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Learn How To Live Full Out By Persevering Despite Circumstances
52 minutes Posted Aug 12, 2023 at 11:00 am.
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Episode: 2023.9.31

The Living Full Out show with Nancy Solari encourages you to keep persevering despite challenges and succeed. Maybe you have been facing setbacks that are pushing you to give up. Or perhaps it feels like life has been beating you up and you need some extra strength to keep going. Join Nancy as she discusses how to find your inner ability to face any challenges head on.

Our first caller Jocelyn is nervous about introducing her new partner to her friend group. Nancy advises her to begin by easing her boyfriend in by introducing him to just one close friend who will encourage the rest of the group to accept him. It’s important to trust those in your life who want happiness for you in order to face interpersonal challenges. Tune in to discover how overthinking can derail your ability to persist through life’s issues.

Our inspirational guest David Harrell held onto the strength to keep going through his limitations to find happiness. David was born with no right hand and would face the difficulties of being bullied during school which he carried into his adult life. From namecalling to the flat-out rejection of a large group of middle school girls David entered the grown-up world discouraged. But, David persevered, never giving up his dream of becoming and actor and using his disability in favor of him rather than against him. Tune in to hear how perseverance was the key to David’s success in life.

Perhaps you are exhausted from facing the challenges life has been throwing at you. Try to find reasons to keep going whether that is a financial goal, a friend who gives you a pep talk, or a bucket list. Remaining optimistic even when you encounter a problem exemplifies what it means to live full out.