Making Sense with Sam Harris
Making Sense with Sam Harris
Sam Harris
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One of the clearest, most sincere thinkers of our time
Sam Harris, for multiple decades, has been one of the clearest and cogent thinkers in the intellectual space. One of the few remaining sincere intellectuals in this space.
Original episodes get 5 stars.
Rest is getting quickly watered down and corporatized. The Essential series are terrible and obviously plug gaps between real new content. I hope the team keeps is simple.
Even to the casual observer, Sam is out of his depth when debating functioning intellectuals. Sam presents a seemingly formidable smokescreen by way of verbosity but the core of his arguments lie all too often in amateurish straw man tactics slathered in sardonic quips. In his heyday, Sam’s listeners (by his own admission) were left with the unfortunate question of whether Sam’s increasingly confused noises (corpses of children) were the result of his either behaving as a disingenuous actor or his losing the plot of his alleged “reason”. Map onto that a creepy Trump obsession and a zealous embrace of censorship. Perhaps Sam’s deadpan histrionics are not the noises of a confused mind and / or patently bad faith but instead that of a burgeoning comedy career? At this time, Sam’s elephant is in the ditch and his discomfort in his own skin is painfully apparent. I’m reminded of Cormac McCarthy’s admonition: 'If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?'
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Never forget
Never forget that Sam said he would rather have a prominent political family member be found to have a basement full of dead babies before he would have the leading republican candidate be president again.
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This is a highly thought-provoking (not merely provocative) podcast that I've been listening to from the very beginning. I enthusiasticaly support it financially as well. Listening to the Waking Up podcast is like putting yourself through a vigorous and ever-lengthening intellectual boot camp. I consume it immediately and greedily and support it happily. I listen to most Waking Up podcasts twice and find that I almost always miss something really good the first time around. I wind up following most of Sam's guests on Twitter so I can keep up with them, and I buy many of their books. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about trying to make sense of the world. You won't always agree with Sam Harris, but you'll almost always learn something from every episode.
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Handsome Jimmy One Shoe
Love this Podcast
I look forward to listening! Thanks for the interesting topics and your thoughtful insights to current events 😊
Groupon Revie
The lab leak episode is all conjecture and very irresponsible. Stick to philosophy homie.
The Podfiend
Brett Weinstein
Brett’s been talking about cleavage sites for a few years Sam. Ivermectin aside, it’s surprising your learning about cleavage at this advanced stage of the pandemmy.
HH Fan 44
TDS was your downfall
Used to listen to you before you decided that censoring Trump and pushing the unsubstantiated vax was somehow good for the country. Seems you’re okay with authoritarianism if you think it’ll benefit society, you’ve fallen for trump derangement syndrome. Hope you can find your liberal roots again.
Vladmir Pootin
Imagine spending 10 years meditating…
Just to be a Hillary Clinton supporter. When you empty your mind all the time, you make it vulnerable to people who want you to think a certain way.
Kashyap Patel the 2nd
What happened to Sam?
I used to find Sam’s shows thoughtful and interesting. What happened? Now he talks flippantly / gloatingly about the media lying about the Hunter Biden laptop. He thinks that’s a good thing! Meanwhile, faith in our media and our system is at an all time low. But Sam thinks its worth it. Sorry Sam, I’m out.
Gone Downhill
Used to love Sam, idk what happened but his content just doesn't hit like it used to.
Debate Brett
Sam, you are a coward. You disparage Brett Weinstein and others who are now clearly vindicated for their stance on the vaccines. You are either too afraid to admit you were/are wrong, or too vain to imagine you can ever be so terribly wrong. I used to listen to your podcast, never again. What a waste of time.
The best
One of the best!
new x user
ONLY podcast I actually pay for
This is the greatest podcast ever for intelligent, deep thinkers. I LOVE how Sam Harris completely disregards political loyalties and goes for the jugular of any flawed argument, left or right. Simply brilliant. This podcast is a bright light in the darkness.
How can someone so wrong, so often, be so sanctimonious?
This guy was so consistently wrong about every covid policy decision for years and is now taking a victory lap. A coward and a shill.
MaxHealthPoints Coaching
I ♥️ Sam 🤣
This full idiocy on plain display makes me feel better about myself. Thanks Sam, five stars for your podcast. Love it!
Sam in decline
Sam has had some great podcasts. One in particular that stands out was his podcast after the George Floyd killing. Unfortunately both Trump and Covid seemed to send him off the rails. He has a terrible case of TDS and acted like a supreme fool during covid. He owes Bret Weinstein an apology for acting as though Bret was a dangerous spreader of misinformation. When in fact Bret was hitting closer to the truth then Sam was. His greatest weakness is his inability to have conversations with people who will challenge his own ideas.
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I have paid but can’t listen to full podcast,I am not recognized as a subscriber
Stewart the crocodile
Brought to you by Pfizer.
Sam Harris was interesting when he first came on the podcasting scene.didn’t agree with everything but that’s ok,that’s what makes it interesting. I like to listen to people that could change my mind. Now…. He is obviously the dumbest intellectual out there. No way he survives outside his little bubble of academia.0 common sense ,0 intellectual honesty.
Sad to see what became of one of my favorite podcasts and authors
For many years I followed Sam Harris, bought many of his books, and listened to his lectures and podcasts. I was a big fan and recommended him to a lot of people. But since the era of Trump and Covid he has become increasingly narrow minded in his opinions and perspectives. I am by no means a Trump fan either. However some of his statements over the past couple of years have made me lose a lot of respect for a man I really admired. I really appreciated his insights and wisdom and really hoped he would get a grip and eventually get back to something reassembling the open minded, insightful man he was. But I finally had to throw in the towel. I’m sure there’s an audience for all the Trump bashing and Covid hysterics but that’s not why I listened to Sam. Fairly sure I’m not the only person who feels this way.
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Huge fan of Making Sense
I’ve only been listening for about a year and hadn’t known Sam Harris beforehand, but this is a solid listen and he’s a reasonable and highly intelligent guy. Thank you Sam for putting in so much thought and passion into this show. Even outside of the guests, his portion up top is so well worded and smart, really is a fantastic listen.
Best Podcast Around
Rational, insightful and interesting. Nothing beat Sam Harris.
Foundations of ethics?
Is Sam teaching philosophy during the summer session at Yale Extention next?
Bunny Cub
Leftist … progressive.. wokester
You are not in touch with our nation … You are the liar and the least moral person on a podcast. Sam you need to just realize you are only talking to about 25% of our nation. Seriously, your evil and one sided approach to saving your butt… is getting noticed. I am on the right and used to listen to you. I am done, you are just such a hypocrite.
This Podcast Saved Me
In the middle of the worst depressive episode of my life, I found this Podcast. I’ve now read all of Sam’s books and subscribe to this Podcast and Waking Up. I feel that Sam is genuine, honest, thoughtful and compassionate. He also has a reasonable and intelligent mind. I love his broad choices in Podcast guests and generally feel that he presents things in a balanced fashion. Back to saving me- Sam led me down a path of discovery during a time when I felt incredibly alone in the world. I’ll support him as long as I can!
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A critique re: Rogan
I really respect and admire Harris but his friendship with Rogan, I feel, might be dulling his objectivity to a significant degree. Rogan has had on his show Alex Jones not once, not twice, three times. He has given an insane lunatic who insists the Sandy Hook murders were a left wing hoax a gigantic platform. You couldn’t have a more lie mongering guest on a show than Jones. It’s very clear from this, to me, that Rogan was going for ratings and dollars and he used his hive access with tremendous irresponsibility. What would Rogan say to a mother or father of a child gunned down at Sandy Hook? It’s morally reprehensible in the same way that hosting a Holocaust denier would be morally reprehensible. Harris touts Rogan’s unimpeachable ethics. I challenge Rogan’s ethics strongly and I question Harris’ ability to judge objectively Rogan’s ethics. Is Harris trying to coddle Rogan in order to get another guest spot on his podcast? It seems like a credible hypothesis.
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Unless you give him money… he can’t promise the best.
His sales pitch sound like a preacher. His philosophical thought is polished which covers up for the lack of factual based evidence for some arguments. He’s skeptical on everything but his own opinion. He’s like the wealthy Buddhist… who eliminated want and desire by owning everything… He misses the point of being human.
I’m a fan
Sam Harris seems to be a lightning rod for people on the fringes. I’m stoked he decided to leave Twitter. I’m hoping it will lead him to focus more on interesting topics and less on trying to explain his position to trolls.
Poor Sam.
He’s just a clown at this point.
Lost respect for him
“I understand Elon is Trump 2.0” - my god man get a grip. Just don’t have a ton of respect for Sam anymore, I feel his takes have lost a lot of their objectivity. It’s weird hearing him balk at the idea of having TDS while at the same time consistently talking about Trump in typical TDS terms such as the “big orange demon” and stupid stuff like this. And a lot of his views seemed less based on current reality and what he thinks it COULD be. I don’t agree with Elon and Twitter because it COULD become worse than 4chan. Trump COULD have done this or that and we are lucky he didn’t. A few example and I’m not even a Trump fan, just tired of the direction Sam is going.
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Sam got it right on Twitter
We feel compelled to engage in things that interest us. And the fact is, we engage much more with fear and anger more than anything positive. And the bottom line is that this is unhealthy for us. So to each his own, but it boils down to what kind of person do you want to be? Is it someone who feels angry most days of your life? Or would you rather not live your life like that? That question was all I needed to ask myself to get the answer.
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Low resolution
Sam let TDS ruin his brain. Sad day for a once great mind.
Nater from east Decatur
Not what it once was.
I’m a long-time follower of Sam and his works on atheism and religion. Over the last handful of years; however, his more frequent forays into politics and affinity for strong institutions right or wrong has increasingly left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Today’s podcast entitled “Why I left Twitter.” was enough for me to say, paid subscription be damned, you no longer seriously warrant my attention or dollars. Good luck and (not God) speed.
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What happened to you?? Disappointing
Children in the basement
If you like neurotic pseudo intellectual liberal garbage you’ll love this! Kids in the basement, sams fine with that!
Used to be like Hitch. Now like bargain Thunderf00t
Gonna miss you on twitter, Sam. Oh well. Bye 👋
Devoured by his own Ego
Was once a fan but SH’s integrity has steadily slipped over the years. His machine-like vocal pacing combined with his patronizing and sanctimonious tone are too much to bear. His strained justification for his SBF podcast was the tipping point for me. See ya Sam.
Sam is an honest moderate. Refreshing.
Thank you.
Sam says that he would do anything to save a child who had fallen down a well. But what if the well was is Hunter Bidens basement? The child would probably have to wait until after the election. A counter factual?
Col. Ironhorse
Angry paid subscriber for years
You DOUBLED the $50/yr subscription fee out of the blue? I just unsubscribed after years of loyal annual paid subscription. And frankly I’m devastated. Yeah I know I can cry poormouth with no questions asked and get it free but that’s not me. Seriously, double the price?
Pompous Windbag
I’ve never given less than a four star rating for a podcast. But Sam couldn’t be more pompous and less interesting.
Great Podcast, Great Conversations
Fan of Sam since 2012. Don’t always agree with him, and you shouldn’t either, but he’s here doing the work others are afraid to do: having non-mainstream conversations that aren’t always comfortable but are always necessary. His work is invaluable in that way. I subscribe to the premium feed, and you should as well.
I don’t pay for podcasts.
I also don’t write very well. Sorry.
Orange astroid?
Very interesting topics. He lost his way when He compared Trump to an astroid coming to destroy planet earth. Dude please get over it. Trump is not that bad. As a thought leader don’t you know the people without a filter are the honest and genuine ones
New listener and LOVE this guy. Reasoned and thoughtful. Signed up for the paid site after listening to just a couple. Excellent, thought provoking stuff at a time we need rational dialogue!!!
Virtue signaler
Sam: “I don’t suffer from Trump-ism!” Every podcast: “now before we get started on todays topic I want to address some recent tweets that I’ve received criticism on, the criticism mostly comes from Trump-stans” Sam’s a hypocrite. Plain and simple. He may have alzheimers bc I don’t think he remembers things that he says but he thinks people who listen to him do.
One of the best, most enlightening, honest podcasts out there.
If you’re looking for more than news highlights or simplistic analysis, this podcast for you. Mind-opening, clarifying and honest.
Yael Levine
Great Podcast
I always love when a new episode comes out. I disagree with Sam on a lot of things (i.e. race bias in policing); however, I’m always willing to listen and have my positions challenged. This podcast does that. For all those whining about TDS, get over it! If you’d rather just listen to someone who confirms your bias on a daily basis, listen to Tucker each weeknight.
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