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Weekly interviews with the most interesting LGBTQ+ people in the world. Recent guests include Laverne Cox, Roxane Gay, Pete Buttigieg, and Trixie Mattel. LGBTQ&A is hosted by Jeffrey Masters and produced by The Advocate magazine, in partnership with GLAAD.
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Aaron Carter
This one blew my mind. He’s so pretty. Awesome Job.
Jesse Bombardier
Refreshing, joyful, illuminating and incisive.
Jeff Masters is an excellent host. He does his homework, and admits his privileges and mistakes. He interviews wonderfully interesting people, all of whom have had something to say that teaches me, challenges me, makes me think, makes me laugh, and breaks my heart.
Love it
Love the wide range of queer voices that are represented on this podcast. Love getting to know more of their professional work, but also the humanity of their personal lives. Jeff does a wonderful job as the host and interviewer. Definitely recommend it to my other queer friends, but everyone can enjoy it.
Kris Arjona
Great Interviews
Great (and varied) subjects Great host highly recommend
Sir Dice
Jeffrey Masters is such a considerate, attentive interviewer and host. I enjoy his conversations with each guest because of how natural and honest they are. Zach Stafford was also incredible in his interview with Robyn Crawford. I highly recommend this show to those who wish to explore the multifaceted realities of queer folks from an array of backgrounds.
Great interview
Thank you Jeffrey and Rufus for such a candid and thoughtful in depth interview, a pleasure to listen to you two, and of course, so excited for the new album.
Great interviews
Wonderful podcast and so so so needed. Thank you for this!!
Incredible Podcast
I adore this charming, informative, queer podcast! Listening and learning about all the talented people in my community is my favorite part of my week.
Paywall = Unsubscribed
So sorry that you’re moving behind a paywall. Good luck.
Required listening!
Our community is full of inimitable people. And often, our voices aren’t heard. Jeffrey does an incredible job ensuring that our stories are archived and amplified. He’s a Grade A interviewer. If you’ve not heard these interviews yet, GET ON IT!!!
Jordan Reeves
Here is what I shared years ago “The current interviews are a great listen. Continue to grow and expand your talent here or elsewhere Jeff. Cheers.” Do you Jeff. I guess the rest of us will have to make future Mayor Pete interviews free. Cheers.
Good interviews but not worth paying
I liked this show but I’m very disappointed that it will not be available to the public after next month, but will instead be restricted to a podcast streaming service.
Explain what we don’t know
The interview with Zach Stafford on gay and lesbian media was pretty good, but a lot of it was hard to understand. Zack spoke so rapidly that we could not tell the difference between “can’t” and “can”, which changes the whole meaning of the sentence. Also, proper names, hashtags without obvious spellings, and jargon known only to the choir which the general public does not know but the guest and host do, need to be explained (slowly!) to us.
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More a Reader than a Writer
Jeffrey is Terrific, Guests are Great
Jeffrey is a superb hosts, and his guests are always interesting. A solid podcast. Subscribe and like!
Fantastic Podcast
Jeffrey Masters is an excellent and knowledgeable host and a wonderful interviewer. The guests he has on the show are very interesting and representative of the vast diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. I feel that I have learned so much about my community, and myself from listening to the conversations that Masters has with his guests. I always look forward to the latest installments in this amazing and fantastic series.
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Love to listen to the podcast!
Really interesting and I learn a lot! Keep it going.
Rob Haner
Accessible Queer Media
It’s truly terrific to have a podcast that caters to the whole universe of queer culture and content with such broad diversity (at least within the constraints of entertainment culture). I would LOVE to hear an episode with Willy Wilkinson on his book, and maybe even one with some queer YouTubers (the modern day movie stars). Love your voice Jeffery!
| Jimmy |
The only interview podcast I like!
I always thought I didn't like interview podcasts, and then a friend recommended this one to me and I absolutely love it! The guests are reliably interesting and full of fascinating insights and stories about their experiences, and Jeffrey is such a sensitive but probing interviewer, very open about his own perspective and potential biases or blind spots. That's so hard to do, but it makes all the difference!
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Thought provoking
Great guests, always provocative.
Amazing podcast
I love this podcast so much! A great host who explores important topics and has insightful guests.
Unconventional interviews!
I really enjoy the way the host interviews each guest, even when they might not think much of the question he really draws them out of themselves to provoke thought.
major podcast listener says....
...One of the best LGBTQ podcasts around. These in depth interviews from a wide range of the community are really engrossing and get past the easy subjests. I lsten to 4-5 hours of podcasts per day, thanks to my job, this is one of the premium ones.
That voice, tho.
I'm here for Jeff's soothing voice.
Lidio Duval
Proud to Listen
The perfect way to connect with our Queer community on a deeper level. Thank you, Jeff.
Jeffrey is such and eloquent and well thought out speaker and intellectual. In the gay community we tend to avoid the tough subjects and gravitate toward sex and partying but Jeff tackles topics that are so relevant and need to be talked about. Things like the trans community and adoption. Things that matter. Keep up the good work!
Sophisticated interviews
I am always impressed with the high level of skill in the interviews. Especially since it comes not from a type of academic polish but a genuine human interest in the stories of those being interviewed. The stories are important and this podcast gives me hope in our potential to be better - as ourselves and navigating together.
I can't stop listening to this podcast. He is bringing the pioneering conversations of the West Hollywood LGBTQIA haven to the rest of the LGBTQIA community. The conversations are not only so important, but they are fresh, funny, and deep- with so much truth. They are relevant every time. I learn something new with every podcast, and it makes me feel a stronger connection to the LGBTQIA community, which is more important than ever in this political and cultural climate.
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Anders Waalen
Always inspiring
Jeff is a great interviewer, and he has great guests. I like that the episodes get into so many different aspects of being LGBTQ, from culture to history and identity.
Lucy Fiasco
LOVE this podcast!
I really love LGBTQ&A. Every episode enlightens me in a new way, and I love hearing about the many facets and intersections of the queer community. The Cleve Jones and Alexandra Billings episodes are two of my favorites.
Jeffery is fantastic!
This podcast is wonderful! Jeffery does such a great job of going so much deeper for the sake of our community! He challenges us to keep ourselves in check and make sure that we while we should absolutely have pride in ourselves and our community, we are not infallible and need to have positive, constructive conversations about our flaws.
Dino Dan Fritz
Listening to these interviews feels like listening to conversations of old friends. Jeffrey leads the podcast with grace, wit, sensitivity and care. It's so refreshing to have an outlet to turn to that highlights the stories of fellow members of the LGBTQ community. Keep it up!
Love it!
Interesting, diverse interview subjects and topics. A really great listen.
Amazingly generous and chock full of info
I love this podcast and listen the minute a new episode is available. Jeffrey is a generous and gracious host who guides his guests and his listeners into intimate, informative and respectful conversations. In a world full of noise and bluster - it is soul healing to have a place to really listen.
Robin Covington
The Perfect Podcast for Pride Month
Jeffrey Masters is a smart interviewer who gives interesting guests a platform to share their stories. Such a great find of a podcast.
Always Interesting
Jeffrey gets such a great variety of guests. I don't listen to podcasts every day but every time I come back to LGBTQ&A I end up binging for hours. Jeffrey is a great interviewer; always respectful but not afraid to challenge. And so many of the conversations are just downright fun to listen to.
App Dev Guy
So needed
The guests and subjects Jeffrey chooses reveal a depth of thought and a caring that permeates this show. His questions are both open enough to bring out the expertise of his high quality guests and show Jeffrey’s respectful and intelligent engagement in all these disparate issues affecting the queer community.
Best LGBTQ+ Podcast On Air!!!
Jeffrey Master does a masteful (no pun intended) job at conveying the essence of LGBTQ+ life and culture, as well as provdes great examples of literary work for the queer community. Love him.
Love it!
Great show with a great interviewer!
I listen to this podcast every week at the gym. I am very interested in all facets of the LGBTQ community, even those thatI have trouble directly relating to. Jeffrey is amazing! By far my favorite!!
Billy Santoro
Always looking for more!
Great host, great guests, and great topics!! Jeffrey Masters expertly crafts meaningful conversations, pop culture, comedy, and so much more that leaves you looking forward to the next episode. Everyone can take away something from this podcast!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I’ve been looking for a podcast that goes into gay pop culture. Jeff does such a good job of being and insightful, curious and professional interviewer who definitely has his own brand and personality but doesn’t steal the limelight from the guests. He also interviews big hitters such as Greg Berlanti (director and producer) and Shangela from RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3. Super interesting podcast, thank you, Jeff!!
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Celebration of Life
This show is a wonderful demonstration of embracing our humanity and loving ourselves through it. Jeff conducts a great interview--he is truly interested in understanding others and getting people to expand on their take of things. I feel more connected to myself and others when I tune in--we are all complicated, messy beings with a lot of love to give and stories to tell. Thank you Jeff!!!
Terrific format and host
Great guests, great interviewer. Informative and enjoyable. Only complaint: the interviews often aren’t long enough! It’s a testament to Mr. Masters that his conversations are interesting enough to warrant an hour of listening!
A Requirement for Queer Podcast-Listening
As someone who often finds myself in a single-story of my queer experience, this podcast brings in the voices I didn’t always know I need to hear from. Jeff’s a great host, though I wouldn’t mind if episodes were a little longer to make a deeper dive into these important topics.
One of my faves
Great podcast. Thank you Jeff for such a great and interesting show.
Derek at the OR Coast
So I was reading the Gaily Grind and stumbled upon this gem and boy do I freaking love podcast, but this one is incredible. Jeff is a wonderful display for the gay community, and this podcast is very informative. I look forward to digesting more content on this podcast during my daily commute. Anyway shine on man!
The Gay Culture Podcast I’ve Been Waiting For
Every Saturday, I binge listen to the episodes in this podcast. I can’t fully describe how important these conversations are. Jeff Masters doesn’t shy away here and isn’t afraid to ask the hard and riveting questions. He strikes up interesting conversations from members of the LGBTQ+ community. Our community isn’t always represented fully in media, and I love that this podcast gives an even and whole approach to a much larger cultural discussion. Give it a listen — you will not be sorry.
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Wonderful Podcast
Jeffrey is witty and informed making his interviews delightful and intriguing. These interviews are great!
Education for your twitter feed
Finally notice I had to scroll down further down to leave a review for this amazing and star studded podcast. Thanks to another podcast called Dead for Filth I took the time to come over and explore this amazing recordings too. Always good to have another queer horror fan on your list on the twitter feeds. Still hoping to see the weight loss image to appear on social media and maybe a Dragula look too. Bear Hugs, Andrew Samuel Walker @andsamwal on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
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