Lodi Unscripted
Lodi Unscripted
andrew lattibeaudiere
Everyday Life for a content creator/ artist
Episode 005- Thinking ahead!!
Taking the Podcast in a great direction this Episode. Find out what has got Lodi planning for his future. @beenlaceddrew
Oct 14, 2019
7 min
Episode 004- Somethings in the oven!!
After such a strong start, Lodi is back with another podcast speaking on the topic of a Baby!! Tune in!! you do not want to miss this. @beenlaceddrew on Instagram
Oct 13, 2019
11 min
Episode 003- Friendships!!
This episode Lodi returns to talk about the importance of friendships in life and in your career. As an artist or content creator, how important are friendships? Also Lodi talks about future guests on the podcast. It is a great way to kick off episode 3
Oct 1, 2019
17 min
Episode 002-The Beginning!
Lodi Talks about meeting the creator of World Star Hip Hop. He also speaks on relation with Former group member Deem. The episode is a journey through creatives. This episode also holds a huge secret no one has yet to hear. Tune in!!! Instagram: BeenLacedDrew
Sep 28, 2019
14 min
Episode 001- This is new!
Lodi ventures into Podcast where he speaks on life experiences as an Artist creating music. He also speaks about his time streaming on twitch and creating content for  youtube. Take this journey with him. Who knows...you might like what you hear!
Sep 27, 2019
10 min