Linux Reality Podcast (MP3 Feed)
Linux Reality Podcast (MP3 Feed)
Chess Griffin
A podcast for the new Linux user
Episode 100 - The Final Episode
In this, the last Linux Reality episode: I bring back some old audio clips, fire up one last listener tip, play a bunch of audio comments, and then take a few minutes to say thanks. I mentioned the reasons for ending the show in Episode 96 but now I would like to say thank you, everybody, for a great ride. It's been a great two years. This site, the podcast feed and files, the forums, and the IRC channel will remain up and active for the forseeable future, and I'll still be around. In the meantime, keep on hackin'.
Mar 26, 2008
Episode 099 - Slackware Revisited
In this episode: I take a few minutes to revisit The Slackware Linux Project, and discuss some of the great resources available to Slackware users, such as the Slackware official support forum,,, and I also talk about Slackware package management, how to use SlackBuild scripts such as those from, and some of the new features that will appear in the next release.
Mar 19, 2008
Episode 098 - Super Basic Shell Scripting
In this episode: a generalized discussion of shell scripts with some basic examples of how they can be useful. Here are some additional resources: online slide presentation; Shell Scripting Tutorial; Quick Guide to Writing Scripts; UNIX Shell Scripting.
Mar 12, 2008
Episode 097 - A Few Linux Games
In this episode: an overview of a few games for adults and kids alike that work great in Linux: Quake 2, Quake 3, OpenArena, Unreal Tournament, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, FreeCiv, LinCity, LinCity-NG, Micropolis, OpenTTD, Frozen-Bubble, Enigma, Fillets-NG, Pingus, Neverball, Neverputt, Supertux, Abe's Amazing Adventure, Secret Maryo Chronicles, Barbie's Seahorse Adventures, Trip on the Funnyboat, Moonlander, TuxKart, SuperTuxKart, Armagetron, GLTron, Tuxracer, PlanetPenguin Racer, Extreme Tux Racer, Battle for Wesnoth.
Mar 5, 2008
Episode 096 - Two Years Later
In this episode: I take a few minutes to talk about the last two years of Linux Reality, and also announce the upcoming end of the show. There will be a few more episodes of good Linuxy topics and then the podcast will end at episode 100.
Feb 27, 2008
Episode 095 - Listener Feedback
In this episode: three Listener Tips, three audio feedbacks, and tons and tons of email. Extra notes are located here.
Feb 20, 2008
Episode 094 - Linux for Writers
In this guest episode: Charles Olsen discusses various applications and tools for writers that are available in Linux.
Feb 13, 2008
Episode 093 - Interview with Nathan Lowell
In this episode: an interview with author Nathan Lowell, in which we discuss his four science fiction novels, Quarter Share, Half Share, Full Share, and South Coast, technology, artists and authors releasing their works for free, and his use of Linux. All of Nathan Lowell's books are available on
Feb 6, 2008
Episode 092 - Ardour
In this guest episode: Klaatu, from The Bad Apples podcast, returns and provides a great overview and explanation of the digital audio workstation application, Ardour.
Jan 30, 2008
Episode 091 - Happy New Year
In this episode: welcome to 2008; great audiobooks by Nathan Lowell, including Quarter Share, Half Share, Full Share, and South Coast, all available at; Hacker Public Radio; the KDE Release Event at the Google Campus in Mountain View, CA; a review of Absolute FreeBSD by Michael W. Lucas.
Jan 22, 2008
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