Locked On Thunder - Daily Podcast On The Oklahoma City Thunder
Locked On Thunder - Daily Podcast On The Oklahoma City Thunder
Locked On Podcast Network, Rylan Stiles
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Great daily pod for okc fans
Dude. C’mon
Don’t waste your time, he says the same thing every show and his voice might be the most cringe out there. He should not have this job, someone qualified who understands the NBA should.
Rylan Rocks!
I have listened to previous hosts of Locked On Thunder, but Rylan is far and away the best host they’ve had. Incredible stuff for the Thunder fan!
Love all the work you do to keep us Thunder fans up to date, Keep up the excellent work Rylan!
Omega god tier
“For thee will respect Lord Rylan, for he would give the Thunder the most respect and honor” — Thunderlations 33:14
Must listen
So glad Rylan got the chance to take over this show, he's been amazing in his time as the host and I look forward to every single episode! #ThunderUp
Mediocre. Makes me cringe every time he introduces himself as a media member. Lol no one cares.
Keep it up!
100 Linden
Great podcast
This is a great podcast that keeps you up to date with everything Thunder.
Coach Web
Best host!
Rylan has done such an amazing job with LOT since taking over as host. I love making this podcast a part of my daily routine! Thunder Up!
My lunch break podcast, just found this pod and i listen 5 days a week. Really insightful and love the draft stuff.
Maria Taylor
Dude she didn’t vote for Anthony Davis to be on any ALL NBA team lol. That’s really really bad. Idk why you’d call out the Zion guy and not her. There’s a small small case that Zion is a better player than Ja Morant. There’s zero case Anthony Davis isn’t an All NBA guy. In any universe. Don’t be afraid. If you’re gunna call ppl out don’t shy away because you’re afraid of being called sexist or some nonsense lol.
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Great Show! Very informative and interactive
Do you think the Thunder could add a second round guy like Azubuike from Kansas to replace Adams at center, if they trade him to acquire more assets? I also am not opposed to keeping Adams long term if he signs a more reasonable long term deal to stay in OKC.
Too repetitive!
This guy is smart, but he’s so repetitive. He makes his points ten, twelve, fifteen times. He hammers players after a bad game, and gloats like a child. I’m a big fan of the team, but I usually have to turn this guy off before I can get to the end.
kenji n
Man cries
Come here to get your man cry fix.
Underrated 10/10
Love this podcast and the spokesman is excellent! My favorite thunder pod I can look forward to EVERYDAY!
If you’re gonna have aggressive takes, they better not be stupid ones. Saying Stephen Adams is atrocious and doesn’t belong on the floor at all in playoffs against Houston is just nonsense. If you wanna argue that there are times that the Thunder should go small to match Houston’s small-ball offense - fine. But Adams in the paint means the Rockets have to account for him. Also, it’d help if his stats were quoted properly (13 rebounds in Game 3, not 3). Thunder lost first 2 games because our guards were thoroughly outplayed, not because Adams doesn’t belong on the floor at all. Finally - I may not like James Harden on the Rockets, but he is not a disgrace. He flops a lot, and that is maddening. But the Thunder have had (Russ) and have (CP3) players who flop a bunch, too. My only regret is that I can’t give this review 0 stars. That said, this podcast isn’t worth any more of my time. In the future, I’ll just wait for the more intelligent podcasts to drop.
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Amazing Podcast!
Great, insightful show! Must listen!
So am I next in line to be a host
New Locked on Thunder host
Hey folks I’m Rylan Stiles new host of the Locked on Thunder podcast! I can’t wait to get started! Leave a review of the show with a question and I’ll answer it on the air! Thunder up!
Rylan Stiles
Hey Brady this is ur biggest fan
I am sorry about your uncle I will be praying for you.
Thunder Up!
Thank God Brady runs Locked On Thunder now. Show has improved!
Brady runs Locked On now, Yes!
This guy has no clue.... tried to listen twice and had to turn it off a few minutes in. Just bad opinions and views on things.
Thunderup ⚡️⚡️⚡️
This is one of the best podcast I have heard around the NBA. I love Eric Gee and what he does. His passion to put out podcast everyday is priceless. Every since Eric took over for Fred, I have never missed one of Eric podcasts. Keep it up fam.
Waiting new podcast on Xmas
A must have podcast for Thunder fans. Great great great after/pre game analysis, huge thanks to Fred Katz for making this podcast everyday. Kudos. [Update, Carson is doing a fantastic job as well] [Update, Gee probably has overworked with both LOS and LOT. There is a noticeable drop in this Podcast quality [LOS is better than LOT], but still it’s pretty good]
Locked on OU??
He put his other podcast up on the thunder podcast....this guy is a mess only listen for objective thunder info, his opinions and thoughts aren’t very good
Best pod ever idc what you say best pod ever
alex gee1426890
Thunder Podcast is great!
Appreciate the daily updates. Erik Gee is great! Keep up the good work!
Thunder Nana
I like that Erik Gee knows most people that want to listen to a daily pod would like that dose at or about 20-25 minutes. Great sound production and content make for easy listening. Keep it up Gee.
Good Podcast
Stop talking about OU so much. I am a Texas Tech alum and love OKC Thunder. You are making OKC Thunder and OU seam related and turning me off of them.
Terrible ESPN Update
Not great. Not the worst ever.
The last thunder podcast I listen to. 2 stars for posting so much content. But I feel like he talks about himself, is telling you about what he’s going to talk about before he talks about it, or has adds playing taking up over half of the 20-30 minutes.
Nick Shrimpington
Great Podcast
I love listening to this Podcast, and I’m a Jazz fan from Salt Lake City! I’ve been listening since the Jazz-Thunder playoff series last Spring. I enjoy listening to the podcast because Eric provides valuable information and is a joy to listen to. Thanks!!!
David B61
Love Love Love the Gee-Man!
I love the way this show is formatted and delivered! I praying 🙏🏼 that the new Locked on Oklahoma podcast will be just as brilliant. Good stuff indeed! Thank you for always giving an interesting, informed and honest take Mr. Gee!
I tried again
Man... it’s still so brutal. He tries to be funny or something. I wish David Locke would find someone else. Fred Katz and Carson Cunningham were great. There are others in the OKC market that could be better.
Not good anymore
I think that this podcast’s current 5 star-ish rating is because of Fred Katz who is unfortunately gone now. Not the guy currently running the show. I will say that it has to be tough to do a podcast everyday so do I give him credit that he produces many episodes. However, I think that he’s able to produce so many mainly because he’s just able to talk his random opinions for crazy long periods of time. For example, I’ve heard his opinions on Carmelo Anthony in full like 10 times in the episodes I’ve listened to recently. You’re not going to get good takes on basketball strategy, stats, or anything substantial like that. You'll just get rambling opinions on more surface level thunder things. I just personally really don’t like the content or the format. I also leave every podcast angry about something he has said lol. I think it has something to do with the way he says things like they aren’t negotiable at all. It feels like he oversells his opinions as the hard truth. And since the format for these pods is one dude talking the whole time, you don’t get any break from it or chance to hear counter arguments. Maybe some will like this type stuff. It’s just not for me.
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Teddyyy B
Used to be a fan.
I used to be a big fan a couple of Years ago. Fred Katz was amazing! I really don’t like Erik Gee, his takes feel a little to much like sports center. There is way to much whining. There’s a way to say the warriors are gonna win it and still make thunder basketball fun. Erik does not know that though. Unsubscribed.
James. G.
Where is the Paul George News?
It's the first podcast since the Thunder lost in the 1st round to an underwhelming Utah team that got blown out in game 1 against the rockets. Everyone is wondering why would Paul George stay. We want some reassurance or to hear it straight and rip the band aid off. So what does this podcast decide to focus on, Melo and his potential free agency. Not a word about Paul George in the description or in the podcast. We already know Melo is financially glued to exercising his option. This is not just irresponsible, it's basically a fake news tactic (covering a non story to distract from major stories), its propaganda!
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Anthony Davis MVP
Idk the knew host name but he started off good kinda knowledgeable about what he was speaking on until we get to the end of podcast and he goes on to say that in his estimation Anthony Davis is the clear front runner for MVP over James Harden...... that right there let’s me know I cannot take this podcast seriously. I know biased plays a big role being that Harden is a former Thunder. But no one who watching basketball this year with a clear and unbiased position can see what’s actually happening here. I listen to the Warriors, Rockets, and Thunder podcast whenever I find them available. The Thunder just got removed from that list.
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Funny man htown
Carson Cunningham
Carson the worst host, before him, it used to be one of favorite podcast. Disappointed that the Locked on Thunder team chose this guy to post. He stopped posting after like the first 2 weeks of the season....
Where's the content??
I'm thinking Carson Cunningham must have gotten fired for not putting out enough episodes.. Fred Katz was so much better.
Good content when they post
Fred used to post M-F. Carson might post twice a week. I need more content. Content is good when he posts, but also does really short pods. Would like longer more often pods.
Great Stuff!
Carson is doing a great job and this is going to be an exciting year!
Great Thunder Podcast
I really enjoy Locked On Thunder having Carson Cunningham at the helm. He’s one of my favorite Oklahoma sports personalities so I’m excited to see what he does with the podcast. I loved Fred Katz and the transition to Carson has been seamless and I’m still excited about it. Looking forward to this season!
Jacob Overton
Solid Pod
Good, solid, concise news, analysis, and conversation about the NBA’s best franchise. #ThunderUp
WolfeFace Killah
Great Pod
Very in depth coverage of the Oklahoma City Thunder franchise. Really great podcast!
Carson Cunningham does a great job!
Really enjoy this.
Pod with Darnell
This was awesome. Very interesting. Great work.
Carson Cunningham for the WIN!
Carson has been one of my favorite guests on the Down to Dunk podcast and I’m so glad he’s taken over this podcast!
OKC Thunder fan in NC
Great Pod
Fred Katz has been a great addition to the Thunder beat. It's refreshing to have an outsider on the beat. He always brings in journalists from all over, which I really like. It's fun to jump back and forth between a thunder fan news podcast in "Down to Dunk" and a more objective thunder news podcast in "Locked on Thunder". To be clear, I love them both!
Locked on this podcast
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