Lunch Therapy
Lunch Therapy
Adam Roberts
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First time listener
Enjoyed your show! Ryan is always talking about your amazing meals (and he is picky). Looking forward to learning from you. First up is that tomato sauce sounds amazing
What’s For Lunch
I love listening to Adam’s weekly podcast. I only wish he’d analyze my lunches🤷‍♀️.
Insightful and Inspirational
What a great way to find out about the food people who have inspired us! Adam asks thoughtful, intelligent, and deep questions that engage the listener. He has the ability to listen to his guest as well as probe deeper for the unanswered questions. What a delight!
I truly hope “identifying as a man” doesn’t mean getting lumped in with the likes of you — someone who turns desperately to anonymous hate-mongering because he can’t find anyone who can bear talking to him for more than 3 minutes at a time. Adam is thoughtful, funny, passionate about food and people, and you can hear the kindness in his voice. What do you have to offer?
Adam Roberts Saved My Life
When I first stumbled across the Amateur Gourmet blog, I was an overworked and overstressed mom/lawyer/wife/etc/etc who could barely keep it together. If cooked at home, dinner was hasty and sad. Yet one little phrase in one simple recipe for the Best Brownies of Your Life (and for real they truly are) re-opened the lost world of cooking for me, making it accessible and doable. The AG led me to Smitten Kitchen and NYT Cooking, among others, and soon I was meal planning and cookbook reading and multiple-kinds-of-salt-owning - and feeding my family and friends like a champ. Eating at home as a family brought health, and happiness, and calmed at least some of the chaos of our noisy lives. So of course I was beyond delighted when I saw that a podcast had arrived, and it doesn’t disappoint. The thing that makes the blog so special - Adam’s gift for bringing humor and warmth into anything - is present here. By far my favorite episode so far is the one with Susan Feniger. Do yourself a favor and check it out! And seriously, make the brownies. And the almond cake - it’s the stuff of legend around here. Thank you, Adam! I’m forever in your debt. Please let me buy (or make!) you dinner if you ever come to Houston.
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Love the show
Would love it if even more if even more of the focus were on your guests as you get great people. And food prep and where to eat is also awesome!!! Thanks for doing it.
Love the show...
Can not tolerate your husband❗️❗️ He is so angry😡
Love your blog, wishing you all the best!
So entertaining!
I've now listened to 6 different Lunch Therapy episodes. Each one is unique and all are wonderful and informative. They have me talking out loud. These touch on so many fun food topics and sometimes seem like a trip down memory lane for me .... especially the one with Susan Feniger. Adam does a great job interviewing his guests and adds a personal touch to make the experience relatable. Can't wait to listen to all of the others!
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Love your blog!
Just listened to two episodes back to back! You do such a great job of interviewing with remarkable results! Also enjoy the banter with your husband.
Always a joy to listen to!
Taylor Gillespie
A Favorite Podcast
I actually think in my mind we’re friends. I know he wants to be my friend. Well I’d like him to be my friend. He’s smart. Well spoken. Honest. His heart felt podcasts are always something to look forward to. Then I’m a little sad I have to wait for another one. Give Lunch Therapy a try. I’ll be hooked.
lady elaine s
My favorite food podcast
This podcast is such a wonderful respite from the usual food podcasts. Adam’s unique take on psychoanalyzing guests based on what they eat is brilliant and hilarious and I love listening to each episode to see where the conversation goes!
Covers a lot of topics
While being entertaining and playful. Adam is a very good interviewer and listener. Clearly a lot of hard work goes into these. Also, he has a great sense of who would make good guests. Looking forward to who shows up next.
The best food for thought
What a pleasure to be able to listen to Adam after following his writing for years! I always learn and laugh, the best combination. Fantastic podcast - highly recommend.
Sweet Authenticity
Such a lovely, unpretentious approach to human connections over food. An easy-listening podcast that brings you back to finding beauty and meaning in the mundane- such as ordering lunch.
Love it
Love it!! Love it on Monday’s . My newest favorite podcast... everything about food!! Great host, great questions.. glad I found it!!
You seem like smart people that are kind and I always appreciate that. I wish the host would focus more, less interruptions, ignore your dog rustling around. You lost me with uninteresting banter, and it feels like your trying to just cover all quiet moments. Sometimes it feels like podcasts are just an opportunity for the host to consistently talk about themselves and railroad subjects. Just thoughts, I’m probably just getting older and enjoying solid information more. Not drying to dim your shine. This obviously not for me
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Adam is such a wonderful person. He’s also a fantastic cook. I have both his cookbooks and I follow him on Instagram. His recipes and cooking instructions are spot on. He knows what he’s talking about on his podcast. His questions are always polite and people warm up to him, but he knows how to dig in too. My favorite.
My favorite podcast
Effortlessly funny, insightful and moving. Adam is a fantastic interviewer. About food and cooking, but also family, career and relationships. Best podcast ever to cook to. An instant classic!
Great premise
I have been following Adam since Amateur Gourmet days so am a fan of his work. This podcast has a great premise for those interested in talking about food. Adam is quite insightful, an active listener and able to really make some great connections based on the conversations.
Enjoyable conversation with amiable host and interesting guests. It’s involves good talk and food; how bad can that be?
Simply the Best!
Want food talk from nice, interesting, and fun people? Listen to Adam’s podcast and then subscribe to his newsletter too.
No, You Can’t Have a Bite
Love it!
I've been reading Adam's blog for years (and was so excited when he moved to LA, my hometown!) His podcast has been getting better and better each week as he's gotten into the groove. (I love the addition of Craig to the intros!) One of the most relaxing podcasts I listen to.
Lunch Therapy is Comfort Food
Lunch Therapy by Adam Roberts is my favorite podcast. I have enjoyed Adam’s voice, humor, perspective of food as a home cook and enthusiastic eater and the slice of life he has shared widely for years, via his blog, tv writing and Instagram—listening to his podcast is the natural extension of that. I am even getting to know how his actual human voice actually sounds which is a nice loop back to humanity. I could review each episode individually, if there were a million more hours in the week, because I often find myself having a comment or question, or wanting to give a nod of “I see what you did there!” I have found that Adam is consistently funny, playful and engaging as a host, and if I like a certain episode more than others, it is due to the guest. Adam shares, forges connections in a short window, and draws people’s upbringing, food history and current relationship with food into the light with ease. What I find occasionally baffling in the content is the world that LA people, particularly in the TV industry inhabit. For a Midwesterner, it can occasionally be like hearing about an alternate universe where your diet and exercise inhabit a prominent public part of life but I don’t hate having a little window into the lifestyle of people who work around Hollywood, and live where it is always summer. What always comes through in listening to an episode of Lunch Therapy is a little insight into where a guest comes from, their food memories, where food resides in their current life, and truly, just the intriguing fact of what a person eats for lunch and dinner. I consider getting to eat daily to be such a gift and a matter of importance. Clearly Adam Roberts also believes that there is more to a meal than mere fuel. I am definitely coming back to hear what other guests have to say about their lunches and upcoming dinner ever week, and even more, what that meal says about them. Also, ps, I like hearing but from Craig in the intro too!
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So Therapeutic!
Love listening to Adam on my way to and from work. He asks the right questions to the right people - which makes for some great listening! Keep it up Adam!!
Real recognize real
I’m either eating, talking about food, or planning vacations centered around eating. This podcast is legit.
Love Lunch Therapy
I love love love Lunch Therapy. You are such a good interviewer Adam and your guests have been so interesting❤️❤️
Fun, funny, serious and informative!
I love that now I have a chance to “meet” all of my favorite food people: to listen to their stories and learn about their experiences. This podcast is fun, funny and serious at the same time. Adam leads his interviews really well, which makes them such a great listen. Thank you for doing this and good luck in the future!
Anna K. B.
Love everything about this podcast. It’s so fascinating to hear about the different roles food plays in the guests’ lives. Everyone has to eat — and something as little as discussing what someone has had for lunch can provide insight into their past, present, and future!
Great new podcast!
I've been following Adam since his food blogging NY days and have always enjoyed his "voice" in his writing, now I get to enjoy it for real! I'm especially loving the new introduction with his husband Craig, it's intimate and they have great banter. Keep it up Adam!
Love it!
Fun, enjoyable, and I love listen about food!
Love it!
Heals the mind and the tummy!
Interesting and upbeat
Really enjoying this podcast. Love how Adam is able to connect the writing, film and food worlds.
Love it!!
Perfect for lunch hour!!!
Hey! I like this podcast!
This podcast is delicious, well done Adam!
An entertaining listen!
Very entertaining podcast, love the different angles Adam pursues with his guests, finding out tidbits from guests like David Leibovitz and Deb Perelman that I might not have known otherwise. Perfect blend of humor, storytelling and food-related content.
Very enjoyable!
A great listen while eating my own lunch at work!
Lil Shabazz
Unique Idea for a Podcast
Adam Roberts is an endearing host who is respectful of his guests and comes up with some surprisingly insightful observations. The podcast caters to the voyeur in all of us who are foodies-what are people actually eating? I first listened because I like Adam's blog, but was hooked right away on the podcast. Good job!
Fun podcast
Good host.
Good banter, major privilege
The premise is great, the host is delightful. My only critique is that this is one of the most privileged podcasts I’ve ever heard. It’s cool that these guests can afford things like $4000 dinners and tomahawk steaks, I don’t want to tear down that for them. But if you are a struggling Angelino looking for a fun podcast with some insight into the industry, this might depress you. Or maybe not! If you don’t mind hearing restaurant suggestions you can’t afford, go for it! Maybe I was out of the loop and didn’t realize that foodie = money. It’s very entertaining, definitely check it out if you’re interested.
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The Green Canary
A must listen to!
Adam Roberts is witty and insightful and his podcast has the right mix of food fun and in-depth conversation with his well chosen guests. You don’t have to be a foodie to enjoy - just don’t listen hungry ;)
Smart and satisfying
This great new podcast is for everyone - even those who don’t consider themselves interested in food or cooking. Adam Roberts has a knack for drawing out his guests’ reflections, memories, and experiences. The conversations feel easygoing but substantial, funny but serious and always full of great insight. I am definitely hungry for more!
Adam makes me feel fancy
I’m a simple kind of gal who often enjoys meals such as doctored up Trader Joe’s pasta or frozen pizza but deeply loves food, recipes, yummy restaurants, all of it. I live in a city that doesn’t have the most poppin’ off food scene. Through Adam’s pod and guests I am able to travel through their experiences and stories with food and different cuisine. A calm beginning routine to my week, please keep the episodes rolling! You help me want to treat myself better with the respect and standard you hold yourself in regards to eating and nourishment. Love!
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Excellent show!
I finally got into podcasts with this show and now I listen while driving to and from work. New episodes are posted on Mondays. I have been a fan of Adam Robert’s blog for years and am a big food world geek. This blog features Adam talking to (typically) a foodie about eating, what they had for lunch, food and cooking influences, travel, etc. It is a fun, casual discussion that covers a lot of ground and is great fun to listen to. While the “therapist” aspect is playful-it is surprising how much good stuff comes out here in a seemingly casual conversation. Worth a listen if you love food, lunch and interesting conversation.
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Fun podcast
Adam is funny and so good at leading conversations. He takes time to dig deep with his guests and find out what listeners want to know. Go subscribe!
Love This Podcast!
I listen to several food oriented Podcasts and this is my favorite. It’s both entertaining and informative. Adam has great guests; many of them famous and all of them are truly interesting. It is definitely a weekly highlight. Thanks Adam!
A great listen
I love listening to this podcast, especially during my morning dog walks. Of course then I’m instantly hungry for lunch when it’s only 9am! Highly recommend.
Favorite thing to listen to while I lunch!
Funny, witty and full of great advice, both culinary and psychological!
Adam has so much to offer!
I’ve been obsessed with Adam since I read his book! Getting to know him better through this podcast has been great!
Super dee duper easy
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