Mad Decent Worldwide Radio
Mad Decent Worldwide Radio
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Love Diplo
More than Decent
Still the best music podcast on iTunes, even with only a couple new releases in the last year. Please, Diplo, we need a fresh dose of your beats; come back to the podcast game.
Please update more
It's been almost 6 months since you guys did a new podcast!
brand new flava to ur ear
hands dwn on my daily music cycle. couldnt be sane without it!
Awesome... Diplo at his finest hour... Brings all his buddies out for some fun!
All of us at Electro Couture Records wanna show some love for Mad Decent! They do it right! Look us up if you dig this style... Electro Couture Records We have a Couture-ly Decent Podcast... Peace, Joey Savage
The Electro Couture
Worth the wait
The technical quality of the mixing plus the realness of the taste in music makes this the defining recording of how sound should be presented. Sometimes it takes a while to get the latest, but it's worth the wait, mucho respeto y admiracion, MAESTRO! where are you? ur coming to PR, they say. see u there. Walo
Music to my ears!!!
The revolution will be heard on Mad Descent Radio!!!
tony nguyen
Yo Diplo!
One of the best.
***** five more stars
I fell instantly in love when I heard luvstep. I seriously listen to it everyday!
Mad Music, Mad Everything
All my life I have loved music from all over. And about six years ago I discovered a lil label out of Philly that has grown to an unexpected proportion. Mad Decent delivers. You will find an artist that will move, shake, and even compel you to want more. Thanks Mad Decent for filling that void with awesome music and flavor.
It don't stop.
You feel me?
BT Righteous
Wicked cool
Amazing. I actually save these podcasts to play for people at house parties and such. So cool. Thanks for the good sounds.
Diplo is hella dope!
These mixes are insane. Props for the J Dilla mix!
Awsome djs
Love mad decent and love diplo
Critical Spinning
Big ups to Mad Decent for dropping the maddest, most decent beats ever. Major Lazer is ESSENTIAL. If I was stuck on a deserted i-land and could only bring one podcast- this is the one. Subscribe to vibe. (Good lord, I am such a sucka for Diplo's beats.)
Love it
Great selections from prime dj's. When's the next update??
Every podcast is just off the hook. Every dj should play like this....
Mad Decent
Diplo and whatever featured crew are going to crawl into your ear canal and lay down some seriously infectious funky dance music. This is the future of dance music, mad decent radio is the disembodied heart of a legendary dancer, still beating over 160bpm and ready to bring a bumpin'. soulphonic life into whatever party or person it is transplanted into. Mad decent indeed!
David, fl
dude. this is it.
Eddy Price
I cant live without this podcast!!
Mad Decent Radio is probably the best podcast I have come across. Every episode is different but they are all amazing. The mix of jungle, house, break beats, and everything in between makes this podcast a must for me at the gym. Dont pass this by!!!
Bmore gets BBore
Pretty good, but a man can not live on bmore and water alone. Good when you need a fill of booty type music though.
trouble dave
so good!
These guys are so fresh! I love the diversity of their influence & mixing. Not to be missed.
Love at first tune
These tracks are definitley worth your time. I listen to this while working and find it difficult not to bob my head and tap my feet. I even listen to it in my car...
Most official
this podcast is the best podcast of all podcasts. this is some real stuff! Diplo is effin downnn!
the best podcast.
it doesn't get any better than Mad Decent. I've been a subscriber since the inception, but this new south rakkas mix inspired me to write my first itunes review. this is the best of the mad decent podcasts. many props to diplo, and all of the remixers. you outdid yourself this time. seriously, keep up the good work.
Rob Da Bank
give me more. i cant get enough. diplo's speical mix is to die for. i might die for it. more long mixes.
so ridiculously good
these things are awesome. especially #18, the easter jelly mix and the 4day weekend happiness mix ones...... but where is this "Paris" podcast i keep hearing about?
diplo an O & A fan?
in the opening minute of #18, there is a jonathan that says "i like turtles". does diplo listen to opie and anthony? that is where i heard the turle reference first, yo dip, nice mix and good sense of humor...
Just what I'd been looking for!
This is great stuff. Other podcast's play snippets of what you hear on this one. This podcast is also by one of my favorites, Diplo. I'm so glad that he's being nice enough to release from free music mixes for us to partake in. As long as he doesn't take long hiatuses between new shows, I'm happy. I highly recommend this for baile funk fans, as well as dance music fanatics.
yes i do! he knows wassup with the trends today... diplo is a funny dude!
Described by Diplo as "A sort of NPR for the streets", Mad Decent Radio pulls sounds from all over the world and mixes them into a cohesive whole. Baltimore club, baile funk, aboriginal middle school hip hop, it's all there. Tune in and let Diplo expand your mind.
Diplo once again putting out the good tunes in his on special way from the Philadelphia homebreed scene - have to enjoy positivite goodness coming out of the home of negativity. But with people like Diplo we can change that. great podcasto
Number 2
Been listening to all of these over the past week and I still cant get over the first 4 minutes of number two. The transition from the Gorillaz mix to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and then the quick transition to the Esco and Leftside song....wooo....belleza. And that Esco and Leftside remix, damn, I cant even begin. Keep the love and music coming.
Tudo bem
oh man this is good.
nice use of verbs!
Diplo makes me happy
Brings me back to when I was seven years old growing up in the suburbs of Detroit. Ahhh....smurf rock. Gigolo Tony...Could it get any better? I LOVE your stuff!
truly astonishing
words can't describe the quality of these mixes.
Holy Cow I've seen him live too
Obscenely good and tastefully mixed, these guys are amazing. Mainly the first three maybe fourth, but Diplo slashes these tracks together so finely. The tracks themselves are amazing as well. You won't find em' anywhere else, infuriating, but at least we can here these amazing songs. Diplo, go get em'.
Caught Diplo in BMore this summer, tore tha roof off Sonar! Keep it up! These podcasts are the next best thing to being there.
What more can I say Mad Decent Radio is my favorite podcast. They manage to really hone in on a area. It is a musical socio anthropological study. They have hit upon areas such as Paris and Baltimore. The most powerful is the podcast on New Orleans after Katrina hit. No music is off topic, one cast starts off with aboriginal instruments with rap flowing atop. This is a musical journey complete with interviews from local artists and a political push. If you like music you must check this out.
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Love this show
this is why podcasts were made. Thanks for this great show. I love teh music and the interviews. it's music you'd never find on your own -
I send you respect and some reflection of my own
Awesome. I cannot get enough of it. Everytime I play for my friends they end up thinking that I am some music guru who spends hours researching underground sounds. In reality, I'm too busy slaving in offices all day long and I depend on podcasts like Diplo's and Mr. Phipson in order to get fresh tunes. And I end up becoming addicted to each set and I think of it as normal. Yet I play it for others and their minds are blown and they start to question their lives. FYI, Diplo, I heard you interviewed on NPR today! Usually I get a little weirded out when underground artists recieve media, but NPR is totally underground yo!!! Terry Gross could battle the f out of any other radio talk jock.
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Diplo is hot Hot HOT
DJ Diplo & Mad Decent will save electronica and take over the earth's core!
this is what all itunes podcast should be like.
straight up. crazy mixes that you can't get anywhere. i wish more of the music podcasts were as creative as these. if you're into hollertronix/diplo/b-more/etc. this is the ish. where's episode #1?!?! that needs to be added to the podcast. keep it up!
Diplo - hook us up
dude, keep them coming! where you at?
since i found these podcasts they have received more play than any set of tracks on my computer/ipod etc. i can't wait for the next installment and wish they'd come more quickly. Diplo has a solid live line-up but I hope there is room for some production. thanks
perfect for summer... i love this podcast.
This Podcast is excellent
Not sure why Episode 6 isn't listed here, but the first track on it from the Barkindji Boys is crazy. The whole 'cast is tight, despite Diplo's humble claims. Taste speaks louder than organization. And the N'Olins coverage in Episode 5 is some necessary history. Great stuff for the sonic collector...
What did we expect?
Of course Mad Decent is mad decent. What, Diplo's podcast is going to be anything other than BANGIN'??? If you haven't subscribed yet, do it now. Unless, of course you... don't get down. It's OK, we'll wait til you're gone to make fun of you.
Featured In Rolling Stone
I Found out about this through the Rolling Stone article and it's great, I've downloaded every episode and look forward to more...
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