Let's Think On It
Let's Think On It
Mark Westfall MD
A podcast of experts and everyday people. Dr. Westfall delves into topics through the lens of human behavior and the science of psychiatry. Some podcasts are live excerpts from Oh Brother Radio show at www.bhammountainradio.com.
Narcissism and Leadership
Peter Harms PhD, world renowned expert in the scientific study of Personality and Leadership, talks with us about Narcissism. He explains the surprising effect that narcissistic traits have on leadership emergence and on leadership effectiveness. He has studied the subject for over 20 years, publishing over 100 papers. Listen in and gain some knowledge that may assist you in your personal, business, and political endeavors.
Oct 19
33 min
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
We all have a personality, so what constitutes a disorder? Dr. Westfall helps provide clarity into what is a personality, what is a trait, and when is a trait a disorder. We then focus specifically on Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Narcissism has been the talk of the airwaves, but do you really understand what it even is? Listen, educate yourself, then pass it along to others. You don't have to be a psychiatrist to utilize this information in your everyday life. Understanding the brain and why we behave the way we do as humans, can improve anyone's personal life journey.
Sep 24
47 min
Black Lives, Neo-Diversity, And Social Psychology
Join Dr. Westfall and the Lochamy Brothers as we host an expert on Diversity training. Rupert Nacoste PhD joins us from NC State to help educate listeners about the Social Psychology approach to Neo-Diversity. Nacoste is a a professor and author with years of personal and professional experience on mediating the race discussion. His path toward racial resolution began in in his 20's while in the Navy, negotiating peace during a race riot onboard a Nuclear vessel at sea. Listeners will love his rational, logical, and caring approach. His personality beams through the airwaves and the subject matter could not be more timely.
Jun 22
51 min
On Growing Up Black In The U.S.
(We suggest as a foundation for this topic that you listen to the re-release of our podcast on "Race Relations - Brain Bias".) In this segment, please join Dr. Westfall and OH Brother Radio for three intriguing interviews and open, frank conversation about being black in America. We are joined by individuals from Birmingham Alabama who share their unique experiences. Alva Toney, Brandon Waller, and Annie Allen help demonstrate how Individual conversations help us to break down the group barriers that naturally occur in society. Raw and moving, this segment is a must listen to anyone who is trying to wrap their head around the racial tensions and discord that exists in our country. It is one small step toward healing, but an example of how to listen and learn about others' experiences. If each of us were to exchange thoughts with someone outside of our natural group, we would slowly lower the unhealthy walls that exist due to race, ethnicity, gender, and class. Please join us in this pursuit by listening to these three short stories.
Jun 15
Race Relations - Brain Bias (Re-release)
This is a re-release of a 2016 podcast on race relations that is very pertinent for 2020's Black Lives Movement. We think this is a foundational podcast episode for those beginning to tackle this topic. In this segment we discuss the TED talk by Verna Myers, and learn about her perspective on our natural racial biases as exemplified by the Implicit Association Test. You can take the test online and join the thought process for yourself.
Jun 15
52 min
Coronavirus COVID-19 -From viral biology to human psychology
With degrees in literature and biology, Steven Austad relays scientific information in a manner that all can follow. He is the Biology Department Chair at UAB and a regular on the Oh Brother Radio Show. He is joined by Let's Think On It host, psychiatrist Mark Westfall, for a broad conversation about aspects of the Novel Coronavirus and its effects on society.
Mar 22
Get the Facts : Birmingham Mayor and AL State Representative discuss latest government responses to Coronavirus
This is a recording of an interview taken from an Oh Brother Radio segment on Birmingham Mountain Radio. It is being released as a podcast on Let's Think On It as a public service to provide factual accounts of what the governmental responses to the Coronavirus are as of March 19th 2020.
Mar 22
Coronavirus COVID-19 - Quest for a vaccine
Host Mark Westfall MD interviews Virus researcher Landon Westfall PhD about the novel coronavirus. Landon is a researcher at Southern Research in Birmingham AL and is charged with trying to create a vaccine for this novel coronavirus among other viruses he studies. Landon has a wealth of knowledge and is an entertaining educator. Listen in to expand your understanding and lower your anxiety about this new virus.
Mar 13
Coronavirus COVID-19- What is all the fuss about?
Psychiatrist and host Mark Westfall MD interviews Infectious Disease specialist Stephen Threlkeld MD about the novel coronavirus that is causing such public chaos. Dr. Threlkeld is a clinical infectious disease expert in Memphis TN and diagnosed the first case of Novel coronavirus in Memphis. As usual, you will hear an educational and entertaining episode without all the sensationalistic hype. Listen in and get your knowledge expanded, your questions answered, and your anxiety calmed.
Mar 13
Homelessness - Perspective From A Shelter's Director
Homelessness takes many forms. We catch up with Anne Rygiel, Director of the Firehouse Ministries Shelter in Birmingham AL, to hear her take on the problem.  Listen in on what they are doing to improve the plight of the homeless in Birmingham. The problem is more complex than it sounds, join us as we begin to unravel the underlying causes and look for solutions. This is a primer for a topic that deserves its' own series of podcast episodes.
Feb 23
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