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Discover How You Can Live Full Out by Navigating Life's Transitions by Looking Inwards - episode of Living Full Out Show podcast

Discover How You Can Live Full Out by Navigating Life's Transitions by Looking Inwards

52 minutes Posted Jan 21, 2023 at 7:00 pm.
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Show notes
Episode: 2022.8.52

The Living Full Out show with Nancy Solari encourages you to reflect inside yourself when adapting to changes in life. When you feel that it’s time for a change of direction but aren’t confident in taking that step forward, ask yourself why? Doing some deep thinking is a great way to uncover what’s holding you back so you can keep moving towards your goals.

Our first caller Gary was recently promoted and wonders how he can keep his team motivated despite conflict and obstacles? Nancy advised him to capitalize on opportunities to introduce inspiration to his team. Transitioning to a higher position than your friends at work can cause tension to arise, but you create an environment where everyone feels valued when you empower others to voice their opinions. Keeping your door open can go a long way in building relationships and comradery.

Our inspirational guest Rick Smith Jr. was able to regain control of his life by doing self-reflection. Growing up his father was an alcoholic and he found himself having to step up as the oldest of three siblings. When he was 15, Rick was lucky enough to start his hockey career early and began traveling with his team. Although he had a deep love for the game, he wasn’t quite ready for the emotional strain he felt being away from his family. Trying to numb his pain with alcohol led Rick down a dark path as his drinking took a heavy toll on his body and his performance. He was devastated being let go from his team in New Orleans and sank deeper into his addictions. It wasn’t until his fiancé called off their engagement that he finally had a wake-up call. That day he turned to God for guidance and started his lasting journey to sobriety. Tune in to hear how Rick freed himself from damaging influences by being mindful of his actions and is helping others do the same with his book Behavior Change: Impacting the Next Generation.

Maybe you’ve been struggling to find what makes you happy in life. Rather than looking to others or seeking out something materialistic, think about what drives you in life. Is it your desire to help those around you, your passion for business, or your love for nature? Making time to self-reflect brings you closer to living your life full out.

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