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(#193) My $1,850,000 launch (how I manifested it & got over my revenue plateau)
Hello, my gorgeous souls! This episode has been a LONG time coming. Today, I am going to talk about my $1.85 million launch and how I got over my revenue plateau. I wanted to speak from a hindsight perspective after my Rich Babe Academy launch. My goal is to calmly give you a higher perspective on what finally got me to my manifestation goal after two years. I am going to focus on what worked so that you can apply these universal lessons to all aspects of your life!
Nov 22
43 min
(#192) Manifest more productivity using this ridiculously simple hack
Hello, my gorgeous souls! It has been a minute since I last recorded an episode! Today’s episode is about PRODUCTIVITY. I will be sharing with you a productivity hack that has been an absolute GAME CHANGER for me. This hack always helps me get sh*t DONE! I will be teaching you how to combat that feeling of dread that surrounds your to-do list. If you would like to know how you can get things done with the SUPPORT of the universe then please download this episode!
Nov 17
14 min
(#191) Radical Alignment (in biz, in motherhood, in life) with Jill Stanton
Hello, my gorgeous souls! Today I have a guest on the Manifestation Babe Podcast who also happens to be one of my good friends Jill Stanton. You may know her from the incredible brand, Screw The Nine To Five! Jill and I talk about all things alignment in this episode. This episode shows you that no matter how scary it may be, sometimes you just have to say f**k it, delete everything and start over.
Oct 15
59 min
(#190) Disabilities don’t make you any less worthy with Jordan Bone
Today, I have the beautiful Jordan Bone, a motivational speaker, author, and life coach. She has gone on quite a journey of SELF-LOVE! Jordan shares with us how she learned to love herself and body again, as well as how she manifested her dream life in the process.  Jordan also raises awareness about disabilities for people who are privileged to be able-bodied, and just don't understand. This is a POWERFUL episode and I know you babes are going to absolutely love it!
Oct 13
50 min
(#189) Let's talk about sex with sex therapist Vanessa Marin
Hello gorgeous souls! Boy, do I have an episode for you! A couple of months ago my husband, Brennan, and I recorded an episode where we talk about sex from our perspectives. Well today, instead of sharing my personal experience, I am joined by a SEX EXPERT, Vanessa Marin. This episode is SO JUICY you guys! I share things that I never thought I would ever share on a podcast. So sit back, relax, and push play.  Sensitive Content Warning: 55.48-56:11
Sep 28
1 hr 6 min
(#188) Manifesting tips from a MINISTER (SharRon Jamison)
Hello gorgeous souls! I do not think you guys are ready for the MAGIC this episode is about to create. Today, I have a guest with a VIBRANT SOUL! SharRon Jamison is a Minister and a preacher’s daughter! She has been a Minister and a coach for over 25 years. She is PASSIONATE about normalizing manifestation for the people who do not have access to the BELIEF that manifestation is POSSIBLE for them! She really took us to church with this one.
Sep 25
53 min
(#187) Manifesting with MUSIC with Ashley Gordon
Today on the Manifestation Babe podcast, I have an episode for you that I think you will absolutely LOVE. My friend, Ashley Gordon is joining me today to talk about manifesting with MUSIC. You may remember Ashley from my sisterhood podcast episode a couple of weeks ago. It was during that Sedona trip that this episode was conceptualized. We talk about how you can use music to help you become a better manifestor and how we used music to manifest what we currently have TODAY!
Sep 20
38 min
(#186) Surviving and THRIVING through GRIEF with Liam James Collins
Hello gorgeous souls! WOW, do I have an episode for you today! If you are someone who has ever struggled with grief, today’s guest is going to help you find the light at the end of the tunnel. Liam James Collins has the story, tools, and techniques to help motivate anyone towards success and he wants to share that with as many people as possible by showing them the power of coaching.
Sep 17
1 hr 15 min
(#185) Let's go DEEP into the spiritual realm with Makhosi (She's back for part 2!!)
Hello gorgeous souls! I am so excited for today's episode because Makhosi is BACK! We dive DEEPER in today’s episode. We talk about; quantum leaps, ancestors, the spiritual hierarchy, the paths of our souls, why people revert back to religion, veganism, aliens, the spiritual cycle and so much more! I was so MINDBLOWN and SPEECHLESS through many parts of this episode, so without further ado, let’s dive into this EPIC conversation.
Sep 14
1 hr 38 min
(#184) From $50k in Debt to Rich Babe with Marci Malbrough
Today, I have an EPIC Rich Babe Academy SUCCESS story on the podcast. Marci Malbrough started her RBA journey already making 6 figures but found herself in over $50K debt due to struggles her son was having with his mental health. After joining RBA, she had a complete transformation that I will have you listen to from the source herself! See for yourself how you can manifest a reality wilder than you wilder dreams!  Enroll Now:
Sep 3
25 min
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