Lorehammer - A Warhammer 40k Podcast
Lorehammer - A Warhammer 40k Podcast
Mark and Erik
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Unprepared, wrong, and racist
Say what you will about neckbeards, they actually do get lore of their fandoms right. They know about that. They’re disgusting otherwise. These guys aren’t neckbeards, though. They don’t even get the lore of 40k right. It’s just a bunch of white guys confidently saying things that are incorrect and then making snide jokes about feminists, Mexicans, and black people. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, the production quality is nonexistent. Why do people listen to this?
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So far so good
I started listening to this podcast a few weeks ago starting from the very first episode. I’ve been listening everyday during the work week. So far I’m on episode 45 and I’m pretty entertained. I’m a welder so I use bluetooth ear protection and usually listen to audio books for about 8 hours a day, but I have been hooked. As soon as I catch up to the most recent episodes I will drop another review. Great job.
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Great content, they keep things mostly pg. despite them being heretics.
Absolute heresy nothing less
Mr Kingover
Best Podcast Ever
I think that this is the best podcast ever even if it goes a bit off topic
They’re a great bunch of guys that will make you chuckle when the podcast turns to chaos and just falls apart. Then eventually will get back on track. If you like Warhammer40k lore this is the podcast for you. LoreHammer40K
While the structure was good, every episode felt like an argument on who knew more rather than actual discussions being had. One of the hosts went on a long tangent about how women shouldn’t be space marines in their tabletop wargame. Probably one of the most pathetic things I have ever heard on a podcast. Very hard to listen to without feeling second hand embarrassment
I love listening to this, it allows me to zone out while I’m doing my work
Great podcast!
I’ve always had a passive interest in 40k, and this podcast is helping me understand more of the universe behind the game. I am now planning a Chaos Space Marine army.
I’m a heretic
This podcast got me into warhammer. Def working on my own army and hope to play in some tabletop tournys. Thank you!
Grim, Dark
Ok, now that you may be reading. I decided to absorb the Warhammer universe on a whim. Sweet Neptune...... what have I done.... It’s well and worth it. Not just to boost your nerd cred, but because it’s a genuinely interesting universe. Be warned. There’s a lot. I started with this podcast and more YouTube than can be healthy on the eyes. Swiftly moved to books and on and on we go..... What to say here? I love these guys. Thanks for helping me understand this universe!! While I love their back and forth, it does make learning the lore from them a touch difficult. Ergo my need to supplement with YouTube in order to keep up. Constructive critique. However I’m only 6 months in to this universe, and only just wrote them a review. So take anything I say with a grain of salt.
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Nothing here
There is nothing here, it’s empty. Just an ad for Spotify.
Hilarious and informative
The only thing I’ve found more entertaining than If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech device, and the guys give good information to boot! Can’t stop listening!
Stop talking over each other
Pretty much the sum of it. I want to like it. These guys know enough. But, they talk over each other like school children. And, when they go off topic , the babble is like snicker-snicker-tee-hee-peepee humor.
Love you guys keep it up!
In episode 7 they literally described the Horcrux. Also, Space communist Tau dance to Ra Ra Rasputin
Used to like it, but it’s gone.
I’m not downloading and creating a Spotify account simply to continue listening to the podcast. Unlike this app, Spotify will force me to pay for premium to download podcasts. Spotify must be paying them a pretty penny. It’s sad to see a quality podcast go.
On Spotify
Leaving 1 * because there is no longer any content here.
Are what I thought they were.
This move to Spotify proves to me they are not worth following or listening to anymore. Spotify is censorious but they should fit right because they have already self censored themselves from the early days.
cams a commie
If love to listen to this, but it’s only on Spotify, so this is a “peaceful” protest review.
Butt stuff...love it
I have been playing warhammer for quite some time but in the last couple of years started being interested in 40k lore. I longed for someone to explain there thoughts and ideas about it. Now i found this podcast and highly enjoy the mix of lore and jokes. I love you guys and keep up the great work!
Love this podcast, but screw Spotify exclusivity
I dont want to download and sign up for a stupid app to listen to your podcast. I dont know what they're paying you, but I hope its worth losing long time listeners for.
Gene and Jude's
Great show
Info is presented in a hilarious way
Not to shabby
This show took me from thinking about playing 40k to wanting to play 40k. Just some regular dudes passionate about their hobby. Someday I’ll play this game of grim dark darkness of the dark future. PS Don’t worry Mark someday you’ll learn how to read, don’t give up.
Best wh40k podcast!!!!!!!!
Hi love your podcast I play warhammer andI love the lore.I play space marines, chaos space marines,and dark elder . Anyway best podcast
New to 40K
Original introduction to Warhammer was through the TW game series. Always likes the models as a kid as well, but as an adult the lore is what really catches the attention. This podcast though scatter brained at times is great and in depth.
Has potential - held back by poor planning and production
This podcast is....ok. They are enthusiastic and obviously enjoy the hobby, but they often contradict each other and they fail to properly prepare for each show. I’ve listened to probably a dozen of their shows thus far and I tend to walk away doubting what I just heard. Plus, they have so many rotating guests that I don’t even know who is a regular and who is not. Sometimes egos are overwhelming and they are more concerned about being funny than being accurate. They would benefit from a better show plan, better research, and better/more creative editing. Overall, if you take it for what it is, it’s worth listening to if you just need something on in the background. If you want true and deep 40K lore, maybe look elsewhere.
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Fun way to be introduced to 40k
Having absolutely no prior knowledge to 40k and deciding to run a dark heresy game, this podcast is a very useful way to begin absorbing the content in a fun and casual way. Still in the early episodes but the groups casual manner and tangents and jokes, even if they don’t always make sense or go off topic, still make for an entertaining listen as it reminds me of my own groups weekly sessions and banter.
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A fun and constantly growing podcast
I listen to the show while at work most days. It’s a really funny podcast that goes into both the general aspects of the lore, as well as some of the fun more obscure sections.
Better now
But for the love of the god emperor don’t listen to any episodes before around #40 unless you want to see what all those old 1-star reviews are for... it took these guys awhile to get the hang of this, but now they don’t bicker uncomfortably or go on ridiculous tangents too often, and they’re experienced enough now that their personal lore insights are occasionally deep and meaningful. I would love it if they re-recorded the subjects of their episodes pre #40.... they cover a lot of interesting subjects that are plain unlistenable because of how terrible they were at the start and for a decent time after.
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Why I like Lorehammer
Love the podcast it’s a casual and I like it. Also they’re pretty funny and if they get something wrong they admit it which is nice
Got me painting again.
I must thank the boys of Lorehammer for rekindling my love for the 40K hobby. I’ve been a fan of 40K lore since 3rd edition and I’ve used the podcast to get caught up on the details I’ve missed while raising children. Thanks for getting me painting again and for hours of enjoyment on long car rides.
Sorry about that
Came here for the Warhammer lore; stayed for the accent when they say “ sorry”
Since the beginning
I’ve been listening since the beginning. I've heard it all, the dick jokes, the poop stories, feet fascination. I can you with all sincerity, no regrets, would do it all over again.
Skip this.
Had reservations that these people were going to be a bunch of dudebros. Only took an hour to be proven correct. Also, nobody knows how to pronounce Tzeentch which would have taken an entire minute of effort to look up before the show. Skip this podcast.
Variant Human
Almost everyone who gave 1 star is a lore nazi if your looking for 100% correct lore go read a book but these guys are entertaining and interesting won’t get any complaints out of me
Soooo good!
They love up to their name. If you love Warhammer lore this is the spot to be! Keep it up guys!!!!
St Ives of Scotland
New or familiar with 40k, still a blast!!
Subscribe. Just DO IT.
A must for magic lovers
Great podcast
This is a very good podcast for people new to the 40k universe. Sidebar to the people complaining about Mark this is a game about genocide,slavery,torture, death, space Hitler, Nazi, Stalin, authoritarianism,depression,eternal war and so much more horrible stuff.
matthw boova
Best Lore podcast there is
This is truly and really the best podcast there is to learn all things regarding the grim dark world that is Warhammer 40K! I have learned so much about the Horus Heresy, the warp, the Xenos, The greater good and so much more. It’s not just lecture or reading from a page but rather feels as if you’re just hanging out with some friends talking about a great hobby. Eric and Mark are personable and their passion for this game and lore show through with every episode. Highly recommend this podcast!!!
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You make me learning lore fun
You guys make learning even the smallest bit of lore really fun.
mr. good rating
You make 40k personable...
I have never enjoyed 40k lore more. Such a great cast that tells a great story.
Hilarious, love these guys
Being somewhat new to Warhammer this podcast is perfect. Plenty of info without over loading you with details. The off topic/sidetrack parts are my favorite, never change!
Brilliant Podcast
This is probably my favorite Warhammer podcast- and although the lore might not always be correct, we’re all human, and everyone makes mistakes.
It’s alright for casual players but if you want a rabbit hole of knowledge it’s not for you
You 1 stars need to calm down
So this is a great podcast for casual warhammer fans that that don’t take it to seriously. The people complaining about there lore being inaccurate need to calm down it’s a fake universe written by multiple authors it’s impossible to be 100% accurate. To the people complaining about Mark being offensive or intolerant to what ever you believe, just remember your playing a game where a empire of space fascists are committing genocide on everyone that is different then them.
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Humor alright lore not so much
Too much off topic, they argue over lore every episode and half the time both are incorrect. Pass on this one
Amazing to listen to while painting or doing anything
I’ve gotten through to ep 11 so far and it’s so amazing not only do the give interesting history about the lore but also interesting and really fun side conversation.
Wonderful podcast, fantastic hosts!
Incredible coverage and discussion of 40k lore without any of the self-censoring requested by soyboy scum.
Hosts are racist transphobes
Was at first pretty excited to find a podcast strictly devoted to the lore and not gameplay of 40K. Very quickly repulses. The hosts, particularly Mark, traffic in repellent misogynistic, transphobic, and racist tropes and remarks. The very worst of gamer culture. Look elsewhere for your entertainment.
So great
These guys have some really insightful thoughts on the universe and are genuinely hilarious. One of my favorites!
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