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Lost in Criterion
Lost in Criterion
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Good Show; Too Much Banter
Guys I like the show but you are surely losing a lot of listeners with your pre-film banter. Your strength is the review and analysis. If this whole endeavor is for you then don’t change a thing. If it is for the audience (or both), then improve the banter or drastically cut it or eliminate it or use chapter indexing so we can skip right to the movie content. This is all intended as constructive criticism. I appreciate you doing criterion films. One podcast I think would help you as a model is The Magic Lantern.
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Money $teve
Great subject matter. Unfortunately these guys can’t keep a thought together without drifting off topic. Only heard the Ikiru episode but I won’t return to this pod.
Couldn’t even get five minutes into their discussion of Berlin Alexanderplatz, that’s how inane the conversation was.
I love the concept
As a fellow criterion channel subscriber I love the concept of the show. I listened to the Masculin Feminin episode and enjoyed it quite a bit even though they tore it apart haha.
Smug, moralistic readings of Eric Rohmer’s work. You hate to see it.
My Dooood
One guy talks, the other guy laughs
I listened to their review of Terry Gilliam’s “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” movie. Boring review. One guy talks and the other guy laughs and giggles. They’re not talking to the audience as much as they’re talking to each other. I was appalled that neither of them had read the book on which the movie is closely based.
One of them seems to think he knows everything and makes broad statements about aspects of films (foreign especially) that he’s missing out on because he just didn’t do any research. So I guess if you don’t know much about a certain time period or culture this would be enjoyable but to me it came off as pompous.
It's an interesting idea, mediocre execution
But the bots?!
Bright, but..
If I wanted to sit around and listen to conversation of two bright but completely uninformed guys having a conversation on a topic in which I am interested but don't let me get a word in, I'd go back to high school. Don't get me wrong, they're smart and sincere but I don't get anything out of this I wouldn't get from listening to two likeable but random dudes discuss a movie they'd just seen. I don't expect a directors commentary, but I do think you want to be just a bit informed on the background, context, etc of stuff you are talking about if you assume you're NOT just talking to your best bud.
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Fulfills its Mission
Two good friends staying in touch and exploring a library of movies in a methodical and sometimes moving way. Don't listen to this podcast for any other reason than to hear two very engaging gents who are expanding their film knowledge and appreciation together. This isn't film school, its film discovery and thoughtful discussion that makes you wish you were there with them.
Good concept, but get to the point...
This is a good concept, but lots off of topic rambling. Could be much better if they started on topic and stayed on topic.
Not good…not bad…just...
I started listening to this podcast wondering if these two had any education in film and after a few episodes I’d be shocked if they did. I had to unsubscribe after about 10 episodes as nothing said was all that informative or interesting. It seems that unless the film follows comfortable convention, they are just confused and angry. One of them (Pat maybe) said ‘weird’ roughly 35 times in each episode where the film is ‘weird’ and it gets a bit irritating. I know they’re friends but Adam should strike out on his own as I see promise in his film criticism skills.
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Fantastic podcast
If you're a fan of The Criterion Collection or movies in general then this is the podcast for you. The hosts discuss and break down the films in a fun, engaging way that includes their honest opinions on the successes (or sometimes lack thereof) of the movies in this collection. The sound quality is usually excellent (particularly when factoring in the two hosts physical distance from one another) and they have a playful, off the cuff way of bantering that is both engaging and laid back. I also appreciate their great chemistry, which makes even their podcast on terrible films (Armeggadon, anyone?) well worth listening to. Highly recommended. Give this podcast try, you'll be glad you did.
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R. Corwin