Little Joyful Stories
Little Joyful Stories
Little Joyful Stories
This is a kid podcast providing fairy tales, fables, folklores for bed time stories or anytime.
Daha and The Nagara's Buffalo
This is a story of a buffalo who is cared for by a cruel shepherd. This man is hard on his buffaloes including Daha. One day Mr. Shepherd had an accident, but fortunately Daha, a kind-hearted buffalo, was ready to help so that Mr. Shepherd's life was saved. What happened to Mr. Shepherd? Why is Daha so good after what Mr. Shepherd did to him? Want to know the full story? Get a listen to the story. Daha and The Nagara's Buffalo talents: • Writer: Ria Lestari Baso • Narrator: Safira Devi Amorita • Daha: Ijaz Subekti • Mr. Shepherd: Muh. Zuhri • Daha's sister: Amanda Raina Dewi
Oct 17, 2020
5 min
The Gingerbread Man
This is a story of a lady who likes to bake. One cold morning, she decided to make a gingerbread. She mixed flour, butter and eggs in a bowl and then she rolled out the dough carefully. She then cut out a lovely gingerbread man and gave him blueberries for his eyes and buttons and icing for his mouth and clothes. But, surprisingly as she entered the kitchen, something magical happened to the gingerbread. Do you know what it is? Do you think the gingerbread does something bad to the lady?
Jan 28, 2020
7 min
The Ugly Duckling
This is a story of Bebe who feels sad because she does not look like the other ducks. She actually does not realize that till one of her ducks friend mocked her and asked her to see her reflection in the water. One day, Asa came to Bebe and told her something. It turns out she does not know one of the truths about herself.  What makes Bebe look different from others ?Do you know what is actually the truth?
Jan 8, 2020
5 min
Annisa and The Magic Box
This is a story of a girl named Annisa who was playing in the jungle to pick flowers for her mother. In the way home, she accidentally found a box, then she opened it and something came out from the box, something that Annisa actually likes. but this thing asked something that Annisa could not fulfill. Do you want to know what is actually coming out from the box? What this thing can do that can make Annisa happy? and Why Annisa feels hard to follow what thing wants?
Dec 30, 2019
6 min
Gardening with Grandmother
This is a story of Rena who just came back from spending her holiday in her grandparents' house. Before going home, her grandmother gave her a bag of seeds. As she arrived at home, she got surprised because she does not know where to plant the seeds. Do you think Rena will still plant the seeds? If yes, where do you think Rena will plant it?
Dec 22, 2019
5 min
The Seeds of Peace
This is a story of a furious king who was questioning about peace. He did not have the idea about what peace was? He looked for the answer of his question everywhere, unfortunately he did not find it, till someday he decided to visit the wise man. He was given a seed by the wise man. However, he did something wrong to the seed. Can you guys guess what the king do to the seeds? Do you want to know what goes wrong? 
Dec 15, 2019
7 min
The Race of Ciko And Momo
This is a story about a cat (Momo) and a dog (Ciko) who are claiming themselves as the fastest animal in the jungle. One day, Pak Gajah decided to hold a race to get to know who is the fastest animal in between Momo and Ciko. But, unfortunately one of them wanted to cheat. Can you guess who is the cheating one? Do you want to know who is actually the fastest animal?
Dec 7, 2019
6 min
Issun-bōshi the Little Warrior
This is a folklore from Japan. The tale of Issun Boshi begins with a farmer and his wife, a kind-hearted couple who has worked hard for years to have a child. Then, the God gave them a baby boy that they named Issun-bōshi. Do you know what is the meaning of Issun-bōshi? Do you want to know what happens to him? How Issun-bōshi deal with his problem?
Nov 30, 2019
7 min
Flooded Cloud
This is a folklore from Thailand about a little girl who cares about her dry village. She finally decides to do something to make call the rain, so that her village will not be dry anymore. She almost gives up, but then she meets something that encourages her to keep trying. Do you want to know what is that? Will the rain fall in her village? Go get the answer in this sixth episode.
Nov 22, 2019
6 min
Tupi The Lost Squirrel
This is a story of a little squirrel who does not want to go to school and choose to play in the jungle instead. As a result she is lost in the jungle, and something unexpected happens to her. Can you guess what is that? Will she find the way out? Do not miss our fifth episode with the new talents.
Nov 16, 2019
5 min
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