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Gain Tips On How To Manage Losses By Loving Bigger As You Live Full Out
52 minutes Posted Mar 18, 2023 at 11:00 am.
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Episode: 2023.9.11

The Living Full Out show with Nancy Solari encourages you to give your all when managing losses in life. We all experience loss at some point, and it’s okay to feel disappointed and upset, but remember that your dreams are still out there waiting for you. Choosing to move forward by embracing life instead of getting held back brings you one step closer.

Our first caller Mike wonders how to prioritize the experiences he wants to have in life. Nancy advised him that leveraging every moment plays a big role in pursuing his ambitions. Mike realized that being intentional with the time, people, and money in his life would allow him to make progress in his career and relationship goals. Listen in to discover how using your resources wisely can lead you closer to making your dreams a reality.

Our inspirational guest Jillian Johnson managed her losses in life by loving bigger. Jillian’s parents separated while she was young, and her life took a big change. Growing up her mother would often criticize her and make fun of her weight. Lacking a good support system, she struggled with low self-esteem and searched for value in others. Putting her own happiness to the side, she found herself making decisions to please those around her. In her early 20’s, burdened with years of emotional stress and a nudge from her mom, Jillian purposed to her on and off boyfriend. While getting married didn’t feel quite right, she was overjoyed as they prepared to welcome their first child. She loved capturing each moment leading up to the day she delivered, but while in the hospital Jillian had to have an emergency c-section. In the following weeks Jillian and her husband were faced with an impossible choice as their son was placed on life support. They went on to have two beautiful daughters together, but she couldn’t escape the feeling that something was missing. Wanting to be a positive role model for her daughters, Jillian realized she needed to take steps to heal from past trauma. Now Jillian encourages others to be honest with themselves as they strive to find happiness.

Perhaps you’ve experienced situations where it’s felt things couldn’t possibly get better. Rather than letting you’re loss stop you from making progress, think about what you cherish in life and the goals you want to accomplish. Focusing on what’s ahead can ignite that spark you need to keep pushing and live your life full out.