Let's Make Some Friends! with Just David
Let's Make Some Friends! with Just David
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Follow Just David's journey as he tries to form real platonic male relationships in the city that never sleeps. Grab a dog with the works and enjoy!
Ep 2. Gady (feat. Gady Shemesh)
Just David gets to know a potential new friend named Gady. Will JD make a good first impression, or will Gady be turned off by the shy boy's obsessive love for New York City?
Oct 19, 2017
15 min
Ep 1. Platonic Males (feat. Ethan Bleach and Amelia French)
Mr. Hollywood Jr. and The Pinch ask Just David all their burning questions about attracting platonic males. Remember the lights are always bright here in NYC!
Sep 27, 2017
17 min