Lost in Sydney
Lost in Sydney
True Crime Australia
LOST in Sydney is an investigative podcast series that tells the story of missing persons from across Sydney, developed by NewsLocal journalists. The investigative series, which includes in-depth podcasts, special features and exclusive content released on a weekly basis, works its way through suburbs across Sydney and tasks local journalists to bring you an exclusive new look into several cases that rocked Sydney. Welcome to Lost in Sydney: The Series.
Introducing - I Catch Killers with Gary Jubelin
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Apr 12, 2020
41 sec
Introducing - Mates Under Fire
This Australian bush fire season has been unprecedented. In this podcast you will hear harrowing accounts of survival and the incredible acts of bravery and kindness which are helping the town of Malua Bay in southern New South Wales on the path to rec...
Mar 18, 2020
1 min
The Last Dance
Just after midnight on a Saturday 40 years ago, Avalon teenager Trudie Adams hitched a ride home from Newport surf club and was never s...
Aug 31, 2018
22 min
The Bag in the Bush
MAUREEN Matterson left her Seven Hills home on December 5, 2003, for her daily walk to visit friends - but the 57-year-old gra...
Aug 27, 2018
26 min
The Boy on Boxing Day
IT IS Boxing Day, 1982, a young indigenous boy jumps the back fence of his Dundas Valley home to scurry off to Eastwood station - he ...
Aug 19, 2018
25 min
The Disappearance at Dawn
TIEMUZHEN Chalaer was a lover of music - this may have been what sparked his enthusiasm for an unregistered party deep in the ...
Aug 10, 2018
20 min
The Lime Green Van
A YOUNG man climbs into his lime green Bedford van in the dead of night to drive his girlfriend home - no one has seen them since. ...
Aug 5, 2018
26 min