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Long Distance
Paola Mardo
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As someone who is half Filipino and has been super disconnected from the culture their whole life, this podcast is amazing. My mom made it a point to keep me separated from it no matter how much I begged, so to finally hear stories and history through this podcast? Beautiful.
Informative pod about Filipinos
I am really enjoying this podcast to learn more about myself and my culture. I appreciate Paola and Patrick’s hard work on this pod and it shows. I enjoy the storytelling layout of the pod bc it really gives me more context about the story. Keep up the good work!
A new favorite!
LDR has A LOT of heart. It’s so well produced that I often get swept up in the story and just flow seamlessly through until the end. As a FilAm that grew up in a predominately white community with a white mom and Filipino dad I always felt like my identity and connection to my culture never really fit into a nice clean box, which sometimes felt very othering. Not quite Filipino enough, but still not presenting white. Hearing the stories of so many different Filipinos on the podcast makes me feel seen and understood and I get to learn about new perspectives and connect more to what being Filipino means to me. LDR is one of my new favorite podcast and I can’t to see how the show grows!
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Melia P
Love it
I highly recommend this podcast. Great storytelling!
Something that speaks to me
As an American filipino descent, it was nice to find any content at all relevant to me growing up. It’s good to now hear experiences of others as I’ve felt growing up as well as stories I can relate to.
My story
Holy crap! I just found this today and I listened to the first episode and boy did it take me back! Thank you for making this!!! The narrator’s story was the exact experience I had down to the FOB!
High-quality produced podcast! 🇵🇭
Great podcast that happens to be about the filipinX diaspora! Thanks to the team that makes this happen!
Ang galing!
The topic about Generation 1.5 hits right on! Each episode is well produced! Bilib ako sa inyong dalawa!
I’m so happy I found your podcast. The first couple of episodes about Little Manila and the FilAm history of Stockton were wonderful. Every episode I’ve listened to so far is so well produced. Congratulations you guys!!
middlegrade author
Wish I had this podcast growing up
I really could have used this podcast growing up when I was struggling to find my identity as biracial, Filipino & Mexican, teen in the 90s. I’m glad that’s it’s here now. Really love this podcast. Thank you.
Raster Systeme
Amazing and Meaningful
I really love this podcast, always interesting, great stories, and helps me learn more about Filipino Culture. I can tell a lot of work and time goes into this podcast, Thank you Paula!!
From an East Coast Filipinx, LOVVVEEE
No matter where you’re from in the world, you probably know and love a Pin@y and could use some note exposure to our culture in the media. And as a Pin@y, listening to Filipinx American history is wild fulfilling!
Gina girl genius
Well produced show
What I like most about this podcast is how much personality shines through. With great reporting, storytelling, and engaging people, each episode is a well prepared meal that is quite tasty.
A dynamic, thoughtful duo take on the Filipinx Diaspora
I planned on listening to just one episode on my commute home, I ended up listening to three. Paola's voice is refreshing; she asks all the questions I'm pondering from the personal to the practical. I like learning about a culture's history without feeling spoonfed, and instead feeling engaged and included. Long Distance team, keep up the excellent work. High five and hugs from a fan and fellow Asian/AsAm audio storyteller <3
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The amount of heart and hard work that Paola and Patrick put into this podcast is apparent. I’ve never felt so well-represented while simultaneously being taught so much about us filipinxs in the diaspora! Thank you Long Distance for making the earth underfoot a little more solid for all of us occupying liminal spaces.
Angi Maria
What I’ve been needing and I didn’t even know it
I want to thank Paula and Patrick for investing their time and talent into telling the stories of our community. What gets me through hard times are narratives of my ancestors and our beautiful Filipino Diaspora like the ones in Long Distance. A truly high-quality and insightful podcast that makes me feel more connected with my Fil-Am Fam.
This is not the first podcast about Filipino culture but this is the first podcast I have heard that dives deeper into what and why. It’s not just about food or stereotype subject matter. Within the first episode it starts to unpack the questions that so many Filipinos have being in diaspora. Who are we? What values do we align with? What is the Filipino culture? What are we capable of? Thank you for this. I didn’t know how to unpack it and I’m glad that you have.
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Story telling at it’s finest!!!!!!
Paola’s story-telling really takes you to the places she talks about.... it’s as if I am walking the same road, smelling the food, hearing the music, and in the same room she is in. Makes me miss home; makes me want to hear more stories. Listen. Subscribe. You won’t be sorry!!!
Feels like home.
Top-notch reporting, storytelling and production! Every episode has been engaging and informative, and I especially appreciated the historical context the first episode provided. I immigrated to the U.S. at six years old & didn’t realize how much I longed to hear my experiences reflected in this format until I started listening to Long Distance Radio! This is a show I’d also recommend to non-Filipinos who want to know more about who we are. Can’t wait to keep listening. ❤️
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So excellent, I love it. Paola and Patrick entertain me, inform me and crack me up. I’m old, but this is a millennial voice I can really get behind. The storytelling keeps my hooked and I’m being introduced to music, food, film and voices with which I was not yet familiar. I love the flow and the style of narration, as well. Looking forward to much more!!!!
A masterpiece
Paola Mardo is a tour de force. The production quality and editing is top notch. You can tell it’s not her first rodeo. I so appreciate all the love, care, and brutal honesty that goes into this show. We must decolonize our history and self-excavate in love in order to remember who we were and are.
Interest Piqued
We need more voices like this that are sharing different narratives. It’s actually a bit surreal hearing a familiar story in a podcast form. Validating. I’m excited to keep listening.
John Im
The more you know...
Awesome podcast. A journey of love and discovery. Learning so much about our people and culture.
One of my favorite podcasts! Fills a much needed space for Asian American voices and is just really well done.
Great Podcast on the Filipino American Experience
This has has become one of my favorite podcasts in recent months. It’s heartening to hear histories and anecdotes from the Filipino perspective in the US. If you’re Filipino American, you’ll likely hear something familiar but from a slightly different lens or you’ll learn something entirely new. Host Paola Mardo’s delivery and presentation peppered with voiceovers and commentary from Filmmaker Patrick Epino (National Film Society, Awesome Asian Bad Guys, Mr. Sandman) is engaging. It’s a great podcast for Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike. Can’t wait for even more episodes!
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Shines light on the Filipino-American experience
Great podcast and recommended to all, especially for Fil-Ams. Very powerful to shine light on our experiences, and our ancestors experiences. Really looking forward to more episodes to come! I really appreciate the work put into this podcast and for feeding our souls with thoughtful discussions and stories.
The Podcast I’ve Been Waiting For All My Life
I know, strong words but I seriously enjoy this show and can’t wait for new episodes, Really well researched, informative and entertaining. Have passed on to my nephews too!
You gotta hear this!
A sharp and entertaining lens into the Filipino-American immigrant experience - can't wait to hear much, much more!
Mamon Poltroon
Entertaining and Informative!
Thank you so much for doing this podcast! I’m from Southern California and remember visiting Grandpa in Stockton. He always gave us a huge package of asparagus and I always wondered, "why asparagus?" Now I know the significance. Grandpa came over in 1926 and is no longer with us. Thank you! I hope you’ll do more!
Know History, Know Self. No History No Self.
It's super amazing to hear our stories as Fil Am talked about in a podcast like this. It's not very often that our stories are talked about, or let alone be in history textbooks. Even for me, I moved to Stockton, but I never even knew about Little Manila until I got into college, when Fil Am orgs discussed what it is. Thank you so much for sharing your story, and connecting it along with Fil Am history. The podcast is very professional and well produced! Looking forward for more episodes about Fil Am history!
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Educational & Entertaining
They ask a lot of great questions, with insightful and entertaining answers. I learned more in the first episode than I was expecting and I can’t wait to see what other stories Paola & Patrick uncover! Also, laughed out loud!
Thoughtful content, thoughtfully produced
So excited for more episodes!
A. Fam
Much Needed
We, Filipino-Americans, need to listen to this podcast lest we become wallflowers at a time when we need to be active and revolutionary, powerful and impactful, because people of color doesn’t stop at Black and Mexican, it merely begins there. In just one episode, we learn, albeit brief, our history in America and we quickly find out that it’s deeply rooted in not only our inherent need to be explorers but also that we are all about uprooting the status quo. And I’m glad this podcast exists to remind us of that.
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So good
It’s like listening to This American Life but focused on Filipino Americans. Love the first episode, can’t wait to hear more!
Much Needed Voice
An insightful and entertaining look at the unique stories of Filipinos and Filipino Americans. Looking forward to future episodes.
Proud to have this
The AAPI community needs this. Especially right now. To highlight what makes us part of the back bone of this country empowers us to make the change that is needed.
ChristopherJ 87
Great start I’m hooked
I stumble upon this podcast through IG and i’m glad i did. it’s very easy to relate to as FilAm. i’ll be looking forward to your new shows hopefully gets into weekly episode because one per month is not enough! Mabuhay!
Love it
I’m so happy this exists. Thanks for all your work on this.
Ep. 1
Congratulations on the release! This episode was a great learning experience. I learned things I was never taught in school (both in the homeland and the US). I didn’t realize I was starved for stories like my own until this. Keep up the good work!
Anny Caps
Off to an amazing start!
An insightful and thoughtful podcast about the Filipino diasporic experience. Paola Marda is incredible at her craft — the consummate storyteller. She’s bringing Filipino history to light in a way that we really need right now. Looking forward to many, many more episodes of Long Distance Radio.
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