Let’s (Not) Talk About It
Let’s (Not) Talk About It
Let's (Not} Talk About It
Boyhood to Womanhood: An Intersectionalist Coming-of-Age Story
53 minutes Posted Feb 16, 2022 at 2:00 am.
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“Dressing as a woman for the first drag for the first time certainly had an enormous impact on my life.”

An award-winning author, artist and journalist with Ivy League degrees, Meredith Talusan’s story has humble beginnings. She grew up in a rural village in the Philippines, born an albino boy. As the only light-skinned and light-haired child for miles and miles -- who also happened to like other boys -- Meredith was used to feeling different. But when she immigrated to the U.S., her sense of cognitive dissonance deepened further. All of a sudden, she was perceived as an able-bodied, native-born American. By the time she got to Harvard, Meredith found herself reflecting over issues around race, class, sexuality and her place within the gay community. But a drag show would change the trajectory of her story -- and illuminate a path toward her true self. https://letsnottalkaboutit.com

Camille Tuutti
Sharon Tiger
Amanda Ziadeh

Meredith Talusan, author of "Fairest"

Dr. Akua K. Boateng

Tessa Hall

Behind the Scenes:
Lisa Abeyta

“Incoming” by Jeffrey C. Mund 
"Arms of Gold" by Tape Machines