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Episode 351 ”Do Not Cook Phones”
It's another animal attacks episode with Jer's movie hole. Killer apes take center stage this week. Get Lost!
Aug 31
58 min
Episode 350 ”Darren Returns”
It's finally here! Episode 350! And who else but Darren Ewing, our very first celebrity guest exactly 8 years ago, to join us for the festivities. Darren fills us in on what's new these past 8 years, especially the movie Cyst, in which Darren plays an unfortunate assistant/patient to a mad doctor that just must get a patent for his new cyst removal machine at all costs. We pick up with Darren like no time has passed and have a grand old time going off on all tangents and even revisiting 5 questions from his first appearance. Get Lost!
Jul 30
58 min
Episode 349 ”Grogu on Rye”
Scott heads down a movie hole with the 1984 movie threads, paired with some nice facts about radiation and a new nuclear attack PSA. Get Lost! 
Jul 28
59 min
Episode 348 ”Spaghetti on Rye”
After a brief hiatus, Scott and Jer are back with a fresh new horror hole they fill with wild beasts, namely killer elephants. Get ready for some head-stomping, gut shredding…fun? Either way, get Lost!
Jul 11
1 hr 7 min
Episode 347 ”Habeas Tiny Corpus”
Down Scott’s Movie Hole we go with a South African horror paired with fun stories and facts about exorcisms. In Web Droppings, a Utah non-cannibal county attorney sets the record straight and bees are fish now. Get Lost!
Jun 13
1 hr 11 min
Episode 346 ”Stupid Timecop”
In an effort to get the format right before 350, Scott and Jer talk Love, Death + Robots, Josh fights, killer sheep, animal trials, a real-life tabloid and Australian occultists. Get Lost! 
May 27
1 hr 2 min
Episode 345 ”Pimento Magic”
Scott comes to the table with a Meat Grinder and a cozy story about a corpse-worshiping cult. But first we talk about what everyone loves hearing people talk about: NFTs. And Madonna. Then in Web Droppings, we chat Dolly Parton, Taco Bell, irony at the grave and the best Mother’s Day gift a child could ever give: thongs. Get Lost!
May 20
1 hr 6 min
Episode 344 ”Halfway to Halloween 2022”
It’s halfway to Halloween and Lost At Home is changing things up a little. This week Scott and Jer each bring a movie to the table to chat about and to tie a story to. Don’t worry, things are still silly and inappropriate and the odd news is going nowhere. Get Lost!
May 10
1 hr
Episode 335 ”Poison Rainbows”
Ticks, Val Kilmer, lung-tearing masturbation…and possibly a new format for the show? Get Lost!
Apr 29
1 hr 1 min
Episode 334 ”C.H.U.D. House”
Human Satan celebrates the end of masks by cutting off his ears. An ax-wielding man interrupts a drummer’s jam session. An $800k house comes with a basement dweller. A gorilla gets addicted to smartphones. Two men find love in a lizard. Get Lost!
Apr 19
1 hr
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