Life in the Pine
Life in the Pine
Jeremy Sellars
Life in the Pine is a radio theatre podcast that details the life of a Border Collie named Skye. The special thing about Skye is she talks...her and all her friends. There is never a dull moment with Skye or her brother and sisters with whom she lives with. Don't miss a minute of the adventures that this Border Collie finds herself involved with.
Season 1 Episode 4: The Excommunication Chamber
On this episode Skye goes to a place she never really believed existed. She also makes a new friend who may or may not end up being a good thing for her.
Aug 2
35 min
We are Family
On this episode of Life in the Pine. Skye meets her other two siblings for the first time and things get a little hairy for a minute. She also gets her official name of Skye and you will never believe who came up with it. Also there was still someone stalking the family during all of this.
Jul 19
28 min
We are family (Trailer)
With meeting Ezra already in her rearview Skye has the next two new siblings to meet....The Girls!
Jul 12
2 min
The Long Ride Home
Now that Skye and her dad have finally met each other for the first time she finds out there is a whole family waiting for her at home to meet her. But before that can happen Dad and Skye have to make the long trip home and neither one will be the same afterwards.
Jul 5
24 min
The Long Ride Home
After a long ride home Skye and Ezra get prepared to meet each other.  Episode 2 Trailer
Jun 28
2 min
Life is always changing
In the inaugural episode of Life in the Pine we are introduced to Skye Sellars.  A border collie with personality for days and tons of things to say. We all get to see what life was like before Skye and her first few weeks on the farm before she left for her new home.
Jun 2
25 min