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Great podcast for a mediocre show
The hosts put a lot of effort into the podcast and it definitely shows. Keep up the good work
S Bradford
Knowledge is Power
U guys are awesome. Here’s why.. U do ur research. I’ve been listening since GOT. I’m a black guy, and much of what’s represented on the show I get, from references, special appearances and a sense of the times. I’m 40+, my parents grew up in the Deep South, me the Midwest. When they speak of they’re childhood, it’s represented here. Yes, u can read these experiences , but to see is to believe, and I love that people can see and now feel the pain and understand. What u guys don’t know, u take the time out to learn, and give that back to your listeners, that’s all I ask. I know these things, these moments in time, I feel the pain and shed tears watching moments I know my parents went through, and can only imagine the hurt further down the family tree. I only ask for people to use this as a reference to do a DeeP DiVe for themselves.
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R Playa
Great coverage and discussions about this show
I chose to listen to this podcast because I wanted a perspective from people who were not Black. As a black woman, I have a lot of people to discuss this show with. Some intellectual and some are not. Gene and Ash are phenomenal podcasters and I look forward to their viewpoints even if they are not the same as mine. I’ve recommended this podcast to some of my friends (black, white and Asian) who thought the show was lame and not scary. I think Ashley and Gene do an incredible job of explaining to them why they may not have got it!
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Great Listen
Really enjoyed listening to this series and it filled in so many gaps for me while watching the show. Well done!
A disappointment
While I have listened to some of the hosts of this show do very informative 'casts on other TV shows, this podcast was not nearly as good, in my opinion. I was hoping to get some useful insight on a TV show I found somewhat problematic, the program instead wandered into the weeds on social issues, often spending much of their time of defending their positiones to various listeners of engaging in unneeded (or wanted) mini-lectures. I had hoped for, and based on past experiences, expected more.
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Emperor Severian
Good content.
Let’s not make these folks out to be racist. They aren’t. Signed, A black person.
Trash podcast
Terrible explaining and they never really break down an episode. Bye!
Here to learn
I listen to Ash and Gene to learn in a format I adore from westworld and GoT. I listen to the HBO official pod to learn about the black experience, which is why HBO gave us the podcast (finally). Thank you for what you are contributing. Appreciate you and your honesty, especially when it’s hard. - a human person on Earth
White shows?
Telling a middle eastern person and a white person that they can’t discuss racism because they’re not black and to stick to “white shows” is a fairly racist comment. I don’t agree with their opinions about 50% of the time but they’re providing a FREE show and intelligently discussing all the topics love craft country presents.
Emmett Till’s accuser recanted her story. He did not hit on her.
The accuser recanted her story.
Love it
These guys are trying hard which is the least we all can do. I like their point of view and more so love to contrast theirs to other podcasts.
Love You Guys
Per usual, you guys are doing a great job. Keep it up!
Think you guys are great
You both have been super clear around your limitations in understanding the Black American experience, which inevitably leads to gaps. With that being said, going in with this understanding I have found this podcast to be in the top 3 in reviewing the show Lovecraft Country. Yes there is room for growth and tweaks can be made, and I encourage you to do so. As the whole point of a podcast is to meet/address the majority of your audience’s concerns ;hopefully. All in all, as a Black American, I look forward to this podcast every week. Thank you!
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This Podcast Really Misses the Point of Lovecraft Country
Your lens of this series is white and you are rally not in touch with the visceral ownership that people of color have for this transformative and insightful storytelling from the perspective of non-white people. You other the storyline and the realness of the black experience, particularly during Jim Crow.
Nice surprise
Couldn’t believe luck this morning when I found this podcast. Big fan of the Game of Thrones podcast. The most intelligent Westworld podcasters out there. Thanks guys for picking this one up
Keep up the good work
The show isn’t very good but the podcast is great.
The Redghost
A perfect companion to the show
Gene & Ash do so much research on all the little details of the show, it’s fantastic! I can watch on Sundays and then on Wednesday I learn a ton of things I missed along with real history & literature and more. Thanks for the awesome pod
Melissa Budzak
Bias and traces of racism in discussions of Lovecraft Country. Non black critics talking about and rating a show that you have no concept or knowledge of. Too critical & negative. I have stopped listening,& unsubscribe. Lovecraft Country is not a after school special or Goggle search invite. When you guys think the episode with the Korean is better than the five previous shows, I’m done! This show is about blacks on the south side of Chicago. I was waiting on you both to get it together but after listening to you both discuss episode 6 I knew I not going to listen anymore as you just don’t get it or you don’t want to get it! Your white privilege & unfair take on the show is so oblivious. It’s best if you stick to what you know “white shows”.
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Needs more research and black voices
Pretty entertaining discussion. However, the podcast could do with some major research on colorism and racism in America during the time period depicted (to get started). An example is the VERY short discussion about black home ownership. It was much more complicated than discussed on the episode which talked about the show’s episode #3. Missed the mark here on an area that provides important context to for the show. If you are going to dare to analyze a show whose main characters or themes are about black people please do some detailed research and incorporate black guests.
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Good Range of Discussion
Yours is the only podcast I listen to for this show, other than the show runners/writers. Your cast is always insightful with a good range. Many podcasts that are not done by people of color either skim over the racial issues and insights or act like they are not even there. When does it get released weekly?
Glad I found this podcast
Just started listening and I’m digging the vibe of the podcast. Each host is knowledgeable in their own way so they each bring something to the table. Also really like how they engage the audience and are open to learning things.
Listen to Black People
Agree with the caller that the discussion is devoid of nuance and at times uninformed. Didn’t appreciate how their concerns were dismissed - you should have Black guests on to discuss these topics and listen to Black people who are telling you that their lived experiences are not being represented and you have limits to your abilities which will cause the content to either be lacking or may even cause harm.
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Well thought out commentary
Smart people with wonderfully thick skins- Thank you for this labor of love!🙂
Why have you abandoned us?
Ignorance is not bliss
Its nice to hear all the perspectives of this show. I know its a rush to get the product out but don’t claim ignorance and do the research on your phone during the episode. One of the points of this show is to outline the absurdity and horrors of racism in the 1950’s. The green book is well known among the black community and simply highlights the “work” that y’all as host should research and bring to the table before recaps. Thank you for the content keep it up.
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This is going to be great..
I can’t wait to hear their insight!
I think this team will provide exactly what we need for this show! After reading the book “Lovecraft Country” and listening to their movies pod I think the intelligence, social justice warrior-ness and silliness of these three will cover all the bases!
I can’t wait.
I’m looking forward to having Gene back in my life! Can’t wait to listen to his take on Lovecraft. Some of the footage was taken in my town, Elburn Illinois just not sure what so I’m looking forward to that part or parts. I hope the show is as enjoyable as Big D is expecting. Love your work guys! Mark the Pharmacist
This podcast crew always delivers
Love this crew and all the different companion pods they put out. Always insightful and delivers perspective which differentiate them from other fan boy pods. Love the balance that each of the hosts bring and always well researched and thoughtful. Can’t wait.
Best companion pod
I can’t wait for each episode. Gene, Ashley & King 🐝 make a great team. They really research everything & dig deep into every episode. This is a must listen if you enjoy the show.
Can't miss companion to Lovecraft Country
Match an all-star pod crew with another great HBO drama and the result is pure joy. Not sure if I'm looking forward more to watching the show or listening to the affable and astute Ash, the ever bold and blunt Bee, or our genuinely gifted Gene. All are a welcome reprieve!
Here for the Insights
Gene and Ashley take the time to really research and provide insights for each episode. This helps me get even more enjoyment from the show. They debate and engage the audience with their theories. They also create a fan community around each show.
Quality Product
I’m here after listening to their Westworld, GoT, and Watchmen podcasts. They have always consistently given thoughtful, informed, and fair reviews that are often hilarious or even heartwarmingly personal. I love this podcasting crew!
Gene is handsome!
That’s reason enough!
King Bee sure is handsome
And oh so talented
Chet rulz
Give this a listen!
Love these guys and looking forward to hearing what they have to say. Already hooked!!!!!
Drew Zakmin
Such quality
I am so glad to see these podcasters back at their habit. They are bringing the big guns this season with Mr. Frowny Face King Bee, the overtly attracive Gene Lions, and the big brained and favorite of all Ash Schlafly. These three are smartest. The funniest. And the least annoying of the group of hosts. I will be tuning in every episode even if I don't watch the show.
Give it a listen
This crew always does a great job, I look forward to another great podcast.
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