Liverpool Adventures
Liverpool Adventures
Hotel Tia
Host Ragnhild Lund Ansnes with Liverpool FC legend David Fairclough and guests talk about their Liverpool Adventures. Enjoy!
Shankly Whiskey
After 12 rounds of this year’s Premier League things are looking bright for Liverpool at the table going into the International break only one point behind Manchester City. Liverpool legend David Fairclough sums up the season so far with Bill Shankly’s granddaughter Karen Elizabeth Gill and Liverpool FC author Ragnhild Lund Ansnes. They also share the excitement of the launch of Shankly Whiskey (coming to Norway next week), the new Shankly mural and they honour both Ray Clemence and Ian St. John and talk about the Diaz-kidnapping case. Remember to share the news of our podcast with all your fellow Reds and help us grow.
Nov 23, 2023
40 min
Line in the sand
A clear onside goal was disallowed due to poor communication and the two red cards where questionable and so were several of the yellow cards Liverpool were bombarded with. Like the one Salah got just from winning back the ball… After the scandal match between Tottenham and Liverpool there is so much to debrief as this match needs to make changes to how VAR is being used and what to expect from the referees in Premier League. Ragnhild Lund Ansnes and Liverpool legend David Fairclough had The Athletic's James Pearce in for a closer look at the mess. They also talked through Liverpool’s group in Europa League, and why the tournament can benefit Liverpool. Enjoy!
Oct 5, 2023
31 min
Colours to the city
It was an act of kindness that gave Paul Curtis a new and creative career. Now he is one of Liverpool’s most popular mural artists. Paul is David Fairclough and Ragnhild Lund Ansnes’ guest this week - and you will hear how Bambi revealed a massive talent, and how the Liverbird wings in Jamaica Street would make him fly as an artist. Today Anfield has become a bigger tourist attraction thanks to all the murals and Paul is one of the artists behind some of them. Enjoy!
Sep 22, 2023
53 min
Live before the storm
Dirk Kuyt, Peter Beardsley and James Pearce share their predictions for Liverpool FC ahead of the new season. Kuyt gives us inside information on fellow contrymen Van Dijk and Gakpo and Beardsley draws captaincy lines back to Alan Hansen. Pearce reveals how important both Beardsley and Kuyt have been for him in this arm pinching podcast moment. They also share some of their best personal Liverpool moments in this podcast recorded live at the Liverpool Festival in Gjøvik, Norway. Hosted by LFC author Ragnhild Lund Ansnes. Enjoy!
Aug 13, 2023
39 min
Transfer update
The summer always open up for exits and welcomes - and dreams. James Pearce, David Fairclough and host Ragnhild Lund Ansnes are summing up the transfer window so far for Liverpool FC.PS! This is recorded before the Jordan Henderson and Fabinho saga… Enjoy!
Jul 19, 2023
28 min
Going East
Over the last few days, three of Liverpool FCs biggest profiles in modern time have joined a growing number of Premier League profiles and signed for a club in Saudi Arabia. This is the big talking point this summer, also for our guest and old friend of the podcast, James Pearce together with David Fairclough and host Ragnhild Lund Ansnes.
Jul 9, 2023
35 min
Behind the scenes
Tony Woolliscroft is one of Britains leading rock photographers and he is a massive Red. He is David Fairclough and Ragnhild Lund Ansnes’ guest in this week’s podcast  - where we go behind the scenes and hear about how Tony work when he is shooting some of the big bands like The Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, but also when he shoots portraits of some of his biggest football heros - such as how he managed to get what he needed with his «20 seconds job» with Steven Gerrard and what it was like touring to take the official photos of all the Liverpool Captains for the book «Liverpool Captains. A Journey of Leadership from the Pitch.» It took Tony and Ragnhild to some mad interview settings. Enjoy!
May 27, 2023
1 hr 21 min
LFC Wedding
Have you ever dreamt of getting married at Anfield? Bergitte Nyheim and Frode Johansen met and fell in love in Liverpool and LFC is a huge part of their lives. They made this dream come true. Hotel TIA got the honour of planning the wedding and throwing the party, our owner and podcast host Ragnhild Lund Ansnes got the privilege of marrying the couple inside Anfield Stadium. The newly wedded are our guests in this week’s love special podcast. David Fairclough is as always side-kick. Enjoy! PS! Long live true love.
May 6, 2023
50 min
Always hope
For our guest, Scouse republic designer Jay Hargrayves, there is always hope as we are only 6 rounds away from the end of the season- still hoping for top 4. David Fairclough shares his take on Trent’s new position and we talk about Gakpo’s confidence boost and lots more. Hosted by Ragnhild Lund Ansnes. Enjoy!
Apr 30, 2023
39 min
Love and let go  - Shankly & Klopp
This season is telling us that a generation change is at the steps in Liverpool FC. But how does that work when a manager is so close to his players and love them after all the trophies and success the players have brought to the club? There hasn’t been a manager in LFC that is more alike the great Bill Shankly than Jürgen Klopp. They have both been really good man- to- man- managers and they have both been very inspirational managers, who have been getting the best out of players. How do you then let them go when they still have a few years left of their playing days? Liverpool Legend David Fairclough was a young player training with the first team in Shankly’s days and Karen Elizabeth Gill grew up with Shankly as he was her granddad. This episode is about to love and to let go. Hosted by Ragnhild Lund Ansnes. Enjoy!
Mar 18, 2023
47 min