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Linux OTC
Bill, Leo, and Norbert
Linux Off The Cuff!We're the Linux podcast with no script!
Episode 15 - Bloat is Subjective
This week we get into some feedback as well as a discussion about system bloat, getting rid of it; and should we get rid of it. We get into Distrobox a little and discuss why it's different from other containerized application solutions. All of that and a whole lot more!
Aug 13
1 hr 14 min
Episode 14 - Stand and Be Counted!
This week we're a man short, but we soldier on none the less. We continue our conversation about Red Hat's decision to limit access to their source code, and the impact that will no doubt have on the enterprise space. We also get into Fedora's recent "announcement" that they are considering working on building a frame work for "ethical telemetry." All that, and so much more!
Jul 16
58 min
Episode 13 - Red Hat's On A Roll!
This week we get into Red Hat's recent announcement that they're no longer going to provide direct access to their source code, potentially creating a problem for clones of Red Had Enterprise Linux, such as Alma Linux, or Rocky Linux.#linux #linuxotc #redhat #centos #almalinux #rockylinux #rhel
Jul 2
46 min
Episode12 - "Reddit & Twitter deserve each other"
This week we're completely "off the cuff." We get into Lemmy, a federated alternative to Reddit - which leads to a discussion about the fedaverse in general. We talk a little about Docker. We do a call-out to the community for some feedback on possible methods to support the show. We then get into some feedback from previous episodes, and a whole lot more!#linux #linuxotc #docker #lemmy #patreon #liberapay
Jun 18
1 hr 5 min
Episode 11 - Oh Snap!
"Off the rails" would be one way to describe this episode. We start off with a discussion about the progression of Wayland, which leads us into Hyprland, and Wlroots. We then evolve back into containerization and immutability - all of that and a whole lot more
Jun 4
49 min
Episode 10 - Immutable? Well... Sort Of
This week we get into "immutable:" Linux distributions a bit. We talk a little about Fedora's Silverblue, and Kinoite projects, as well as a community spin that enables some additional functionality. A little feedback, and a whole lot more! #fedora #linux #linuxotc #silverblue #kinoite #immutable #containerization
May 21
1 hr 15 min
Episode 9 - "If Not For Nvidia"
This week we get into some of our Nvidia woes. Bill has to switch to Arch (at least temporarily) Leo and Norbert may build a Gentoo system in the near future. We also get into a short discussion about a recent article in Ars Technica describing Google's desire to retire the "Https" padlock in the Chrome browser. #linuxotc #archlinux #gentoo #nvidia #googlechrome #https #tls
May 7
1 hr 9 min
Episode 8 - The Immutable Leo
This week we talk a little about the new as well as the winbtrfs project which brings the advantages of the Btrfs filesystem to the Windows world. We also get into the state of things with Wayland as well as Fedora, and so much more. #linux #wayland #fedoraproject #winbtrfs #btrfs
Apr 23
1 hr 8 min
Episode 7 - Quick! Emu!
To call this episode an exercise in derailment is an understatement, but there you go. We go off about Cryptocurrency, Antenna TV, and Quickemu. We had a lot of fun. Don't forget to hit those "like" and "subscribe" buttons! #linux #linuxotc #quickemu #antennatv #cryptocurrency
Apr 9
57 min
Episode 6 - TikTok Ya Don't Stop
This week it's all about TikTok... just kidding. We get into the emotional rollercoaster that is the decisions by Docker inc. We also go nuts about the new 16 inch Frameworks laptop that is in the works for the future. Oh and we talk a bit about TikTok. #tiktok #frameworks #docker #linux #linuxotc
Mar 26
59 min
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