Lets Talk About Cars YO!
Lets Talk About Cars YO!
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Best podcast ever!!! 😁 Great job
Great if you like cars!
Joseph Meehan
I need sergios balls in my face!
So glad to see you back in 2020!! It’s hard to find a better source of car info jam packed into such a small package.
He talks about his life and nothing about the topic
Like probably the worst car podcast. It’s really a rich guy talking about his life
Would love to listen but the audio is horrible
Alejandro is great, really fun and entertaining besides the “tangents” 😂 quite similar to the Wings and Whips podcast except Dknightley is solo and stays on topic a bit more. Still both Great guys!
He’s clearly getting his bots, slaves, bought friends and his wife
Only to boost this... I’ve never seen a fall from grace bro, everything is leased and the content is dare I say worse that porker’s... I’m talking hyper 5 or high end $$$ videos. Avi, the giveaways, etc. P.S. you are a drama queen and we all know you got your money from mom and dad when they passed away. They were very high up in government and Belen comes from so much money she’s never worked... clothing line? Lol would love to see those sales!
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G-Unit 2001
Dude has a Ego
Ale has the self awareness of a rock, dude doesn’t understand that the world doesn’t revolve around him. The videos were tolerable at one point, then his feelings got hurt. Ever since then the entire venture has been an exercise in ego. Look at all his ex friends that have fled the scene and want nothing to do with him. I’ll watch the new Farshad channel or maybe Buddy will get redpilled and start his own channel. Without buddy , Ale will wither away.
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Salomondrin is such an uninformed d bag. Can’t stand that dude. Was hoping to find another good car podcast (similar to TST, Spike’s Car Radio, etc...), but this is just cringey. All of the aloofness and none of the self-awareness that Spike and Zuckerman have, and as strong of opinions as Matt Farah but without anything to back them up (in both actions and knowledge). Seems like a rich dude who thinks his opinions matter cause he’s got exotic cars. Will not listen to again.
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Hit it Pedro!
Been watching Alejandro and the gang on YT for over a year now, hands down the best car content out there. Epic podcast as well!
The Only podcast I'm interested in
So entertaining and fun
Zimbabwe Black Boy
Vette guy
I see a Corvette guy as an old retired guy who dresses in niceclothes and doesnt even use the Corvette for its performance
Awesome podcast! But need more episodes faster! 2 episodes a week would be great!
I used to love the podcast and the boys
Here’s the deal these “car guys” have become way to elitist for me a 120k zr1 wouldn’t be good enough for them? ok. Fargini and pedro really don’t make that much money so they shouldn’t be throwing stones the only nice cars they have ever had Ali bought for them. There bashing cars that a lot of the users aspire to have because there not all millionaires. Real car people respect other people who are into cars. Ali has talked about he hates the elitist community around super and hyper cars and he has just slowly become one of them.
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Real conversations for guys who like cars
I found the show on YouTube a while back ago and I was thoroughly entertained by all three of their personalities and how they interact with each other. This is what top gear wishes it could be, it relates to people of this day and age without having to utilize antics and visual gags to speak about cars. Inspiring flow you guys are great!!!
future flavors
Female mechanic that isn’t impressed
The sexist humor isn’t the best or inviting for a woman who’s a mechanic trying to find something auto related to listen to. I’ll stick to npr’s car talk
Farghini Is the Worst
I would give this 5 stars but Farghini is so annoying to listen to. Ruins everything. Is there not another role for him where we don’t have to see or hear him ???
Great Podcast
It’s great that I can listen to them when I’m not watching their videos. They are so funny and I love always hearing them in my ear.
Great Podcast if you’re a shallow car guy
Don’t get me wrong the podcast can be very entertaining. As a fan of the OG salomondrin YouTube videos the most recent content especially the podcast comes across as very shallow and pretentious. It’s one rich guy (Alejandro) who has plenty of money to buy the cars and has some basic knowledge on the processes and some of the politics but very shallow knowledge on how cars work in general. The other 2 are basically yes men who agree with everything Alejandro says who know less about cars than I did in the 7th grade. ALOT of Ferrari bashing even though they claim it isn’t. Again great entertaining podcast for someone just getting into cars with very shallow knowledge but not for people who can explain the difference between a super charger and a turbo charger properly. MEH 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
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Love to Listen, relaxed informative and hilarious !! Must listen !!
Really funny
This is a funny and informative podcast
I use this to sleep, Gracias amigos for this!
The podcast that saved my life!!!
This three guys are my favorite YouTubers, sadly I’m living in PR and when the hurricane María hit us in my town all data and power services crash so no more YouTube. I went to a BK a hour from my house to use their WIFI and downloaded their podcast and use it as a entertainment in my house. The fact that they are funny, entertainers and Alejandro always is very inspirational was like a escape for the disaster I was living on. THANKS GUYS!!!!
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2 episodes a week would be 🐐
For real though this should be a thing
Best hour of my week
Being able to sit back and listen to zingers on my commute is amazing. Would highly recommend this to anyone who likes cars or is trying to get into liking them. Always a blast and the personalities are amazing.
Fantastic Podcast
5 stars BUT he still hasn't finished the 1000 hp M3. SAD! (Trump voice)
Where Is M3
Yes yes
Awesome! Love it!
Mike Hearne
These guys are fantastic. Their podcast and channel is by far one of my personal favorites. They even inspired me to work at a Mercedes-Benz dealership. Nothing but love to show to these guys.
Parker Dinsdale
Great Podcast
You guys do a fantastic job! We want more!! And give me a few ad breaks in there and cash in on this thing! I listen to podcasts every day and I always love it when I see a new LTACY episode. Keep up the good work!
Best and most honest car podcast out there
This is definitely the greatest car podcast out there. It’s honest, funny, and appealing to all ages. These guys are the GOAT!
Kam Tate
Always entertaining
This show is always entertaining. The hosts are always interesting and passionate. Love this show!
Review? Appreciation Post!
Just wanted to say, love all the work you all do and to keep it up! I enjoy the vlogs, podcasts, as well as the personalities :). Fullllll Enchilada!
The idea of this podcast is the ringleader salomondrin or what ever is the owner of supercars. His short time in the supercar game makes him feel like he can: Crap on Ferrari Crap on Mclaren Reverse crapping on Mclaren Say Porsche is great always until they are not. Not know anything about a car nor than 15 years old Incredibly unfunny good news bad news segment (they laugh at every stupid joke) One wealthy guy. Three douchers. Fa fa fa fake car experts.
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Good podcast
Good podcast except for Farshad saying dumb stuff all the time and his laugh is super annoying
Best car poscast
Easily the best car new podcast on the market! Awesome job
Y0u hav3 0n3 day
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Greatest car podcast ever
Can't ever get enough content, keep killing it!🙌🏽
Funny, informative, often inappropriate
I love these guys!
I can't subscribe
I can't subscribe
Best podcast to listen to about cars and life in general, funny, clever and always entertaining. Been following on YouTube forever and now I can get even more from these three!!!
Amazing Content and Great Team Work
Love it! Just give it a full listen.
Best podcast there is
At least if what you're interested in is zingers, dirty jokes, and occasional discussions about cars. My only problem with this podcast is that it only comes out once a week 😂 #SVIPE!
Love the podcast!
I listen to it every weekend during breakfast
cars ove eahh
I can't subscribe
Well I've been trying to subscribe to the podcast for sometime and iTunes keeps asking for my password and doesn't do anything else... Wanna listen can't subscribe
Major key aeeeee
You guys are super awesome!🔑🔑
Great show
an uncencored look at many different topics around the world. wonderful.
Only the best
Im writing this review because I love these dude and I know rating the podcast will help the show. Much love! #SVIPE
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