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Val and Alec, partners in crime and life, discuss Elementary, the best show on television.
S1E17 – Oops! All Geneticists!
This episode, Balto finally speaks his mind! He's not just a background character of LMNOP, he has things to say, and this week he says them. We watched Elementareep Season 1 Episode 17, Possibility Two. Joan has finally started to embrace the detective life, and Sherlock has plenty of Holmeswork to help her learn more. She's reading, she's learning single stick, she's... taking his sweaters to the dry cleaner? It's all part of learning to be a detective. Alec and Val took any and every opportunity to sing and be stupid this week, and we introduced some new faces to the LMNOP discord. Join our discord! disclaimer: if you're unfamiliar with dogs like Val was when they met Balto, please don't be worried about his barking. Huskies are just notoriously "vocal," aka he loves to complain.
Oct 26
1 hr 32 min
S1E16 – Who Framed Marcus Rabbit?
This week, we watched Season 1 Episode 16, Details. Joan makes a big step this week, no thanks to Sherlock's gorilla tactics and granny shots. And don't get any funny ideas about what a granny shot is, it's a normal term. Alec and Val also do some OTGW-style singing, and debate about who's the sexiest Holmes and Watson. Is Lucy Liu foxy? Listen in to find out!
Oct 19
1 hr 20 min
S1E15 – A Little Tube Covered in Clues
Maybe Sherlock with it, maybe it's Maybelline! This week we watched Season 1 Episode 15, A Giant Gun Filled With Drugs. Someone's been taken, like in the movie Taken, so a bad influence pops back into Sherlock's life even though Joan might want him to ge' ou' of her swump. (This episode of Elementary had a character with a Scottish accent in it, so we attempt to emulate it, to great success.) Join our Discord!
Oct 12
1 hr 9 min
S1E14 – Call Him Feral
This week your hosts Val and Alec have watched Season 1 Episode 14 of Elementary, The Deductionist. More like, the duck shinist. Joan and Sherlock have a lot to contend with this week, like serial killers and eVeN wOrSe, pornography. We provide Balto the dog with some mixed messages while we discuss profilers, single stick, and anti-kidney beans.
Sep 28
1 hr 15 min
S1E13 – The Blood-Orange Planet
Was the moon landing real? Val and Alec aren't sure. This week, we watched Season 1 Episode 13 of Elementary, The Red Team. Or maybe that's just what NASA wants you to believe... Pour yourself a nice bub of tea, and come listen as we discuss conspiracy theories, tortoises, and doing a tight fifteen at your therapist's office. Join our discord!
Sep 21
1 hr 8 min
S1E12 – Bedazzle My Butthole
Val and Alec, or shall we say V and A, discuss season 1 episode 12 of Elementary, "M." This episode, Sherlock and Joan are soon to part ways. Or are they...???? Val and Alec discuss Ms.Monopoly, futbol, craft nights, and adding "details" to your "backdoor." As usual, Balto the dog can't help but join in. Join our discord!
Sep 14
1 hr 8 min
S1E11 – My Low Speem Court
We're back, coming to you LIVE (pre-recorded) from our new studio! This week we watched Season 1 Episode 11, Dirty Laundry. Like that Spin Doctors song! And, there's a pen. Outfit watch is in high gear this week, as we tip, blip, and make Russian puns. We also do some very bad Russian accents, so to all the people who know what they're supposed to sound like, we apologize.
Sep 7
58 min
S1E10 – Cheese Quab
(It means cheek swab.) This week we watched Elementary S1E10, The Leviathan. It's a big safe that's hard to crack, but only because nobody's tried to make it spicy before. Val and Alec are here to solve the case, but first we're driving a smelly fishy car to Sing-Sing the Karaoke bar, wearing our matching BOGO bolo ties. Hopefully there will be some cool twins there we can meet. Also, surprise, this episode features Balto the puppy and his puppy sounds!
Aug 24
1 hr 36 min
S1E9 – A Robbery Gone Two-Eye Bad
In a rare turn of events, this episode of LMNOP got a little silly. Just kidding, they're always silly! We do a little singing, a little fake crying, a lot of goofing, and a small amount of talking about peep and poop. If you would like to learn about shiny gambling parlours, and talk to English with us of detectives, listen in. This week we watched Season 1 Episode 9, You Do It To Yourself.
Aug 10
1 hr 1 min
S1E8 – The Bomb Dot Gov
Talk about a blast from the past! This week Alec and Val and the cast of Elementary take a trip down memory lane as we watch Season 1 Episode 8, The Long Fuse. We check our savings at the Saucy Lizard Bank, and Alec clues us in on some Disney knowledge. This episode of LMNOP features an extensive musical break (a capella) after Val tells Alec that that one Spin Doctors song is by the Spin Doctors. Join our discord!
Aug 3
56 min
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