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Value (Discover, Uncover and Recover) 1
Can you take 10 minutes to analyze of what your true value is? Look at it from two perspective – What processes have I gone through? And what things have I given myself to doing and becoming?
Jul 15, 2019
5 min
When The Enemy Asks Questions
The Enemy will not just come against you because you are on the other side of the divide. He has ways he comes against you and one of those ways is by Questions. He might not ask you directly but I tell you he is good at it. From tomorrow through Saturday, read the Lights at or beep me up on +2348138498485
Jul 6, 2019
8 min
In Life, advancement is a necessity, nothing can take its place.
In this episode see how you shouldn't permit people who didn't see what you saw when you started to affect your journey now when they have chosen to turn back or focus on something else.
May 9, 2019
10 min
Test Discuss on Experience
Experience is not bad in itself. The aim of experience is to show you are qualified for the next big level. Please be proud of your experiences. They are the reason you are here today.
May 9, 2019
8 min
The Greater Dimension of Experience 6
The secret about life is that questions are being asked daily that needs urgent answers... If we would answer them correctly, we must be able to connect strongly to destiny through the Author - God.
Apr 24, 2019
5 min
When Experience Speaks 12
When Experience Speaks 12 The beauty of life is seen in its ability to give us many opportunities and strengthen us to fulfill our dreams. Our destination either by design or determination will always need wisdom input. Tonight’s Light There would be a challenge with life if all we do is waiting for our dreams to come through without special efforts towards them. Those that wait to make life happen for them will always have live happen to them. Most time it happens the way we don’t life. When conscious efforts are not made towards a dream, anything will take its place. One of the efforts compulsory for one to make towards their dream is by getting experience to speak. How do we get experience to speak after we have honoured our way to access? We must have humbled our hearts to theirs. Perfect submission will release the joyful modes of the wise to give you the wealth of their experience. One of the ways through which experience is known is through their ability to tell difference. The experienced are not deceived by gifts. They are sensitive to differentiate between those that honour their presence and those that bring deceptive gifts. Where gifts are an encouragement for the grace of the experienced, it isn’t a license for disregard. Honour flows from Presence and Presents.
Apr 19, 2019
2 min
Our Means 12
Our Means 12 You know, every discovery wouldn’t have been possible if the zeal is lacking. I see many lives wasting away without a direction. They are not finders of the means but killers of the dream. Keeping them is putting fire in your bosom. Tonight’s Light People take pain killers when the major challenge they have is stressing out in a means they were not designed to walk. Your design is custom made. As much as I fear people without passion, I dislike to a great extent people who endure the stress only to ensure things are made to go in a way. Any graph not fluctuating in one way or the other will never give a result different from what it has always given. In the hospital, the person is declared dead. Why suffer when the best thing to do is retreat to engage the right means? No one will kill you for finding out what you truly love. You will end up committing ‘dream suicide’ when you are enduring the means you were not designed for. Greatness beckons on people who are sold into the means. They will remain in the means even when it’s tough. The only way you will show the world you are serious about your decisions in life is by staying with it. But there is one thing that shouldn’t be forgotten. Ensure that the means is approved by the Cartographer – Jehovah WHO LEADS.
Apr 12, 2019
6 min
Our Means 7
Our Means 7 What we are doing is unlocking the code of sensitivity as we get to our destination through the means. We must ensure that we are able to create an alignment as we gravitate towards the destination. Today’s Light Your alignment is critical to your route as it is to your destination. Without an alignment with the right purpose and destiny, the route might be wrong. Sensitive people do all there is to ensure they are connected to the right people – people who hold the same mindset and focus on the same thing as you do. You cannot ignore godly alignment and end up in your divine destiny. In life, we always have options. There are always two things or more trying to define where we ought to go, how we should get there, the time we should reach and many more. Only the sensitive will know that when what I am in doesn’t align daily with the future I have caught, I ought to paused, look around, ask questions and based on the right judgment move forward. My sensitivity is connected to my growth. The more I give myself to continual development, the better it is for me. If I fail to exercise faith in the little I have seen, I will not be able to lay hold on the greater dimension coming. This should be our daily challenge.
Apr 10, 2019
2 min
Our Means 6
   Our Means 6 You might not have seen it in the earlier post or maybe you didn’t take your time to look at it over and again. As I checked it, I saw that YOUR GLIMPSE IS YOUR FIRST LIFELINE when our sensitivity is to deliver to us the MEANS. Tonight’s Light In the journey of sensitivity, the power of development and growth can never be underestimated. The secret of every sensitive person begins when they consciously make efforts to grow and become successful in the way they have been assigned. Growth is generally achieved through process. You cannot cheat process and still claim to have significant growth. Whoever belittles process will remain limited. Growth gives you the ability as it helps in seeing into the future. Your tomorrow is a function of how you were able to follow the pathway of growth. The adage that gives credit to the old sitting and compels the young going to the mountain to be humble seeks to deliver the young from years of labour with little to prove. In the world where what we need is the Way, is better to learn how to be humble. Be humble to appreciate the glimpse. Be humble to take a step of courage. Be humble to call for help. Be humble to admit your ignorance. Be humble. Just Be That might be the entire asset you need for life’s great happiness.
Apr 9, 2019
2 min