Live Wire with Luke Burbank
Live Wire with Luke Burbank
Like late-night for radio, Live Wire is hosted by Luke Burbank (Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me) and artfully blends an eclectic mix of artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, comedians, and cultural observers.
Dave Hill and No-No Boy
Comedian and writer Dave Hill dives into his newest book “The Awesome Game,” which makes the case for why hockey should be more popular in the United States, then tries his hand at the surprisingly popular genre of "hockey romance" novels; and singer-songwriter No-No Boy performs "Western Empress" from his latest album “Empire Electric,” which tells the history behind the grave of the first Japanese-American settler in Oregon. Plus, host Luke Burbank and announcer Elena Passarello share the most "awesome games" according to our listeners.
Feb 23
51 min
REBROADCAST: Ken Jennings, Erica Berry, and Making Movies
Author and Jeopardy host Ken Jennings takes us on a journey to the afterlife with his latest book, “100 Places to See After You Die,” and explains why contestant interviews are so darn awkward; writer Erica Berry discusses her debut book “Wolfish,” which examines all things "wolf" – from fables to fears; and international rock group Making Movies perform "Porcelina" from their album “XOPA.” Plus, host Luke Burbank and announcer Elena Passarello share versions of the perfect afterlife, according to our listeners.
Feb 16
51 min
EXTRA: Author Curtis Sittenfeld on the Longevity of Rom-Com Couples
To celebrate Valentine's Day, this extra episode features author Curtis Sittenfeld (“Romantic Comedy”) in a game where she must decide if famous rom-com couples broke up or lived happily ever after.
Feb 14
9 min
Avery Trufelman, Camille Dungy, and Olive Klug
Podcaster Avery Trufelman unpacks her podcast “Articles of Interest,” in which she reveals the history behind fashion and clothing, including prison uniforms and the debate over pockets; author Camille Dungy discusses her latest book “Soil: The Story of a Black Mother’s Garden,” which chronicles her attempts to diversify her garden in the predominantly white community of Fort Collins, Colorado; and singer-songwriter Olive Klug performs "Song About America," inspired by her experiences as a queer artist touring across the nation.
Feb 9
53 min
Black History Month Special: Tracy K. Smith, Saeed Jones, and Meklit
In this Black History Month special episode, former U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith discusses her memoir “To Free the Captives,” which explores Black strength, continuance, and community by looking back at her own family’s history; poet Saeed Jones (“Alive at the End of the World”) unpacks the backstories behind some of his poems involving Billie Holiday, Maya Angelou, and Luther Vandross; and Ethio-Jazz musician Meklit performs the song, “I Want to Sing for Them All” as a tribute to her musical influences.
Feb 2
52 min
J. Wortham, Curtis Sittenfeld, and Margo Cilker
Journalist J. Wortham (The New York Times Magazine, Still Processing) recounts what happened when they visited a nude queer beach in Oaxaca; author Curtis Sittenfeld discusses her newest novel “Romantic Comedy,” which flips the script on the celebrity love story; and singer-songwriter Margo Cilker performs "With the Middle" from her sophomore album “Valley of Heart's Delight.” Plus, host Luke Burbank and announcer Elena Passarello highlight some favorite romantic moments in cinema.
Jan 26
52 min
REBROADCAST: Jamie Loftus, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, and Danielle Ponder
Writer and podcaster Jamie Loftus dives into her New York Times bestselling book “Raw Dog: The Naked Truth About Hot Dogs,” a travelog on the cultural and historical significance of the American sausage; chef and food writer J. Kenji López-Alt tests his knowledge of cooking gadget infomercials; and R&B/Soul vocalist Danielle Ponder performs "So Long" from her debut album “Some of Us Are Brave.” Plus, host Luke Burbank and announcer Elena Passarello go on some hypothetical road trips.
Jan 19
52 min
Hari Kondabolu, Kristi Coulter, and Quasi
Comedian Hari Kondabolu discusses his new standup special “Vacation Baby” and how regrettably he blew off congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on her campaign trail; writer Kristi Coulter unpacks her memoir “Exit Interview: The Life and Death of My Ambitious Career,” which recounts the often soul-crushing work culture of an Amazon executive; and indie rock duo Quasi performs "Queen of Ears" off their new album “Breaking the Balls of History.” Plus, host Luke Burbank and Elena Passarello share some of the wildest things children have said to our listeners.
Jan 12
52 min
REBROADCAST: Ari Shapiro and Demi Adejuyigbe
Ari Shapiro, journalist and co-host of All Things Considered, unpacks his new book “The Best Strangers in the World: Stories From a Life Spent Listening,” which chronicles his reporting adventures across the globe, from Air Force One to the stage of the Hollywood Bowl; comedian and TV writer Demi Adejuyigbe explains how the WGA strike afforded him so much free time... to go to the Renaissance Faire. Plus, host Luke Burbank and Elena Passarello share stories of the most amazing strangers our listeners have encountered.
Jan 5
52 min
REBROADCAST: Timothy Egan and Dessa
Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and acclaimed author Timothy Egan unpacks his newest book “A Fever in the Heartland,” which traces the Ku Klux Klan's expansion across America in the 1920s and one woman's crusade to stop them; rapper and poet proves she's more talented than AI by performing a poem she penned backstage using popular search terms. Plus, host Luke Burbank and announcer Elena Passarello reveal the most ridiculous challenges our listeners have accepted.
Dec 29, 2023
52 min
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