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Former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett and a panel of comedians, actors, journalists, and some of the many famous Friends of the Pod appear before a live audience to break down the week’s biggest news. Quizzes! Impressions! Shouting at cable news clips! And everyone’s favorite: nuanced discussion. New episodes every Saturday.
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Please please stop the fake laughing
Great show but the guests that do the forced fake laughing after every joke is grating! Also, although I share almost 100% of a political view shared on this pod, y’all come across is totally pretentious at times. Like whenFavWhat is on Lovett’s pod, it was obvious he thought it was a waste of his time. Well it just reinforce what I thought when I’ve been listening to it at times. Very bizarre messaging to your audience
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My only joy in live
Best looking host. (I’ll leave that part in.) I live in a hell scape. I work at home and I’m at home with my 5 year old. I’m over stimulated and lost. Trumps America looms. Fires, floods, hurricanes,COVID-19. But at least I almost laugh while cleaning my messy house each week.
Mothra Stewart
help him pronounce gaelic right
i accepted it at first. but for someone who somehow uses the word Gaelic in every other episode??? pls look up on youtube how to pronounce it
Thanks for existing
That’s it. That’s the review.
Weekly fix
I’m thankful for your podcast/show. Love it all. And your addition to PSA is excellent. Keep it up- and stay strong!
This episode
Loved to hear the extra songs at the end. These have been such a fun highlight this year. I also loved hearing more from Akilah! She’s the reason I listen to What A Day every morning.
Good content
Too much cackling like schoolgirls it’s very distracting
Great pod
My favorite pod right now. Lovett is hilarious and I regret not listening earlier in the Trump presidency In the latest pod, Akilah laughed way too much. I love what a day and she’s super smart, but bursting out laughing every 15 seconds is really jarring. Ronan isn’t THAT funny Akilah
Shape up!
Two stars for the first time because: (1) you’re spending too much time being silly instead of working on Biden’s re-election; (2) you recommended a disgusting cocktail using a fine single malt whisky.
Back in the Closet
I loved all the songs at the end of this episode! Impossible to choose the best one. Talented, smart people listening to Lovett.
Nonna Milly
Akeela is still annoying
I stopped listening to What a Day because of her continued laughing at herself. It is as if she cannot complete a thought out loud without her loud laugh that prevented me from hearing Jon Lovitt’s lines.
COVID 19 Pro!!!
I’m weighing in. COVID 19 Pro—good joke. Gazpacho Gestapo. 😂😂😂😂😂
Uomo Fantastico
One of the best
Love all parts of the show! A special show with Ronan today. The incessant laughter of Akilah Hughes made me a bit weary - that could be toned down. 🖤💙🖤
Forensic Nurse
I love this podcast
I really liked the one that was based on the Golden Girls. Ali Schuback
Ali Schu
The theme songs are so great
Every week I look forward to the theme songs people send in. So great. The news stuff is nice too.
Funny and informative
Funny and informative. Love Jon and love the show whenever Ronan stop by
This podcast was recommended to me, I’m glad. It’s been a bright spot in a year of relentless bad news. Terrific humor. And more Naomi Ekperigin please!! Seriously. Love your work.
More substance, less prattle please!
The jokes are inane most of the time, but when you get serious the commentary and point of view are interesting and informative . Concentrate on substance!
I wish I’d started listening earlier!!
This podcast is hilarious, and I absolutely love listening to Jon Lovett. I feel like he’s my smart and funny friend who tells me about politics once a week while hanging out with other smart and funny people. I can’t recommend it enough!
I want so much to like this...
But between the cackling sidekicks and lame half baked jokes it’s been a challenge.
Francis Bacci
Emily’s Garden Show
For the garden things you need to know... 😂 stay tuned to Jon, who’s Back in the Closet. Fun, week in review. topical podcast.
letter elle
Long Time, First Time!!
A great lefty podcast!! The episode “no audience, no problem” is the best show Lovett and the team has put out since covid shut everything down. I am a big fan. This episode has made me what to go buy merch! Good job!
Food for Drubie
Informative and funny
Always look forward to Saturday mornings for this show. Would not be mad if you bring back Colin even more regularly for checkins - what a sweetie!
Imagine dad jokes from your dead neo liberal dad, but he also laughs at all his own jokes
Pod Save the whales
Electoral politics
Like this show, really encourages diversity of thought. Love to know and hear from LaTosha Brown (spell). She makes sense and has a message that I can mirror to help my community move more towards election politics. Good selection for a guest
Weekend Treat
Provides much needed laugher after a long week. And occasionally I learn some unrelated to an affirmation of lovette’s narcissism !!
Ben Rhodes
Enjoyed discussion between Lovett and Rhodes. I don’t think I have heard them together before, and it was an excellent discussion.
Best week ever
Had my best friend (she doesn’t know it yet) Alyssa and my favorite “make me feel better” when he talks, Ben Rhodes on the same episode. Love you, love your show!
HOW I CAN LISTEN TO LaTosha Brown? What a Queen!
This podcast made me cry laughing
Jon Lovett is so funny the Pod, it makes me able to stomach all of the bad news. This podcast does not disappoint. So funny
Love it!
Fun fact: it’s fun facts!
Tine Schliewert
I’ve listened for a couple of years now and it’s becoming stale. Episodes are too long. Many of the segments are so boring, I find myself fast-forwarding to get through it. And don’t even get me started on the ads... 🙄
Markey Kennedy Interview
Excellent job, Jon.
WH LarryP
yo, i live so isolated in rural california and this is such a holy connection to the world, thank you and all your guests. brings me so much joy.
irrelevance is taken
Loved interview with both members of a primary challenge
I loved the interview between the two mass primary challengers! Fun to hear to hear!!
La Chica Bonita 25381694
Jon and Collin are the greatest
Love this podcast. Also more Collin please
Thoroughly enjoyable
I learn, I laugh, I ponder and sometimes I cry, but not too much or for too long. One of the best ways to get the news. Continue to keep saving the country and the world. Thanks for all of it.
Getting too serious
I used to listen every week but now it’s getting less funny and more serious. There’s a million news podcasts out there that are super depressing and this is turning into one of them. No more interviews!
Love the show, and please offer LaTasha Brown a podcast!
She is passionate, articulate, and hilariously funny... and on this episode we learn that she can also sing beautifully! She’s probably too busy running “Black Voters Matter” to do a weekly podcast, but perhaps she’d have time for a recurring guest slot? I would drop everything to listen to LaTasha’s segment! Also, how would you feel about a “Back in the Closet” theme song in Dutch? I’m guessing we’re among your relatively few listeners in the Netherlands, so if we don’t make it for you, who will?
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Episode: “How Is It August?”
Wow! More LaTosha Brown!!! She is both Sensational and Inspirational!
Yes, beaches are safe
Thank you for interviewing Zeynep Tufekci ("No More Mr. Nice Goya"), who confirms my long-held (since May) belief that beaches are a place to PREVENT Covid transmission, as compared to being huddled inside in air conditioned spaces with friends who might be plague rats. Strike one for lazy photojournalism and photo editing! Strike one for evidence-based policy and public education!
This podcast is the whole package!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for over two years and have been hooked ever since. It’s funny ,it’s smart and it’s informative! Keep up the good work!!
this podcast...
is everything...
Goya pass on this one.
I couldn’t take the guest’s over-the-top attempts are being.....something. It wasn’t funny and just detracted from the entire podcast.
My Favorite of Many Podcasts
I really like the way this show has adapted to our circumstances. Wonderful as a live show, I find the intimacy of the Back in the Closet era just as enjoyable. Of course I look forward to our triumphant, or even halting, reemergence, but this is something to look forward to Saturday mornings!
Adam Schiff as a guest
Enough said!
Not Interesting
Good for a snooze
Ed’s see
I E is ta St youwzz Ere sees especially whenwe’lls e
Interview with Zeynep Tufekci was so good!!
More Katie Porter, Less...
...Olivia Nuzzi. I really appreciate Jon’s astute analyses of and thoughtful insights on all matters political, but seriously... * * * [Updated July 2020] Please, Jon, more Emily’s Garden Show and less Negin Farsad! The latter is not funny and her laugh grates on my last nerve! Re: ads—I don’t love ‘em in general, *but* If you can throw around phrases like “liminal space” and can make a learned “Cathy” reference in the same breath, you’ve got my attention.
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