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Discover How to Live Full Out By Having a Positive Outlook Despite Not Knowing What Will Happen
52 minutes Posted Feb 25, 2023 at 11:00 am.
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Episode 2023.2.25
The Living Full Out Show encourages you to be optimistic about the unknown. Perhaps you are worried about what will happen to you this week. Maybe you are afraid about the next few years. Join Nancy as she discusses how to stay positive towards an uncertain future.

Our first caller, Anthony, is constantly worried that he is going to lose his job. Nancy advises him to journal or do a video diary to keep track of how he is feeling over time. Making sure that you have an outlet for your anxiety helps release the feeling from your mind. Tune in to learn how to let go of constant fear of events that are hard to control.

Our inspirational guest Jacy Good discusses how she uses her positive attitude to live with her disability. On her college graduation day, Jacey and her parents got in a car collision where her parents died and she lived. After months in the hospital, she managed to thrive in life by getting married and doing advocacy work. Tune in to hear how Jacey continues to heal from the pain of that fateful day.

Perhaps you feel the need to be in full control of your life. Try having an “arms wide open” view toward the future. By finding peace in the present, and being prepared for the unexpected you can live full out.