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mad decent worldwide radio #36 - dutch antilles hood mix from space
36 minutes Posted Oct 1, 2008 at 2:28 pm.
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if u go to the caribean u probably in like jamaica or bahamas or PR or somewhere thas relatively normal.. but sometimes u might end up steppn of a boat and hearin people speaking some weird german and trying to braid your hair..... thas when u realized ur in st maarten, curacao, suriname or one of the other netherland antilles.. those are wierd places for sure. recently i was clubbin with atrak in amsterdam and hangin out with some of the kids in holland.. its a wierd mix in the clubs.. all the girls ook like they are chinese african indonesian dutch martian and are hot and everyone knows the lyrics to house tracks and lil wayne.. its a special place. but they island kids there wer makin wierd music for a coupla years.. i had to inspect this stuff.. seems back in the day in curacao or N.A. this DJ mortje.. was playin reggae inst at 45 and gettin parties turned out .. then later on the sound moved back to holland and kids renamed it bubblin'... now they puttin anythign that represnts in amsterdam under these drums.. paul johson - check, tiesto- check, ciara - check, wierd polka - check, jumpstep - hell yeah.. ok so basically this is a mad decent radio made in heaven.. big up infatda sound form AMsterdam and laid back luke for the help and big ups any of my surinamese, aruban, bonairian, curacaoian, saba, sint eustatians and st maartians in the buildintracklist:
Dj divino -tik tac
partysquad - bounce
dj mad man - buitenvrouw
dj mummy vs notch - nuttin no go so
schuurpapier bubblin
de kuikentjes - ik ben een kuikentje
unknown - ik mis je
paul johnson bubblin
msn bubblin
calabria de stuk gedanste schoentjes
jeckyll & hyde - frozen flame
dj naffie - satisfaction
balla nation (bubblin)
darkraver - komt ie dan he
stiko junior ft citton - unknown
dj reflex - unknown
omar - mc loko chuntey mix
apres ski hut - leif klein konijnte (bubblin mix)