"Love is Amazing... but it's also bull**** and might also get you murdered." is a true crime comedy podcast about crimes of passion. Aaron Black, Nicolas Luna, Osa Schmerl (A.K.A. The Crew) and weekly special guests discuss how relationships can end poorly. Like a murder or something like that... Thanks.
Episode 86 - These Two Are Just Bad People
These two just did a lot of messed up things.
Sep 30, 2021
1 hr 35 min
Episode 85 - Do I want this inside of me?
2 cases this episode. BONUS!!! Just check it.
Aug 13, 2021
1 hr 23 min
Episode 84 - Everyone Wants A Piece
The source material is from a show called "Betrayed". Who needs anymore info than that.
Jul 30, 2021
58 min
Episode 83 - Step Porn
Family can be interesting sometimes. Just ask Aaron and Nick.
Jul 22, 2021
1 hr 35 min
Episode 82- Happy Pride Y'all (feat. Jessica Mystery)
Even though we did a pride episode, Nick was too lazy to edit it before the month was over. Great case peoples. They made a movie with Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor about it. A mysterious Jessica can be heard in the background joining the show. The crew does a good job on this one.
Jul 6, 2021
1 hr 21 min
Episode 82 - Afterparty Madness
As three people come home from a night of partying only one leaves alive. The crew goes fully deep on this one.
Jun 15, 2021
1 hr 26 min
Episode 81 - Open Up Your Horizons
Gout poisoning? Party. The crew goes all in.
Jun 8, 2021
1 hr 15 min
Episode 80 - Why Do You Reject Love (feat. Armani Cooper)
Armani Cooper comes back to join the boys while Osa is out of town. Case is cray cray.
Apr 20, 2021
50 min
Episode 79 - This one has a lot of chest-poking
Former cops start their own security firm. One cop who is a body building type of dude. The other a Danny De Vito cigar smoking type of dude. Buff cop's mistress is the other cop's daughter. The Crew examines complicated relationships... and chest poking.
Mar 10, 2021
1 hr 17 min
Episode 78 - Just Have Patience
The Crew realizes their greatest dreams and travels down to Amish country for some wholesome Amish adultery. They learn a lot about what it means to be good to one another. ...and also that technology is sinful.
Mar 2, 2021
1 hr 27 min
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