Macro Voices
Macro Voices
Hedge Fund Manager Erik Townsend
Weekly market commentary by Hedge Fund Manager Erik Townsend and interviews with the brightest minds in the world of finance and macroeconomics. Made possible by funding from Fourth Turning Capital Management, LLC
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Great information!!
I could not find a better time than now to leave a review. I find your capabilities to bring in a person like Stephanie Kelton a major win. Both of your skill sets and backgrounds made a phenomenal recording. I hope to hear more of her on your podcasts.
Smile u are on camera
The best
Simply the best Macro Podcast!
Great interviews and analysis
Fantastic combination of in-depth interviews and discussion of key trends in the market. I have found the content very helpful in developing my investment thesis.
The best macro podcast by a mile
I am an avid consumer of macro podcasts and do this for a living. This is the best one by a mile, Erik’s own views & expertise tend to be hit or miss given the topic, but he is an excellent interviewer of a diverse array of guests. There have been some truly exceptional interviews which are worth repeated listenings (Lacy Hunt, Alex Gurevich, Mike Green). Highly recommend
Very informative
Great guests. Worth it for their accurate forecasting of the pandemic and Art Berman’s visits alone yet so much more.
Best macro show
In depth discussions on macroeconomics. Highly recommend. Erik is great and love listening to his podcast each week.
Great Podcast
Erik does a great job. My weekly favorite.
Top Quality
Clear unique macro with perspectives from all sides for listener consideration. Top tier quests & perspective.
Deacon Wantabe
The best for MACRO!
Both for those in the sector and for regular Joe’s, nothing beats Macro Voices for consistent, in depth market analysis!!! Thank you Erik and Patrick, for all you do and have done!!! Erik is an excellent interviewer, in addition to providing his intelligent insight! Thank you Macro Voices!
Most in-depth podcast available
One of the most timely and in-depth financial podcasts available. Hard to believe it’s free. Big thanks to Erik for his dedication to producing great content.
Outstanding macro perspectives
Best macro podcast bar none. Only critique is too much oil focus.
Space Ghost Approved
Great macro investing podcast. Erik sounds like Space Ghost Coast to Coast.
Doge Stratus 1969
Great content
Overall good discussions on current macro issues.
The economic show I trust the most
Best macro podcast
The thinking and depth of this podcast is incredible for a free podcast
Excellent finance and macroeconomics podcast
I always enjoy listening to the wide variety of experts that get interviewed on this podcast discuss a range of topics in economics and the financial markets. The show is very informative and insightful
Best Financial Podcast Available
This is without a doubt the most informative finance podcast out there. As Erik says it, “bullish or bearish” they just provide the facts. Great format, great interviews and great macro analysis. I haven’t missed an episode.
A must listen to Podcast
One of the only podcast I look forward to every week. Erik and Patrick ask the questions I am thinking about. Very thoughtful and enjoyable at the same time. Great work.
Highway 20 Investor
Best Financial Podcast Available
Nothing else like this. Amazing that this content is free.
Macrovoices is the best
I listen to about 10 hours of podcasts per week. This is the only must listen podcast in my queue.
Totally awesome
Look forward to this podcast every week Very informative
Just Esprit
One of the best financial/investing podcasts around
Erik and Patrick (and their illustrious guests) entertain and enlighten me on a weekly basis, and I never miss an episode. I can't recommend this podcast enough to anyone interested in global geopolitics, investing, and financial markets. I have learned so much from this program and feel very grateful that these guys provide this weekly content for free. Thank you guys - Keep up the good work
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Best investing podcast
Keep up the great work. Must listen for institutional investors. Great coverage of oil and dollar.
Love what your are doing...only wish there were more productions...keep up the outstanding work!
Enjoy the show immensely!
Great guests and insightful commentary create terrific podcasts.
This is not here.
Best Economic / FInancial Podcast
In depth on currency, bonds, equities, precious metals, commodities, etc. Never fails to deliver!
Blackhawk International
Excellent insights into market thinking direct from high level participants that is unmatched.
Wine Dad Jeff
MacroVoices is a CRITICAL resource
Must listen to MV to stay in touch with the markets. Blue ribbon guests and in-depth discussion of data and macro events. Best Macro podcast in the business.
Best Econ Podcast
Best Econ podcast I’ve found.
The Real Deal
Erik and Patrick bring a 5-star show every single week. No ebbs and flows in the quality of content from hosts or guests of this podcast. Probably the best market podcast overall, in my opinion. It’s either ‘Macro Voices’ or the other podcast Patrick does with Kevin Muir ‘The Market Huddle’.
Art lifts the energy fog
The Art Berman interview took apart a complicated energy market outlook and made it easy to understand. Million mahalos!
Consistent Quality
In depth analysis week in and out. Blows traditional financial news and so called research out of the water. Can't wait for each episode to come out each week.
In depth analysis of markets and economy
This is the gold standard for market analysis and commentary. Family offices and other asset managers can find excellent insights into current economic and market condtions. I highly recommend this podcast
5 Stars
Start here. The best big picture podcast with easily accessible analysis of sophisticated market dynamics.
Pin Rev
As good or better than financial podcasts I pay for
Great stuff!
Southwest Bubba
Thank you
This podcast is a breath of fresh air in the smog of financial media. Outstanding objectivity and perspective. And Erik rewards us all by simply being humble about our collective knowledge of a system that is influenced by subjective (perhaps irrational) factors... in a world where all too many people will tell you that they know the answers.
Expert Content and Commentary
My most anticipated podcast every week.
Excellent Weekly Update
I look forward every week to hearing what Erik and Patrick have to say. Their combination of Macro and technical analysis is informative and interesting. They bring on consistently high quality guests who provide chart decks and it’s always a worthwhile listen.
Bd from out west
Quality show
Always informative.
Macro voices
This is my go to pod cast and really appreciate the weekly information. Thanks much!!
Always solid, relevant content, views and guests.
I’m reminded every time I listen to this podcast that I’m not in their targeted demographic, yet! The content provided by this podcast is the type that raises the conversation around finance. The goal is to bring thoroughness of information to the listeners with the hope they aid in quality decision making. Highly recommended for anyone searching for a better understanding of macro.
Best trading podcast
Some of the best most thought provoking content out there. I hope this thing never stops!
Great job by Erik and Patrick every week! Sophisticated investors will love. Great content. Great research. A true macro show. Lots of big, broad topics within markets. Worth a weekly listen.
Very insightful
Great guests and great hosts! They always have interesting takes on this podcast
One of the best Macro Content
Great speakers and commentary. I look forward to each Thursday to hear the new content!
Pretty good
Pretty consistent stream of guests and overall quality content. I just wish there was a way to edit out every time Erik says "Now it seems to me" and every time Patrick says "particularly."
Jeff Gundlach
Single best source of investment knowledge
Excellent podcast that is a must for any serious investor. Erik is a brilliant interviewer and the guest lineup is made up of macro heavy hitters. The show is full of insightful, thought-provoking discussions on current market trends and the pace is just right. He and Patrick have a great rapport and their pre- and post-show analyses are also excellent. Those discussions cover topics from commodities to currencies to equities to options trading strategies. Was introduced to MacroVoices when Erik appeared as a guest on the We Study Billionaires - the Investor’s Podcast (also one of my favorite podcasts).
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