Limited Level-Ups
Limited Level-Ups
Alex and Abram
Limited Level-Ups is a Magic: The Gathering podcast that aims to get you better at limited magic. Tune in each week as Alex (Chord_O_Calls) and Abram deliver a deep dive level-up on a specific topic related to drafting and sealed
Limited Level-Ups 40: Drafting The Cards You Want To Play, with Sam Black
This week we have Sam Black on to talk about one of his most important limited articles, Draft The Cards You Want To play, as well a wide variety of other limited related topics. Sams article: Limited Level-Ups Discord:
Nov 19
1 hr 8 min
Limited Level-Ups 39: A Conversation with Elo Master Bryan Hons
This week we have MTGO 2000 Elo haver Bryan Hons on to talk about a variety of level-up topics and Patreon questions! LLU Discord Link:
Nov 12
1 hr 22 min
Kaladesh Remasted Full Set Review with LordTupperware!
Multi-colored Uncommons: 1:45 Artifacts: 34:21 White: 1:52:50 Blue: 2:39:22 Black: 3:21:00 Red: 4:02:03 Green: 4:37:00 Rare Multi-colored & Lands: 5:17:52
Nov 6
5 hr 33 min
Limited Level-Ups 38: Sealed Strats with StryxFamiliar
This episode we have Sealed expert StryxFamiliar on to talk about how he approaches sealed. We talk big picture sealed ideas, doing well in competitive sealed events, and Zendikar Rising specifics .
Oct 26
1 hr 19 min
Limited Level-Ups 37: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Drafters with 17land Dev Viralmisnomer
This week we have developer Viralmisnomer on! Join us as he shares 7 habits the data tells us are shared amongst successful drafters.
Oct 6
1 hr 15 min
Limited Level-Ups 36: Zendikar Rising State of the Format Address
This week we give our big picture take on the format and shine some light on this absurdly deep format!
Sep 28
1 hr 9 min
Limited Level-Ups 35: Zendikar Rising's Big Picture and Archetype Skeletons
This epsiode Alex flies solo and talks about his initial impressions of Zendikar Rising Limited + building archetype skeletons for some of the format's decks. Deck images:
Sep 18
58 min
Zendikar Rising Full Set Review with LordTupperware!
Green: 1:57 White: 1:08:11 Blue: 2:08:25 Black: 3:04:42 Red: 3:58:21  Multi-colored/Artifacts: 4:45:15
Sep 11
5 hr 33 min
Limited Level-Ups Episode 34:  Zendikar Rising Mechanics and Card Breakdown
This week we analyze what Zendikar Rising's mechanics mean for drafting and deck building, as well as take an early look at some of the set's tricky to evaluate cards.
Sep 6
1 hr 5 min
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