Long Now: Seminars About Long-term Thinking
Long Now: Seminars About Long-term Thinking
The Long Now Foundation
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Another NPR-like program
Like so many similar programs, you'll get half the story .... just the left half. I hate it when a political agenda takes over for science, but it's pretty common these days. In the latest episode Peter Leyden described his ideal future which would please any Sanders democrat. Jeff Goodell gave lots of good panic porn over sea levels rising; but little hope. Two others were equally biased and the list of topics reads like an NPR program schedule. Personally, I think Peter was mostly right and I am extremely worried about climate change. The problem is you'll hear nothing about the negative impacts. Peter's thrilled with immigration (more is better), but nothing about the consequences. Jeff talks about conservation as necessary (I think so to), but nothing about the costs. My biggest problem is they make it clear they have an agenda. And that the speakers are all left of center and only give evidence for their side, I can't trust them. They've swithced from scientists or journalists to advocates. Sorry for being long winded, but this is not the way to convince poeple; it's a way to make your followers happy about themselves. Unsubscribing for now, but will check in another day.
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A much needed look at where we’re headed and what we can do about it.
all who wander are not lost
Better than TED Talks
TED Talks give you 18 minutes of surface level information. The Long Now gives you 1.5 hours worth of informative knowledge, including a Q&A.
Future (Science, Technology, Ecology, etc.)
Too few people or organizations think deeply about the future. This is an important organization doing important work - thank you for bringing it into existence and for sharing the content with the world. My life is enriched by these speakers and the topics they tackle. I’m inspired by your mission and I strive to live my life with the next 10,000 years in mind!
The Kobe Beef of Podcasts
Mind expanding
This is one of the few of not only show that thinks about future, works for it, tries to make it better, rather to follow the flow like a dead fish.
Hit or miss
Hit or miss. Some are very boring and some are very interesting. I don't blame them. I blame myself.
One of the best podcasts out there
I listen to a lot of podcasts of all genre, and have convinced a lot of people to start listening to podcasts. This is always one of the first ones that I recommend to people. After getting my mom into it, I bought her a membership for Morthers Day because she was so obsessed!
Miss "The Whole Earth Catalog" sort of thinking? This is it!
It's been said that the biggest think about long term thinking is how it affects how you see and act in the present. Stewart Brand (known for The Whole Earth Catalog from the early 70's) helped found the Long Now Foundation, with the goal of impacting how we see our future (leaning toward thinking about the future in terms of 10,000 years). These lectures can be counted on to add to your perspective and give you food for thought (and hopefully action).
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Helps me "cultivate my garden".
Traditional news media pales in comparison
My favorite podcasts ever. Viewpoints presented are primarily science based, pluralistic, and sometimes contradictory or even mutually exclusive. Understand better what's driving our times by listening to these seminars.
Rick DeLong
Sanely think beyond the scope of daily life.
This seminar series is brilliant. I look forward to attending one in person.
Please add topic in the title!
This is a fantastic podcast, but listening on the iPod is a bit awkward when selecting from multiple episodes - the only information in the list is the speakers' names, and that's not enough to make a selection. It would make things so much easier if you could just use a "<Speaker> - <Topic>" format for the title, rather than keeping the topic only in the episode description...
The App Collector
Throw out your TV, listen to this
These talks are in-depth, thoughtful, provocative, intelligent, funny at times, frightening at times, and all worth the time. You will learn amazing things.
Truly profound and stimulating
Everyone should listen to these talks and spread the word about the important and subtle dynamics driving world events that are covered here.
Do your IQ a favor ...
... if you are sub-Lake Woebegon material, if you absorb the knowledge, wisdom, knowledge, and concerns voiced in this incredible series, you will blow by those prairie dogs like they were running in hip waders. Bravo Stewart and team
Excellent thinkers
I have enjoyed listening to the guests Stuart Brand has selected. All of them are knowledgeable and thought provoking. Some of them are hopeful, others downright scary (e.g. Orlov).
Not one seminar has been dissapiointing. An essential treasure.
Microphone Noise
The guests are amazing, and Dr. Brand is brilliant. Thanks for expanding my mind! I would like to humbly suggest that Dr. Brand turn off his microphone when not speaking (and move away from the microphone) since there is a lot of background breathing noise on the podcast. Thanks for your consideration.
Excellent seminar series!
This is a terrific seminar series. I would encourage everyone in the world to tune in.
Ben Keating
Interesting stuff
This is quite good if you want to start thinking about a really big picture. These are a bit long, but the topics are usually fascinating enough to keep your interest.
Molon Lave
Fantastic speaker series
I love to take these exciting podcasts on a long drive or run. Very diverse in its topics and viewpoints.
Christopher Hellstrom
Mind Expanding
Nothing short of visionary. Long Now may well be the harbinger of a renaissance in modern thinking.
Fiery Apparition
These lectures, from some of the most important thinkers of our day, have been available for some time at LongNow.org, and I'm delighted to see they're now being properly distributed. Each and every lecture has given me a deeper, sometimes shockingly new perspective on the issue presented.