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Learn How You Can Live Full Out By Being Forgiving
52 minutes Posted Aug 26, 2023 at 11:00 am.
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Episode number: 2023.9.33

The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to learn how to be forgiving. Perhaps you had to let go of relationships that were toxic or manage a stressful time in your life. Join Nancy as she expresses why forgiving someone is important for self discovery and healing.

Our first caller, Joy, wonders how she can gain experience so she can thrive professionally. As a junior in college she worries if her skills will be enough after graduation. Tune in to hear how Nancy encourages her to get an internship or job shadow as a way of building her resume.

Our inspirational guest, Peter Young, expresses how he learned to overcome a family-cult after a painful divorce. Peter met a woman named Paige at a singles Bible study class, they fell in love and quickly got married. Throughout their marriage they had five kids but their relationship was quickly challenged by Paige's uncle who was in control of her family. Peter felt as if he had no power towards this situation. Tune in to hear how despite his marriage crumbling, he turned to his faith for strength.

Perhaps someone did you wrong and you are trying to figure out how to forgive them. Maybe you are trying to figure out how to leave the past behind you. When you can learn to put yourself in another person’s shoes or see their point of view, you will be living full out.