing it in a fun, engaging way.
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Diana Mitchell
Ok, this is awesome!
I needed this! Jeff really rocks this. In truth this is a great podcast for all business owners (not just men)!
My New Go-to Resource for Pinterest
It's great. Just listen to it.
tasty buns
perfect timing for me
I was just asking my intern today what the heck we should do on Pinterest - then, BOOM, I came across this podcast. Perfect! - Joe F
Well well!
I've always veered away from Pinterest precisely because my audience trends male, and Jeff Sieh has changed that perception completely! I'll definitely be checking back for more tips!
Interesting Resource
Great resource to see how Blogging and Pinterest kind of go together. I love the format and the host does a great job!
Chris @ LeanLeadershipPodcast
What a great format and podcast!
Great information about Pinterest in a very entertaining way! Great intro and awesome content!
Pinterest is for everyone
It's wonderful to have someone to point out the misconception that Pinterest is just for women and give great tips for how to use Pinterest to best advantage.
Jodi | Women Taking the Lead
Pinteresting Times
Jeff has found what really matters in the Pintererst realm. Great, Fun and conversational content. Well done!
Love this show & Jeff!
This show rocks & so does Jeff. Great tips for men & women (yes women listen too!) so great mtg you in San Diego Jeff! Keep up the great work! Oh and now I am craving guac! Ha ;)
SocialZoomFactor MarketingNutz
Jeff is the go-to-guy for manly Pinteresting. Actually just Pinteresting in general. If you are looking to promote your brand on Pinterest this is a must listen.
Real Men use Pinterest!
This podcast is a definite RePin! Jeff does an outstanding job sharing the best (& manliest) Pinterest tips! I hope meet Jeff at the Podcast Movement conference. Great show... subscribe today! ~@jaredeasley
Jared Easley
Pinning like a Man
I love Pinterest and getting marketing tips from a male perspective make this show great and super unique.
EPIC tips
this show i find super valuable jam packed with incredible content. Thank you
Shaolin Soprano
So helpful
I want to give a raving review to this podcast. I love the tips. As a guy who gets overwhelmed with the sponge crafts and chevron pattern dresses on Pinterest, this is what I needed to help me with my business. Plus I want to give 5 stars to Jeff's beard. I wish my wife would let me grow mine out.
VERY Timely!
As Pinterest moves towards the guys, this is well worth it!
Bob | Labrador Leadership
A fun, creative concept
Who knew a show could thrive around Pinterest. A manly show, at that. :) Great job.
pkirch host of BOSS Academy
I Appreciate The Help
This show is phenomenal as a guy I need all of the Pintrest tips I can get! :)
Koy McDermott
Pumped !
Jeff, thanks for putting this show together! I’ve always stayed away from Pinterest because I never understood it but after listening to ONE episode, I’m going to dive into it. Jeff #YouGotThis!
Addy Saucedo
Pintrest for men?
I always thought Pintrest was just for girls, guess I was wrong.
This is classic! Jeff does great at annhilating the myth that Pinterest is for women only... Great tips that are totally useful for anyone trying to position themselves incorporating Pinterest as a solid peice of your marketing portfolio!
Slapshot Jay
Lady Who Loves It!
What a fantastic show! I have always felt like Pinterest is such a mystery. Thanks to Jeff and this show - I’m learning so much! Keep up the amazing work! Thanks so much!
LOL - this actually makes sense to me!
Sometimes its hard to make sense of all these social networks. Jeff pulled it off for me an Pinterest. GREAT Tips if you want to leverage this monster, untapped social feed to grow your business!
Opens a Whole New World!
I have learned things here that I never considered before - things that can bring value to my blog and business. Amazing content!
Such a great podcast filled with useful content!
Love everything about this show! The intro, Jeff, his guests and the content. Looking forward to hearing more from the Manly Pinterest Tips podcast!
Love the logo, love the show
I am now not ashamed to bring my testosterone to Pinterest. Thanks Man!‎ -Jim @FastLeaderShow
Love This Show!
As a manly Pinterest user myself (bebuildhave) I did find my voice getting lower after listening to this show. I definitely recommend it.
Career Entrepreneur
Great Podcast about Pinterest
Love what I learn from listening to Jeff’s podcast on Pinterest
Ana Melikian
For Rugged Men Like Me!!!
I’m and outdoor enthusiast and a business owner. I sell soap to men. Pinterest has always baffled me because I didn’t know what or how I should be marketing my business on there. This is the show for rugged men like me. I will be following this show from now on.
Manly Pinterest = Power
When trying to answer the questions about how to understand Pinterest and how to get results, so many unfamiliar challenges arise. Now that this podcast series is available.. problems are easily solved. Just hearing all the explanations and teaching moments is so effective. This is a series of podcasts you should listen to even if you are not planning on using Pinterest to take over the world. Kudos to Jeff Sieh and his many guests!
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If you’re a novice or a pro...
…you’ll pick up instant tips, tricks, and in your face secrets to grow your audience. Jeff delivers. Check out #5 for email list growth today.
London Porter
LOVE this topic!
Jeff has created a fun and entertaining way to teach us about pinterest. I'm not that manly but I still love this content. Hope girls are ok to listen ;-) ~Angie Swartz
A Swartz/Life Purpose Advisor
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