Low Culture Boil
Low Culture Boil
Low Culture Boil
Hosted by Rax King, Courtney Rawlings, and Amber Rollo, three broads whose enthusiasm for trash culture can only occasionally be reeled in by dad-producer Jake Aron ✨ If you've ever asked yourself "would Susan Sontag have enjoyed 'Jersey Shore'," or if you don't know how to read and at this point you know it's too late to ask, this is the podcast for you!
EPISODE 86: Facebook, It's Complicated
Amber and Rax talk about the social network that connects and divides thanksgiving tables everywhere, Facebook. Why is Facebook beef so juicy? Are boomers' minds safe on the internet? And what do zoomers do to humiliate themselves now that they don't need to tell their aunts when "it's complicated”?
Nov 28
1 hr 10 min
EPISODE 85: Putting the BLEH in Dubai Bling
The girls are joined by prodigal father Jake Aron (now of American Prestige) and friend of the pod Summer Nazif (of Twitter and Ramadan soap operas episode fame) to discuss the fascinating train wreck that is Netflix's Dubai Bling. Have you ever considered having another baby so your husband will buy you a house with more closets? This show might be for you!
Nov 22
1 hr 18 min
EPISODE 84: Not Doug Malloy's Piercing History
The one where we chat about piercing history and how a lot of it was made up by a BDSM "practitioner" who went by the name Doug Malloy. Even if his stories were false, he had a true impact on the perception of piercing in modern western culture. If you want to learn more about the true history of piercing and how to safely get pierced, definitely check out The Piercing Bible: The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing by Elayne Angel.
Nov 15
56 min
EPISODE 83: Heliotherapy
Is tanning addiction real? Is it possible to spray-tan without looking like one of those guys who ate too many carrots? How do you get a tan stomach? No, seriously, how, because Rax and Amber never cracked it as lifelong tanning devotees, and now they want to pivot to "tan stomachs with belly button rings," the as-yet-undefeated best look ever devised.
Nov 8
1 hr
EPISODE 82: We Have Always Loved Shirley Jackson
To celebrate the end of spooky season Amber and Rax talked about one of their favorite all time favorite authors, Shirley Jackson. In fact, one of Rax and Amber's first conversations was about Jackson and what a great writer she is. They talk about her overly critical mom and her literary critic husband, both who trapped her in roles she didn't fit in. They also talked about email spam, which is a new fun way to write for revenge.
Nov 1
56 min
EPISODE 81: Jason Statham Is Jewish
Rax and Amber are joined by British Trash Correspondent Phoebe Roy (of 10,000 Posts Pod and Masters of Our Domain) to talk about THEE British action hero, Jason Statham, from his diving career to Phoebe's theory that he's secretly Jewish. 
Oct 25
1 hr 21 min
EPISODE 80: Alt Milks
Amber and Rax dive into the world of alternative, substitute, clone, plant based and nut milks. Mmmmm nut milk. Despite what you may think these milks have been around for centuries. But there are definitely milk trends, listen to hear us get into it, and also Panera for some reason!
Oct 18
1 hr 2 min
EPISODE 79: The Importance of Being Diesel
Obviously, Rax and Amber both love Vin Diesel, but did you know he's more than just the bald noggin behind all of cinema history's most deep-voiced line reads? From his first acting job at age 7 to the struggles of being known for an action hero's physique, we dive into all things Vin, including where the name comes from.
Oct 5
1 hr 3 min
EPISODE 78: Imagichillin with Mother Cabbage
If you ever find yourself in Northern Georgia and want a fun and trippy experience check out Babyland General Hospital where the Cabbage Patch Kids are born. In this episode Amber talks to two of her best friends, and Babyland General Hospital experts, Betsy Ures and Jake Ures. Betsy has been going since she was a child, she shared the experience with Jake and now they are sharing it with you!
Sep 27
1 hr 10 min
EPISODE 77: Amba Bamba Rush
In this episode we cover a listener suggestion, Sorority Rush. Amber admits to Rax that she joined a sorority in college, before you judge her, she was looking for sisters after moving away from hers, she didn't know how to survive with just one closet. Don't worry, she deactivated after a year, yes that is the official terminiology. They cover door stacks, outfit checks and the viral bama rush tiktok vids.
Sep 12
1 hr 5 min
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