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Jacob Blaeser
In this podcast local Brainerd Lakes Area business owners Jacob Blaeser (BlazeAir Aerial Production) and Colton Maher (Woods to Water Real Estate) cover everything in the 'Lakes Area'. We catch up with fellow local business owners, lifelong area residents, friends, family and even local celebs. For inquiries please email:
Listen Local - S2 Ep 19 - Duluth Coffee Co, Halloween in the BLA, and a NEW SPONSOR!
Annnnnnnd, we're back. But for the FIRST OFFICIAL time with a Brand New Sponsor. That's right, agreements have been made, checks have been signed, and most importantly BRAND SPANK'N NEW equipmtent has been ordered! We couldn't be happier to be partnering with Tyler Gardner and his companies Pequot Lakes and Gull Lake Sanitation. While you've already heard his voice from time to time on the show, get ready to hear much more from him, including a new monthly segment called Trash Talk with Tyler. Also on this episode, we recap the fun Grand Opening weekend at Mn Traders Co, where you can enjoy some Halloween festivities next week, and we announce another all-new segment to the show that involves Isaiah going out and about in the BLA! If you are looking for more info on everything Halloween in the Brainerd Lakes Area, make sure to check out the latest Woods to Water Blog! Also, as always, stay tuned to our social media pages for more up to date content: Instagram:ListenLocalMNBlazeAirMNWoodsToWaterMNNorthwoodsAgent Facebook:Listen Local MNBlazeAirMNWoodsToWaterMN
Oct 21, 2021
47 min
Listen Local - S2 Ep 18 - MN Traders Co.
It's finally here!!! The Minnesota Traders Co. GRAND OPENING is this Saturday, October 16th, and the Listen Local guys catch up with Traders General Manager Brock Heath. They discuss everything from Brock and his family's decision to make the move up to the Brainerd Lakes Area, his over 20-years spent at the iconic Kieran's Irish Pub in Minneapolis, how the first few month's at Trader's have gone and of course what to expect at the Grand Opening! Plus, Isaiah gets a 'Fargo' mention in this week's "How Local Are You?" segment. To find out more about the Grand Opening this weekend, as well as other events going on in the Lakes Area, make sure to check out the latest Wood to Water Blog. Also, as always, make stay tuned to our social media pages for more up to date content: Instagram:ListenLocalMNBlazeAirMNWoodsToWaterMNNorthwoodsAgent Facebook:Listen Local MNBlazeAirMNWoodsToWaterMN
Oct 14, 2021
47 min
Listen Local - S2 Ep 17 - Cragun's Resort
Fall 2021 has officially arrived, and here in the Brainerd Lakes Area the colors have started popping. Which means, if you are looking for one last getaway, or staycation, before the snow starts flying, the time is now! One of the many places you can stay is the historic Craguns Resort on Gull Lake, where the colors are looking amazing right now. In this episode the Listen Local guys catch up with Eric Peterson, who is the General Manager at Craguns to discuss not only how perfect this time of year is, but also, how their first real summer back from Covid-year went. Also, we had to talk about possibly the biggest news in the Brainerd Lakes Area, the updates they are making to their golf experience at the resort. Not only is the Legacy, and already amazing course, getting a little upgrade, but they also brought in PGA and Minnesota Golf legend Tom Lehman to design a whole new course as well! Big things happening with Craguns and they dive into it all. Annnnd, speaking of fall, make sure to check out the latest Woods to Water blog for things to do, and best locations to witness the autumn colors in the BLA.
Oct 2, 2021
40 min
Listen Local - S2 Ep 16 - The Mayor Gives an Update
In this episode, Jacob and Isaiah head out to the Pequot Lakes Sanitation headquarters and catch up with Pequot Lakes Mayor, and owner of PL Sanitation, Tyler Gardner. This has to be the most in-depth episode the guys have had yet. Like they actually got serious for a little bit!! There's been a lot happening in Pequot over the summer, from emergency meetings, to possible Covid outbreaks, to yes... even that damn Splash Pad lol, they cover it all. Tyler not only gives his opinions on it, but also why he may see why the other side has a much different perspective. Things even get a little heated (for just a slight second) between Jacob and the Mayor. So, like we say EVERY WEEK this is an episode you WON'T wanna miss.
Sep 25, 2021
58 min
Listen Local - S2 Ep 15 - Oktoberfest at Roundhouse
ATTENTION EVERYONE... It's officially fall beer season in the Brainerd Lakes Area! And it kicks off this weekend at the Roundhouse Brewery Oktoberfest. Now that we have you're attention, this is one episode you won't want to miss! The Listen Local guys had to head out to Roundhouse to catch up with their President, Mark Lelwica to discuss all of this weekend's events out there. IT SOUNDS INCREDIBLE. From the beer to the food to the entertainment... You'll wanna make sure to make time to stop there this weekend. Now, of course we hit hard on Oktoberfest, but we also chat with Mark about their big move just over a year ago, the addition of the all new Axe Throwing Wreck Room, and just the overall entertainment they've been able to provide to go along with their incredible beer. ALSO going on in town this weekend is the Nisswa Fall Festival & Smokin' Hot BBQ Challenge! Always a fan favorite. Thanks for tuning in and we'll catch ya next week!
Sep 17, 2021
46 min
Listen Local - S2 Ep 14 - Pam Dorion of the Nisswa Chamber
Hi Everyone! On this episode Colton, Isaiah and Jacob catch up with Pam Dorian, the Director of the Nisswa Chamber. During this episode, Pam - who just celebrated her 1-year anniversary as Chamber Director - reflects on that first year, what it was like having parades and events back, why Nisswa should be a tourist destination for anyone visiting the area, and she even dives into her backstory of how she ended up in Nisswa 26 years ago! That is QUITE the story. All of that and soooo much more in this extremely fun episode. Also, if you are looking for stuff do to in the Lakes Area over this Labor Day weekend, Woods to Water has you covered! Make sure to check out all of the happenings in their latest Blog! Thanks for tuning in.
Sep 2, 2021
38 min
Listen Local - S2 Ep 13 - Eric Perkins aka PerkAtPlay
The episode that's been in the making for over a year finally happened. And all it took was our guest leaving his news network after 25 years. That's right, Eric Perkins aka Perk aka Perkatplay finally stopped by to chat with the LL guys! During this episode we chat about his 25 year career in the Sports Department of Kare 11, some of his best sports memories, why he likes to vacation in the Brainerd Lakes Area every year, and we even put him on the spot in this week's BLA Sports related "How Local Are You?" It's definitely an episode you'll wanna catch! Also, for more happenings in the area, make sure to catch the latest in the Woods to Water Blog BlazeAir ProductionsWoods to Water Real Estate
Aug 30, 2021
36 min
Listen Local - S2 Ep 12 - RAFFERTY'S
Sooooo excited this episode finally happened. On this show, the LL Crew catches up with Tony and Bror from the world famous Rafferty's Pizza. As one of the most well-known restaurants in the area, we discuss everything from their beginnings at Rafferty's as kids in high school, to now both of them managing one of the Raffs restaurants, Bror in Crosby and Tony in Nisswa. Speaking of those locations, we dive into what makes each one of them unique (including the Crosslake location), but also why they still bring that Rafferty's nostalgia. As we mentioned in this episode, we could all talk for days about the history and growth of Raffertys Pizza, the memories, what it means to the community and so much more - so maybe a second round with these guys Oh and we also put them on the spot with some local pizza trivia!Thanks again to both Tony and Bror for joinin and can't wait to get back into grab some pizza (which will more than likely be tonight... Then, after the Raffs guys step out, the LL fellas chat about the State Fair coming up, a trip to TC Summer Jam, a little more about Lakes Jam (make sure to catch the newly released Lakes Jam recap video filmed and produced by BlazeAir), and some more happenings in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Was a fun one, hope you all enjoy!
Aug 19, 2021
57 min
Listen Local - S2 E11 -  Mission Tavern
Welcome back to the Listen Local podcast, tune in to hear what the guys are up to this week! Colton and Isaiah cruise over to Mission Tavern to chat with owner Jeff. The guys dig into new menu changes, the history of the tavern, COVID, and a whole lot more! Be sure to stop in to sign up for the Mission Tavern Open Registration deadline is August 14th! Also, make sure to check out the Woods to Water blog for the latest happenings in the BLA, as well as Small Business Spotlights!
Jul 31, 2021
43 min
Listen Local - S2 E9 - Pequot Lakes Chamber
Welcome back everyone! On this episode Colton, Isaiah and Jacob catch up with the NEW Director of the Pequot Lakes Chamber, Nicole Heinen. Among many other topics, the crew recaps all of the events from 4th of July weekend, and Nicole lets us know what to expect from this year's Bean Hole Days! Also, make sure to check out the Woods to Water blog for the latest happenings in the BLA, as well as Small Business Spotlights! Annnnd if you want to see the latest Woods to Water / BlazeAir video that was mentioned in this episode CLICK HERE
Jul 13, 2021
52 min
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