Locations on Two
Locations on Two
Dodd Vickers
There are many unsung heroes on the set of your favorite movies and television shows. One of these is the Location Manager. "Locations on Two" is a podcast featuring lively banter and stories from the trenches of production with the people behind some of your favorite movies and television shows. Join us where the real work gets done on set, "Locations on Two."
DODD VICKERS - Location Scout/Location Manager
I was honored to be asked to continue the discussion of film making as it relates to locations with legendary Academy Award winning cinematographer Roger Deakins on his podcast. "Team Deakins" again looks into the complexities of locations in the scheme of production. We talk with Dodd Vickers who shares with us how to find locations... MORE
Nov 11
1 hr 9 min
Markus Bensch
"On that Terrence Malick film, he wouldn't allow chairs. The actors had no chairs and no trailers." Through experience gained in his early days as a production assistant and location scout and on to later roles as a location manager and now as a production executive for Studio Babelsberg, it is fair to say that Markus Bensch knows his way around the industry. Now a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Markus ...
Nov 8
1 hr 4 min
Molly Allen ~ LO2
"What do you mean we lost the Navy? Go get it back!" Easy enough, right? This is just one of the scenarios that has marked the career of Location turned Producer Molly Allen. With more than three decades of production experience, Molly has been challenged creatively and logistically in ways that few people can imagine, all in the name of quality entertainment. Welcome to the back channel where the real work gets done on set, "Locations on Two!"
Oct 27
53 min
Maida Morgan ~ LO2
The creative role of a location manager during the early stages of production development one that involves a special and collaborative relationship with the production designer and director.  During her decades as a film maker,  Maida Morgan has become one of those trusted few invited to fulfill this role. She was first introduced to film making after a chance encounter with Steve McQueen as a child. She has since gone on to work with some of the top directors, designers, cinematographers ...
Oct 14
57 min
Veronique Vowell ~ LO2
What is the perfect environment in which to train a fantastic Location Manager? Apparently, by working as a field producer and researcher for "Ripley's Believe it or Not." After her tenure researching stories for Ripley's, Veronique Vowell transitioned into locations by working on such feature films as "Tango & Cash." But, she truly found her rhythm working in episodic television. By meeting the challenges managing such diverse shows as "Grey's Anatomy" to "Little Fires Everywhere,"
Sep 27
57 min
On previous episode we discussed the impact that locations can have on a production, but we have yet to talk about the impact that a production can have on the location.  In an ironic twist,  Senoia, GA, the primary site of filming for "The Walking Dead" was originally named "Location" by the settlers that started the town.  Mike Riley has been the location manager on AMC's post apocalyptic pandemic series since day one and joins us on Locations on Two!
Sep 13
1 hr 9 min
There is no doubt that a location scout can impact the look and feel of a production, but how much can a location manager also shape the script? Alison is the most prominent African American woman working as a location manager and we were just getting started with her story when we wrapped the last episode. A member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Kokayi was also the first recipient of the LMGI's "Location Manager of the Year"
Sep 6
1 hr 6 min
Kokayi Ampah has worked on everything from Knight Rider & The A Team to the Shawshank Redemption.  The first African-American location manager is also a member of the Academy. Alison Taylor is an industry veteran and the most prominent African American woman working in locations manager today. Welcome again to the back channel where the real work gets done on set, "Locations on Two!"
Aug 29
1 hr
Lori Balton ~ LO2
Prior to its release, much was made of the fact that Michael Mann's 1995 LA crime drama "Heat" would be the first movie to feature De Niro and Pacino onscreen together in the same scene. Lori Balton would soon learn how critical the setting for this scene was to Mr. Mann and the creative team when every restaurant location that she brought in for consideration was rejected. We discuss how this played out and much much more ...
Aug 23
53 min
John Rakich ~ LO2
Question: How do you cruise the streets of a major metropolitan city in a purple Lamborghini and the Batmobile without anyone noticing? Amswer: Well... you probably can't. John Rakich talks about this and a career in the film industry in which has immersed him in science fiction and the supernatural. Shadowhunters, The Expanse and Hemlock Grove are just a few of the topics that you might hear discussed when you join us on the back channel where the real work gets done on set, "Locations on Two!"
Aug 15
58 min
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